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What's better than a good defense? A monstrous offense. Minion March delivers fast action and a strategic twist to the defense genre.

What's better than a good defense? A monstrous offense. Minion March delivers fast action and a strategic twist to the defense genre. Read More
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UPDATE 1.26.2013: One week left on Kickstarter, so as a big push we thought we'd share our latest and greatest in this not to be missed trailer!

A physics-based Action Defense game for PC and Mac where you command powerful monsters to blast minions into oblivion!

Sounds cool, what's my motivation?

In Minion March it is your job as Keepers of the Underworld to prevent minions from escaping. They have the advantage of numbers, defensive powers, and dimwitted determination. You have unlimited mobility, powerful attacks, and support from sentient environments.

Here is gameplay overview from the tutorial level of the game:

A Shift in the Defense Genre

  • Minion March takes the focus off of building defenses and empowers the player with freedom of movement. One of our favorite aspects of the genre is making a super powered blockade to hold back a tide of enemies. In Minion March, you can create a shifting blockade, hunt for the best choke points, or just cause chaos!

Off the Rails

  • In most defense games, enemies are locked onto a 'path' which they travel across to exit the level. No locking here. Knocking enemies off of the path and into the hazardous environments is the fast track to success (and fun)! Minion March spans across many environments, ranging from carnivorous forests, lava caverns, across the rivers of the underworld and more.

Tools for the Job

  • There are 5 playable characters packed full of unique and customizable abilities. Each spell players can cast are meant to not only have a specific use within the world, but are a blast in and of themselves. We know how good it can feel to watch screen-clearing chain reactions unfold, discover a new use for your favorite ability, and see enemies flee in fear from a particularly crazy combo. Minion March provides all of the above.

Hazardous Working Conditions

  • Much of the time spent in Minion March will be using the environments in surprising ways against the minions. Not only can they be sent falling into endless pits, pools of acid and maws of gigantic creatures, but doing those very things allows you to control pieces of the environment to cause even more destruction.

Who's in Charge?

  • In addition to a large cast of minions for your soul snatching pleasure, Minion March comes packing the boss fights as well. Not only are they 'large and in charge' as bosses should be, but each one has light puzzle elements to provide a challenge appropriate of their position.

You have an eye for games, we can tell.

Once we are ready for testing, Backers who are part of the Beta will:

  • Have access to Beta builds. Stay up to date with latest test builds.
  • Impact the final product. Not only will we be thrilled to have your feedback on specific content, but we will provide you with the means to make suggestions on in-development or completely new features. Have a great idea for an enemy? We would love to hear it.
  • See the game develop. Curious about how games are made? Check it out from the ground level.

The Kickstarter Beta is for the PC version of the game only!

In addition to a copy of the game and the Beta, we'll be providing some fun and hands-on rewards to our special backers:

Minion Stickers 

Likely to clock in at a whopping 1" in size, these minions will be able to accompany you on your journey thanks to their adhesive qualities.

Minions love to adhere to journals, fridges, monitors, sketchbooks, phone cases and other commonly used items. 

Developers' Guide 

The Developers' Guide will be an online distributed PDF with a huge recap of the entire process.  The book will feature:

  • Artwork!  From rough concepts to in game art to animation cycles
  • Tips for creating backgrounds, characters, effects, animations, interfaces, and game specific features
  • The benefits and pitfalls of the technical tools such as our engine and scripting language
  • Developer tips from the hurdles we faced in our creative process
  • Game Design philosophies and how we work though the hardships that come with making quality games
  • Insight into the Indie Game development field - how we got started, the advantages and disadvantages
  • and more...

Design a Minion

Work with our artist to get your own unique Minion designed and into the game! Each Minion packs a variety of functions, expressions and animations, so we know that you'll have a great time as we bring your idea to life.

That's right - we'll take care of the drawing, animation and implementation, so this feature isn't only for artists.  We'll just need your brain with any scribbles, ideas, inspiration, and likely a wicked name for your Minion.  Within reasonable attention to the art style, you're the client!

Original Artwork!

