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The Valley Awakes - a special edition's video poster

“The seeds of rebellion that would free a nation.” Today's news coverage from the Hex River Valley echoes this Apartheid era fiction. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 2, 2013.

“The seeds of rebellion that would free a nation.” Today's news coverage from the Hex River Valley echoes this Apartheid era fiction.

About this project

The Valley Awakes

Kickstarter project  by Reza Rassool 


The author, Yousuf (Joe) Rassool (1928 - 2008), was a teacher, an activist, whipped a mean table tennis ball and he was my father.

Joe Rassool
Joe Rassool


Print a special edition of the apartheid era novel, "The Valley Awakes." Ten years after its first publication and eighteen years after the end of apartheid the themes in this story still echo in the news footage coming from the Hex River Valley in South Africa.


Why is this happening? How can we respond?

Let's rediscover the path we were on and discovery where we went wrong.

The proceeds from backers will fund a minimum print run of 100 books. Any excess will fund more copies and book launches in Cape Town, LA, and London based on demand.


  • Funding   - 30 days - ends Dec 31 2012
  • Secure a print-on-demand facilty
  • Obtain a quote
  • Review first proof book
  • Printing   -  Jan 10 2013
  • Reza travels to South Africa - Jan 15
  • Book Launch - District Six Museum Cape Town - Jan 23, 2013 (TBD)
  • Books posted South Africa - end of Jan 2013
  • Reza return to USA - Jan 27.
  • Books posted USA - end of Jan
  • Book launch LA Feb 2013 (TBD)

Risks and challenges

As with any project there are risks.
While I will endeavor to mitigate those risks, let me describe the challenges and possible outcomes.

This project requires considerable remote coordination of an international project. I am based in Los Angeles and the initial print run will take place in Cape Town. Managing this project is helped by local collaborators in South Africa.

Securing a reliable print-on-demand facility is still a risk issue. Failure to do so will cause a delay in the project. Initial conversations seem promising.

Editing of the original text is nearing completion and represents a low risk. Print ready copy should be ready by Dec 15.

If the project reaches its funding level of $1000 this will be sufficient to print 100 copies.

There is a risk that copies will take longer to reach US backers. Of course if there is a larger (> 100 ) demand for books in the US. It will justify a US print. This may also entail a delay is getting US copies.

I still need to secure a venue for the launch in Cape Town. The District Six Museum is a strong contender but this needs to be confirmed.

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