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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 2 2014
Harmony Gold ProductionsBy Harmony Gold Productions
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Harmony Gold ProductionsBy Harmony Gold Productions
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pledged of $500,000pledged of $500,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 2 2014
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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Everette on

      Of the sweatshirt designs shown, I'd prefer A since the Robotech Academy words pop out better on the white.

      Personally; however, I think Polo shirts would be awesome and I'd happily add one of those to my pledge if available in the future.

    2. Zenmetsu Saseru on

      I still want a jacket.

    3. Daniel Joseph Mello on

      How do you order a copy of the book:

    4. Missing avatar

      David Stull on

      A style. T-shirt

    5. Zenmetsu Saseru on

      Scott Brown knows where it's at.

    6. Luis Jaramillo on

      Sweatshirts Option C

    7. Eric LeFeber on

      All three of those designs look pretty awful. I wouldn't wear any of them. How about taking some cues from the uniform designs?

    8. Eddie Leal on

      @RobotechX "Forget shirts and sweatshirts..
      Give me a HOCKEY JERSEY!". I second that...would be awesome with Skull 01 patches on the shoulders or back.

    9. Felaguin

      I would go for B if it was blue (like on Rick's and Max's neckpieces). Barring that color change, A makes the lettering and insignia pop better.

      I prefer polo shirts then tee-shirts. Don't wear sweatshirts much at all anymore.

      I think some of the comments below are carping on details when we still need another $340K in backer support to make this happen. We only have 2.5 weeks to make this happen people.

    10. Scott Brown on

      Don't really like the shirts. I would prefer a hoodie, but since it's a flight school what about bomber jackets?

    11. Kickstarter Crazy on

      Tee shirt in style A.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      I'm interested in the art book, but would prefer a softcover to a hardcover. There's no chance it'll be a coffee table book in my house, so it just needs to look nice on the bookshelf next to my other Robotech art books :)

    13. RobotechX on

      Forget shirts and sweatshirts..
      Give me a HOCKEY JERSEY!!

    14. Michael Gwatney on

      Don't like any of the sweatshirts.

      I'd prefer a polo with the academy logo. Also, would love a tee-shirt with mechs on it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Magnus Thorne on

      I don't like the red sweatshirts. The white is okay. I'm not interested in any.

    16. Jason McMillen on

      Yes, I agree all these shipping additions add up perhaps a flat fee for shipping for each region dependant on the deal you strike with your shipping company(s)?

    17. Meeshmosh on

      A, B, C or not caught dead wearing one of those...seriously????

    18. Neoculture

      Another $12 shipping on top of shippjng for the DVD?

    19. Neoculture


    20. Jason McMillen on

      ...veritech fighter (autocorrect)

    21. Jason McMillen on

      Wow do I feel listened to! :)

      You know these are nicer looking sweater designs than the original. I feel that A looks like the better one if we are talking as if they were "right out of the show", but then they are all pretty decent.

      I'm a t-shirt guy. I'm hoping for some crazy t-shirt designs based off mecha from the show. I've seen some really bad-ass ones that people were wearing at conventions, etc I'd love to have a shirt with vertical fighter blueprints or something really awesome looking! I fix fighter jets so something like that would appeal to me on a sci-fi geek and professional level. :)

      Love the Sqn coins so far! :) what do they look like on each side? SDF-1 or something on the opposite side?

    22. Raj Rajadhyaksha on

      Updated my pledge for the add-ons.. Bringing in the Macross stuff (challenge coins) and making me feel like I need to complete my Robotech Art book collection with this one, you've got more money.. Now, make a deal with CreaVision so they can fully realize their Project Valkyrie series and I'll be happy. In my mind, the Global Civil War period through 2009 are ripe for development by folks like CreaVision.. It's like expanded universe for Star Wars (until Disney killed that idea)-- let those who are most talented play in your world.. And also, give respect to Daley and Luceno for their work on the Robotech novels.. Those are perhaps my most re-read series of books ever.. Though the pages may be yellowed and the bindings starting to become unglued, I still love them.