Get your own 8x8" custom artwork panel, hand painted and featuring up to 3 of your favorite Minion March characters!  Jake, our artist, will work with you to sketch out your idea before you pull the trigger on the final production.  Create a simple story or perhaps a family portrait!

We've asked for your support... so, where is that going?

Minimum Kickstarter Overhead: $1000

Software and Distribution Licensing: $500

Web Solutions (Beta!): $200

Epic Audio Engineer: $2000

Developer wages for remainder of project (two of us): $6300 remaining dollars

$12,000 - Going mobile! iPad port perfect for you on the go, or couch based destruction.

$16,000 - Shrink it! Take all the mobile adjustments of the iPad version and scale everything down for an iPhone and iPod version.

$18,000 - Omni! Create the final version fit for Android devices. 

$20,000+ - Scope limiters removed. Anything above $20,000 will allow us focus on additional content. This means we can have more surprises for your first time through and greater depth each time you come back. More details on this soon!

Once Over Productions is a team of two crazy designers out to make fun, humorous games with mechanical depth. The company began at an indie developer meetup and started with a coder sporting a negative attribute in the art department looking for an artist who makes cool stuff.

That coder was Darren Briden. A graduate of Vancouver Film School's Game Design program and lover of deep game mechanics, he enjoys games with simple goals and many options to achieve them. Darren began his career making Flash games for sponsorship and continues to make them in his spare time.

The artist, Jake Collinge, has jumped between the games and film industry and brings a passion for all things art and design. As both a Concept and Production Artist, he loves getting knee deep into new challenges and is getting a run for his money with these fun loving Minions.  

Risks and challenges

We're hoping to release on schedule a few short months into the new year. However, being that we are a two man team, there is only so much we can cover at a time.

Surprisingly, one possible delay could be the success of the Kickstarter Beta. Including you into our production is something we are excited about and take very seriously. While significant playtesting is something we are familiar with, we have never run such a large scale test. Should we require more iterations than we currently have planned, delays could arise.

In addition, we are using a fantastic suite of development tools to create Minion March, however they are still being updated. While unlikely, there is always the possibility of a change in the tool-set upsetting aspects of the game and causing slight delays.

There is much to learn for our two person development team, and we're excited to take on the business, distribution and product challenges that come with making a quality game.

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Minion Pack - Welcome to the team! If we are successively funded, you will receive an invite to the exclusive Kickstarter Beta and be able to play the game early (PC version only). All supporters will be credited in the final release of the game!

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    10 backers
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    Pledge $8 or more About $8 USD

    Keeper Edition - A digital copy of the game for either PC or Mac. In addition, you will also receive an invite into our Kickstarter Beta once it begins (PC version only)!

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Boss Bundle - All previous rewards, an exclusive set of Minion Stickers to decorate with, and digital artwork commemorating the game's full cast of wacky characters! They'll be sure to brighten your day.

    *Free shipping to Canada

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    14 backers
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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Production Pack - On top of the other rewards, you'll receive an art and feature filled Developer's Guide to how we built the game in a PDF format. We want to share details and secrets on our working methods, inspirations, struggles and joys with anyone interested in game art or programming for games!
    *Free shipping to Canada

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    11 backers
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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Underworld Edition - Along with all previous rewards, you'll be greeted by us in an online Developer Meeting! Visit with us for a behind-the-scenes video tour, expand upon the Developer's Guide Manual and dig deeper into anything that piques your curiosity - from the art processes, coding for games, indie development or the underworld, you name it.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 6 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $300 or more About $300 USD

    Creator's Collection - Design a Minion for the final game! On top of all the previous rewards, including the online Developer Meeting, you'll get to work with our artist Jake in developing the visuals and powers of your very own Minion. You don't need an artists drawing abilities; if you can come up with a cute little fellow or a unique gameplay ability, we're going to get along just fine. You will likely get to greet him during your Beta testing!

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 3 backers
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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Ultimate Edition - All of the rewards (all of them!). In addition, our artist will create an 8x8'' traditional artwork on panel, featuring up to 3 of your favorite characters from the game. We'll sketch out your idea for confirmation before we pull the creation trigger!

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 2 backers

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