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Swati Jr* Jewelry is ready to ignite and take on the world with conscious, funky jewelry.

Please visit my site:
Find me on twitter: @swatijr
and FB: swati jr jewelry

Swati jr jewelry has been a one woman show for a number of years- selling privately on-line and to boutiques on the side.

My current budget doesn’t allow for new advertisements or extra supplies. In addition, my entire website needs a face-lift and the photos on my site could nicely benefit from a more professional eye. What to do?!

Last month I took a grant writing class where I realized that I’ve been going about my business practices all wrong! Success doesn’t come from doing things alone, in isolation- as a one women show!! Success comes from reaching out to your community and beyond, asking for help and assistance and throwing your ideas, desires and brilliance at the feet of your supporters!!

Enter Kickstarter. Essentially, this is my first grant-writing attempt. I am seeking minimal outside funding for my business in order to take it to the next level. My small, one-women jewelry business has BIG goals that include inspiring through conscious jewelry, promoting fair-trade and sweat-shop free fabulocity, and advocating women-centered business in the US. In the next year, as I expand, I hope to hire another female worker who can help me keep the vision.

This $3,200 will enable me to:

1. Upgrade my photos, website and marketing capabilities.
2. Buy the necessary supplies to meet the expected demand of new orders.
3. Help me create more sustainability and more beauty in the world.

Your donation will help make this a reality!

Thank you for taking interest in my work and my vision. Don’t forget to check out the variety of perks for various donations. And please help me spread the word by tweeting, posting this on Face Book and emailing your friends, family and business partners.


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    A truck load of good karma + a one-of-a-kind creation made especially for you and inspired by my fall/winter 2010 collection. Earrings? Necklace? Your choice! Plus, I will mention you on the new website on our friend page as well as my newsletter.

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    A world of good karma + a unique one-of-a-kind jewelry set created exclusively for you (necklace and earrings). In addition, I'll throw in a special mala and prayer bracelet set stamped with a message of your choice. You will be added to our friend page on the new website and I will give you a personal call to thank you.

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    A lifetime of good karma + anything you want from my creative collection. A never ending 25% off of all your purchases. Plus all the above treats and rewards!

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