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Diana must face off with a super-powered bully, after a traumatic visit to the dentist.

Diana must face off with a super-powered bully, after a traumatic visit to the dentist. Read More
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About The Film

This Kickstarter project is to fund the production of the short film "Hurt Fillings". It is the story of Diana, a candy-loving high school student, who is accused by a classmate named Betty-Anne of messing around with her man. Now, Diana is a people-pleaser so she has to accept, and Betty-Anne just happens to have Super Strength so she's bound to win. On top of that, Diana has to go to the Dentist just before the fight, and we all know how unpleasant that can be... The question is, how can Diana overcome an opponent who holds such a clear advantage?

A Little Background

The idea popped into my head a little over a year ago (after an unpleasant trip to the dentist, of course), and I immediately wrote the script. After writing I thought about how many scripts I've written that are just "collecting dust" on my computer hard drive, and said to myself (out loud with no one around) "Well I know how to make a film, so why don't I just start producing these scripts myself"? 

Of course I have no money which I decided isn't an excuse, because I soon learned about this thing called Kickstarter and decided I'd give it a go: So I shot the teaser you saw in the video above (special thanks to Nina for standing in as Betty-Anne) on no budget with a 3 person crew including myself, awkwardly stood in front of the camera to make a pitch, convinced myself that all this would give people confidence in my abilities, and prepared to embark on this journey. I hope that you all will join me. 

Our Main Player

Dalia Kirshenblat - Is excited to play the role of Diana Danielova.

Dalia has been acting for six years in school shows, agent and manager showcases, and several other showcases outside of school such as the NYU Steinheart Youth Theatre Ensemble. Dalia is majoring in screened theatre at Edward R. Murrow high school, and majored in theatre at Mark Twain as well where she was in several productions such as Superman the Musical, and wrote and performed a variety of short plays. Dalia has taken film, stage theatre, musical theatre, commercial, and several other classes for two summers at ACTeen. This will be Dalia's first film.

The Camera

Canon C300 Body
Canon C300 Body

This film will be shot using the Canon C300 digital cinema camera. This camera uses a super 35mm sensor producing absolutely beautiful images, and is compatible with both cinema and photography lenses. We will, of course, be using cinema lenses! This ain't photography... this is CINEMAtography!


"Hurt Fillings" will be shot in and around Brooklyn, NY.

Ariyana Dental: This office will be the location of the crucial dentist scenes. Located in Midwood, Brooklyn, this is a very spacious office and it's friendly staff are very excited to accommodate us for this film shoot.

Bishop Ford High School: We are currently in talks with Bishop Ford High School as the location for the High School scenes.  This was used as the location for Drake's music video "Best I Ever Had", and REM's "All the Way To Reno".

All exterior scenes will be shot in and around the Southeast, Brooklyn area. 

The Budget

As I mentioned in the pitch, your contributions will be used for cast and crew compensation, equipment rental (camera, lights, rigs), location costs, and (most importantly) insurance. 

Also, many people underestimate the cost of distribution once the film is complete. In addition to all the expenses required for the production itself, it is extremely important that the film be marketed in an effective way, otherwise no one will see it the way it was intended. I love computer screens as much as the next guy, but they don't do justice to any film meant to be seen on the big screen. And haven't you always wanted to hear a dentist drill in surround sound?

Future Endeavors

"Hurt Fillings" is just the beginning! It will be followed by "The Evil Eye", a feature length psychological thriller. Set in an all-girls boarding school, "The Evil Eye" follows high school senior Laura Drexler, a voyeur and an outcast. After being pushed too far, Laura shows her classmates the consequences of their incessant bullying. 


Be sure to check this Kickstarter page for updates on how the project is progressing!

Risks and challenges

Every film project is full of challenges, and prone to production delays and setbacks. This comes with things like equipment failures, weather delays, and making sure people's schedules line up (which can be like waiting for the planets to align). Luckily I am extremely persistent, and a great problem solver. I have successfully produced projects in the past, and will be working with a great team of people who are committed to seeing this film come to life.

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    CROSSBITE - You don't think anyone notices, but we all do. Did you know that Matthew Chin-Quee is a skilled tap dancer? For your contribution Matthew will send you a video of himself performing a new Tap Dance number exclusively choreographed in dedication to "Hurt Fillings"!

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    CAVITY FILLING - That Lidocaine feels good doesn't it? I know that needle stings a little bit but don't worry, Along with the other rewards above, you'll receive a free HD digital download of the film, and a signed copy of a hand-drawn "Hurt Fillings" poster!

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