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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 2 2014
Harmony Gold ProductionsBy Harmony Gold Productions
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Harmony Gold ProductionsBy Harmony Gold Productions
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pledged of $500,000pledged of $500,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 2 2014


Posted by Harmony Gold Productions (Creator)

Dear Supporters,

As of today, the Robotech Academy Kickstarter campaign will be suspended immediately.

First of all, we'd like to thank our supporters. We at Harmony Gold are extremely grateful for everything you have done during this campaign — not just your financial contributions, which were incredibly generous, but the time and effort you took to post on social media and let everyone know about the project. We are moved by your passion and your drive to make Robotech Academy a success. Although we did not reach our goal, the amount of money pledged by you, our supporters, added up to over $190,000, which is still a substantial sum for any project. Thanks to your efforts, more people have not only discovered Robotech Academy, but new fans are also taking a look at Robotech for the first time ever.

What's next? Throughout San Diego Comic-Con, many of you asked us what our “plan B” would be if the Kickstarter campaign did not reach its goal. We will continue to explore our options regarding Robotech Academy, so stay tuned in the coming months. In the meantime however, we plan on collecting our pre-production designs together and making them available on for everyone to browse. We've also been asked if some of the merchandise offered in this Kickstarter campaign could still be made available. We are currently working to bring these and other new Robotech products to market for Robotech's 30th Anniversary in 2015 and beyond. In order to stay informed when updates come, you can follow us on our social media sites:

You can like us on Facebook here: http://www.facebook/robotech 

Follow us on Twitter here: 

And the official Robotech website: 

We would also like to take a moment to thank the team at FortySeven Communications, who tirelessly worked to connect Robotech Academy to our backers.

Lastly, we want once more to thank you, our supporters. We really enjoyed hearing your feedback and ideas, and enjoyed showing you a glimpse of Carl Macek’s vision from Robotech Academy. We look forward to bringing you more Robotech in the months and years ahead.

— The Robotech Team

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    1. Knight Porter on

      I know an absurd number of people who refused to back this on principle, just because of Harmony Gold's past business practices. I backed for a love of the setting, but I can't deny that they had some real solid points...

    2. That guy on

      Yup, can't say that I'm surprised.. That's what happens when you treat a very big fanbase (Macross) poorly.

    3. Jack Chiu

      Well, I guess I have a few comments.
      1) Why not let the campaign finish? You don't know if there would be a last minute rush for pledges.

      2) In one sense I'm kind of relieved that it was cancelled. I sent a message and never got a reply. That is not a good sign. This is the only kickstarter that I never got a reply. I usually get replies to my messages within 24 hours.

      3) Unfortunately, to up my pledge here I withdrew my support from other kickstarter projects that ended before this one and now I've missed out on supporting those.

    4. Jason McMillen on

      Actually I did have a thought, what if Harmony Gold lifted the veil and did either a making of documentary or series of behind the scenes videos of the making of the pilot series? This is extremely popular for KS campaigns of this size and considering the mysteries that most people feel about how Harmony Gold conducts it's anime production, it might help build up a warmer fan-base.

    5. Jason McMillen on

      I am also disappointed that it didn't happen right off the bat, but I am hopeful that this new series will be made eventually. I've always wanted a proper continuation of the story from the first series. Shadow Chronicles was great, but it skipped too much. Lets hope the story will finally get told by other means. Perhaps build up more hype and find new ways to gather funding and run this campaign again? (there has been success in doing that in the past)
      Considering the numbers, I feel that this is just a matter of exposure. I'm sure there are more than 2,284 Robotech fans out there!

    6. Peter T. Pidrak (Felindar) on

      I hope a way is found to pull this off. I for one would have been in for more of the stuff if not for Gencon happening shortly after the end date for the KS.

      Please consider funding of this sort for a stand alone movie. The largest complaint I heard from other fans was "Why fund another piolot that will not go anywhere?"

      There was a large concern that the pilot was all we would see. However, a complete story designed to stand alone might have gotten more attention.

    7. Jan Jerrdan on

      Though the cancellation of the funding saddens me, I hope that the downtime can result in further development of the concept and eventual production. I had also intended to increase my pledge to cover the art book and the soundtracks. I still support this project and should the Kickstarter effort resume, you can count on me!

    8. Missing avatar

      Carlosv on

      This was an exciting interactive experience that lasted almost a month beginning at that AnimeExpo panel. Thanks for the effort Harmony Gold, you showed much quality in this series. I hope that what you were really after is to use Kickstarter mostly as a "marketing tool" as was the case of the Zombicide Kickstarter:

      Please make this series a reality somehow, at least as animated shorts or even a novel would be great!.

      Thanks again Harmony Gold and good luck!

    9. Missing avatar

      Dennis Payne on

      I'm disappointed this didn't make it. I was intending to up my pledge to include the art book. Not because I really wanted it but because I wanted the animation. Hopefully you will continue and find another way to produce the program. Hearing the theme song on your videos always brought back fond memories.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Wertz on

      This show sounded like it could have been ab excellent addition the Robotech universe and a good alternate telling of the Sentinels. I am very sad it did not get. Harmony Gold; please do not let this idea die!

    11. Roy Kubicek on

      I was hoping this would be a 'Go' but what I really want is a push to bring back Sentinels.

    12. Ben Graham on

      Well, darn. I hope this still gets made somehow.

    13. Joel Steverson on

      Sorry to see this didn't pan out. Best of luck next time.

    14. Missing avatar

      Travis Sullivan on

      I feel a physical change in my chest. A certain tightness which comes before tears. While it may not be heartbreak, it is still a profound sadness which reaches deeply into my heart. For the 42 years of my life, Robotech has been something for which has been close to my heart for a very long time. I hope that things work out in the future so that you, Harmony Gold, and all of of your fans will be able to see this happen.

      Okay, tears time now.

    15. Grimoire Studios on


    16. Missing avatar

      Peter A Michalenka Jr on

      Hopefully they'll figure out a way to make it work. I'd like to see the universe expanded and this seemed one of the best possible timeline holes to fill.

      To be honest this campaign seemed a bit lackluster in building fan support, hopefully HG learned a bit more about making a successful Kickstarter campaign; like announcing it to related sites/licensees ahead of time and working on building anticipation before they start asking for money. Maybe spending some of their real estate money to make their ultimate goal lower or funding the intro sequence and closing for the series or a full mecha transformation sequence to be part of the initial teaser to show the company is as committed as the Kickstarter funders.


    17. Missing avatar

      Steve Y on

      Why can't this project be completed unless we fund it's entirety? What happened to Harmony Gold spending some of its money on a project? Yet again, nothing but empty promises and broken dreams for Robotech fans. It's getting really old anticipating something you will love only to find out its flopped and Harmony Gold is the ones pulling the rug out from under you.

    18. J. Nathan Couch on

      Damn. I want more Robotech. :(

    19. Robotek19 on

      *cries uncontrollably*

    20. Missing avatar

      Steve Ramirez on

      I was looking forward to this and I know you guys have worked too hard not to find someway to get this done. God Bless you guys for all the joy and hard work you have given us throughout the years and I as a fan hope to see this even if it takes a couple more years.