    23. david lacina on

      I sorta feel like you guys are looking at the comment thread daily and making stuff that we suggest as add on goals... I imagine these begin to send you into the no profit zone too, if you plan on doing them right... And assuming this stuff is ONLY for backers and you won't be hawking it on for the next 100 years.

      APPAREL: That red and yellow is ghastly. I'd love polo shirts though that looked professional. And I think you need to be talking about sizes... I'm betting more than a few of our backers are big and tall, or worse, female! What sizes are you making? Will there be an extra charge for 2 or 3xl? Figuring you get a good run of 100 of these per size they're probably what, usd $25-30 apiece and another 5-8 to ship, out of a 45 dollar net to you guys after amazon?

      What are the coins made of? Size? More than renders, guys!

      The art book is REALLY tempting but we've SEEN ALMOST NO ART. what's the projected size and page count of the book? I'm assuming color and b/w pages? Figure these run you 10-15 apiece and another 6-8 to ship, for another $10 dollars that actually go to funding the actual kickstarter product when the smoke clears?

      This all assumes your labor is free and their time is worthless to ship stuff or design books or manage the promotional materials... If your creative or shipping dept gets paid that's more time and energy away from the production.

      (Your licensee palladium books could stand to borrow these unpaid shipping gnomes... Just saying)

      Again this feels like we're just funding extraneous promotional product that gets added onto the pledge total to try to get these numbers up... This feels like the Veronica mars kickstarter a bit...

      I know this sounds really really picky and probably negative... But investors have to ask how money is getting spent here...

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kagel on

      I also agree that a polo and/or hoodie is a much better idea

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kagel on

      Design "A" in black instead of white. :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Timothy Ott

      A hoodie, as a UCLA alum, I can't wear those hideous colors.

    27. Missing avatar

      John McNabb

      T-shirts with mecha
      What do the backs of the coins look like? If you haven't thought about it...Roy's valkyrie for skull squadrun and the SDF for th UEDF? I could be a real sucker for challenge coins with mecha from all three generations on them...

    28. roy woodard on

      Hey. I went to change my donation from the $400 tier to $480 for the add on and it said no reward given.. I do not want to lose my $400 tier rewards... How can add on donation be applied?

    29. Andrew Nikolaus on

      A in a hoodie style.

    30. Missing avatar

      Tonye Bob-Manuel on

      A looks much better than the rest and a hoodie would be better to wear during the winter or summer (some anime cons are in the hot hot summer I would love to show this off)

    31. Susel Lee on

      A in a female T-shirt or female sweatshirt

    32. Steven Remington on

      A, and I like either t-shirts or hoodie sweatshirts.

    33. XCT on

      i prefer a

    34. David Cox on

      I like A but would prefer a hoodie sweatshirt

    35. Brian Widman on

      I like 'A' quite a bit, and prefer t-shirts.

    36. Missing avatar

      Anonymous Boy Scout on

      Prefer B and like polo shirts.
      Maybe how about a hoodie!

    37. The Blond Baka on

      I like C but prefer T-shirts.

    38. Grendalsh Dawntreader on

      Warm climate makes sweatshirts uncomfortable.. But I really like version A, white with red stripes, proper RDF livery. If Polo shirts, then smaller logo over the pocket would work.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ray Barker on

      If you are going to produce sweatshirts, I definitely prefer A. It has a crisp look and the lettering stands out better on the white background. However, if you produce t-shirts, I would definitely prefer a darker color...for that I would go with B. When you produce t-shirts, please produce some XXXL shirts. I am 6'4" and I need the bigger size...

    40. RobotechX on

      not into sweatshirts but would agree with another who said a t-shirt with logo on upper left chest.

    41. Missing avatar

      Robert Wertz on

      I prefer A and Polo shirts.

    42. Missing avatar

      George Flowers on

      I like 'A', prefer polo and hope you have either/both in 3X.

    43. Earl McCammon on

      C for the shirt but not gonna lie I'd rather see it as a black T Shirt like the Robotech Battlecry one years ago.