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Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a mini-epic, live-action “Dark Faerie Tale”  short film, with a unique environmental message.
Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a mini-epic, live-action “Dark Faerie Tale”  short film, with a unique environmental message.
Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a mini-epic, live-action “Dark Faerie Tale” short film, with a unique environmental message.
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Our final festival update - and a brand new Butterfly Queens video!


Dearest backers,

Our incredibly successful film festival run is finally winding down. In the end, we were accepted at 45 Film Festival in 12 countries, and on 5 continents. Wow!!

It's been a long, beautiful journey, and the butterflies have taken us to some amazing and unexpected places. We've touched a lot of people's hearts and sent our message of hope and transformation across the world, from Barcelona to Lima, from Dublin to Jakarta, from Jaipur to Toronto, from Nairobi to Los Angeles. All because you believed in us, and for that, you have our deepest gratitude.

We wanted to leave you with another gift. Since completing the film, I've taken our Butterfly Queens to a few arts and music festivals, including Burning Man, to dance and bring some Butterfly joy and love to everyone there. It was such a delightful experience, everyone loved us, and I've edited together a short, 2-minute video of our performances. In total, we had 16 different lovely Butterfly Queens dance with us!


I also wanted to share some more amazing news. We recently sent our film to the world's leading Butterfly conservation groups. These groups represent the actual Butterfly scientists and invertebrate conservationists who are doing the most to help save Butterflies across the world. They are on the front lines, helping to study Butterflies in the wild, save ecosystems, and raise awareness of the threats they face.

Not only were they excited about and love our film, they even helped us to promote it! Check out these amazing quotes they provided for the film:

“A strikingly beautiful video with a Lorax-like message: human greed is destroying butterflies, it’s up to us to make the changes necessary for them to survive.” - The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation (USA)

“A beautiful short film on the plight of butterflies.” - Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust (UK)

But the best news, for me, was that we were invited by The Royal Entomological Society to screen our film at the Society's Annual Conference & International Symposium last month in Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 1833, the Society is the oldest and most respected group in the world dedicated to the study of butterflies and other insects. To have their blessing was truly a validation of everything we set out to do with this film.

Though our festival run has come to its end, Dreams of the Last Butterflies will continue to inspire new viewers online, and we hope you'll share it with new friends along the way!

On behalf of the cast and crew, once again:

THANK YOU, and may the Butterfly Queens bring luck to your dreams!

- Zina Brown


(PS - I'm currently planning and writing my new short film, and I'm excited to share it with you - more details coming soon!)

Help us launch the film! Online premiere is TODAY!


Hello friends!

IT'S HERE! Today is our official online premiere of Dreams of the Last Butterflies, and the film is now free for anyone to watch on our website! Our film has had an incredible year - we've been accepted at 43 film festivals in 11 countries across the world. With your help, now we're hoping to continue that amazing success online with a much wider audience.

If you enjoyed the film, we'd love your help - please share it with your friends and contacts!

**Simply share the link below on your Facebook, Twitter, website, blog, or email it directly to anyone you think would love the film:

Please help us to share our message of saving the world's endangered butterflies! Thank you so much - and lots of butterfly luck to you all!

Yours in imagination,

Zina Brown, Director

and the cast and crew of Dreams of the Last Butterflies

PS: It's my birthday today, July 13th!! Helping us get the film out into the world would be the best gift you could give me - thank you!

Online release date and 5 more awards!


Hello again, awesome backers -

More exciting news to share this update!  We've chosen an online release date for the film - Monday, July 13th.  We're finally launching the film so it can be viewed for free from anywhere in the world!

We could use your help with this - our goal of course is to have as many people see the film as possible, especially in the first week of our release.  So it would be great if you could share the film far and wide!  We'll send out another reminder update before the launch as well.  The more people see the film, the more our message of helping the butterflies can spread around the world.

Director Zina Brown doing a Q&A after our screening on Hollywood Boulevard's famous TCL Chinese Theaters, in the heart of Hollywood, CA!
Director Zina Brown doing a Q&A after our screening on Hollywood Boulevard's famous TCL Chinese Theaters, in the heart of Hollywood, CA!

We've also been accepted at 9 more festivals - bring our current total to 42 Film Festivals in 11 Countries!  Even better, we won 5 more awards!  Our film has truly resonated with audiences and cultures around the world.  Here are the recent festivals:

Bangalore Shorts Film Festival – Bangalore, India   WINNER – BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY

International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture – Jakarta, Indonesia   WINNER – AWARD OF OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards – Los Angeles, CA USA  WINNER – BEST FANTASY FILM, WINNER – BEST ORIGINAL SONG


Dances with Kidz Film Festival – Hollywood, CA USA 

V FICAIJ International Film Festival for Youth – Mérida, Venezuela

Gen Con Film Festival – Indianapolis, IN USA 

Planet Connections Film Festival – New York City, NY USA

Film Festival in the Woods – Riverwoods, IL USA

Check out the festival section of our website - it's getting pretty impressive:

Thanks again for all of your help - this last year's festival run has been a wild ride, and we're so excited to finally share the film with the whole world next month!

Yours in imagination,

Zina Brown


We won Best Film!


Greetings again, amazing backers!

Some fantastic news to share with you - Dreams of the Last Butterflies recently won BEST FILM at the Jakarta Filmmakers World Film Festival in Indonesia!! The festival had films from over 100 countries, and we were awarded the top honor. On the other side of the world - wow!  Our film is crossing the globe and resonating with people everywhere!

**We're also choosing a date for our online premiere this spring, when we can finally release the film for people everywhere to see - another update on that very soon!

But that's not all - since our last update, we've been accepted at 7 more film festivals internationally, bringing our current total to an incredible 33 film festivals in 10 countries!

Films for the Forest – Austin, TX USA (March 2015)  WINNER – FINALIST, SHORT FILM CATEGORY

Filmmakers World Festival – Jakarta, Indonesia (March 2015)  WINNER – BEST FILM

Goa Short Film Festival – Goa, India (May 2015)

Rainier Independent Film Festival – Ashford, WA (May 2015)

The Earth Day Film Fest – San Francisco, CA USA (April 2015)

May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival – Champaign-Urbana, IL USA (May 2015)

The Royal Film Festival - Benton, AR USA (March 2015)

Thanks again for believing in our film, you all helped to give it these wings that have carried it so far!

Happy Spring!

Yours in imagination,

Zina Brown


More festivals and new Kai Altair music video!


Hello again, beautiful backers!

We hope you've had a great start to 2015!  Just a quick update here with some more good news and to share an awesome new video.

First, since our last update we've been accepted into 4 more film festivals - bringing our current total to 26 FESTIVALS IN 9 COUNTRIES! 

The Dingle International Film Festival - Dingle, Ireland (March 2015)

Garden State Film Festival  - Atlantic City, New Jersey (March 2015)

Colorado Environmental Film Festival - Golden, Colorado (February 2015)

Going Green Film Festival - (viewable on all ROKU players April 1st-31st)

We're also preparing for our full online premiere release date this spring, when Dreams of the Last Butterflies will finally be viewable on the web to everyone across the world!

**Lastly, we're excited to share a new music video with you by Kai Altair for her song "The Calling", from her upcoming debut album, Dreamwalker.  It's full of glowing autumn forest and magick and we think you'll love it.

Kai of course starred as one of our Butterfly Queens, and also did our theme song for our film.  The video was directed by yours truly, Zina Brown.  We even have a REAL butterfly in the video, as a beautiful Monarch came to watch us film that day!!  Click the link to watch:

Kai Altair  - The Calling (Official Music Video)

Spring and the butterflies will be coming soon!

Yours in imagination,

Zina Brown