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You've never used email this intuitively. Get your email done, and get on with your day, Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 27, 2012.

You've never used email this intuitively. Get your email done, and get on with your day,

About this project

What exactly is Mail Pilot?

Mail Pilot is an online service with native apps for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Mail Pilot adds services to your existing mail accounts that it syncs between all of your devices. Your email is never stored on our servers, and is left on your current email servers. Our servers store metadata about those messages to bring to you the reimagination of email that so many have come to love. Read on...

The Current Email Crisis

Email is in need of a fresh start.  A redesign from the ground up.  With your support, mail pilot will forever change the way that we interact with email. 

Mail Pilot intuitively works the way you’ve always wanted to use email:

Your inbox is now a to-do list...

  • Complete / Incomplete Control Button

All new messages arrive as incomplete and remain that way even after you've read them. Mark a message as complete only after you finish any further action associated with that email. Completed messages are archived to decrease Inbox clutter, but can still be accessed by browsing or searching.

Your inbox is now your assistant…

  • Mark for Review

When you don't have time for a message, click the "Mark for Review" button. This message disappears from your inbox. Later, when you have more time, you can enter a "Review Mode" session to fly through these messages.

  • Review Timelines & Review Lists

Tell Mail Pilot a later date on which you wish to review a message. On that date, it will reappear in your inbox. Mail Pilot also allows you to group similar messages into custom review lists to be acted on as a group.

The Mail Pilot Difference...

Mail Pilot allows you to do even more with features such as:

  • Account Compatibility

Mail Pilot works with all major email services, so you don't need a new email address. There is no need to importing anything: Mail Pilot constantly stays in sync with your current email accounts.

  • Single Login

Gone are the days of having to configure all of your different email accounts on each of your devices. Link all of your email accounts to your Mail Pilot login, and they automatically sync with all of your devices.

  • Autopilot

Set Mail Pilot to automatically mark specific messages for review, skipping the inbox. For example, send all messages you've been CC'd in to be reviewed when you have more time, set weekly newsletters to be reviewed on a specific date, or automatically have responses to a job opening put into a specific review list.

  • Browse

Find emails more quickly and intuitively. Mail Pilot automatically determines your recent top contacts, and places their icon in the browse box. Click an icon to immediately see messages involving that contact.

  • ...And Much More

We've been working on tons of other reimaginations to the email client. Intelligent Compose, Intelligent Reply, Drill Down Bar, Similar Messages, Calendar View, Pilot-to-Pilot, and many other features will be making their debut with Mail Pilot.

We can only do this with your help...

We’ve been working for months conceptualizing and developing Mail Pilot for you.  We have a working prototype, but we need your support to make it through the final stretch.  Pledge to our campaign to ensure that we can reach our goal and get Mail Pilot into your hands by June.  

Furthermore, become a part of this movement.  Stand with us in challenging the status quo of today’s uninspired inefficient software.  Help us usher in a new era of smarter, more productive technology that truly works for you. Be sure to share this project with your contacts.  

We all have to use email, but only with your help, will we be able to use email in the most intuitive and natural way possible.

Where the money will go...

While we have a working prototype of Mail Pilot, there's more we'd like to do before launch. Some of these things are going to cost us, including:

  • Hosting. We need some serious hosting space to deploy our storage-intensive services.
  • Native Apps. To ensure the best experience, we plan to develop native apps for the desktop and the mobile (that's a lot of apps). We’ll need to bring on some additional developers to get these done in time.
  • Push Notifications. Push notifications will make Mail Pilot a full replacement for email on the mobile. They also require additional hosting, and the native apps.
  • Marketing. We hope the efforts we put into our Kickstarter campaign will produce enough exposure for awhile. However, we realize we’ll have to put more time and energy into marketing before we officially launch Mail Pilot.

What our fans & backers are saying about Mail Pilot

We've been gaining some serious momentum! Our supporters are very important to us, so we were excited to see what they had to say popping up on Twitter, in our emails, and on Kickstarter. Here's a few:

"Ingenious" -New York Times (David Pogue)

"Kickstarter of the Week!—Anyone willing to take a crack at rethinking email gets my full-throated support." -WIRED Insider (@WIREDInsider)

"Mail Pilot is to email as Firefox was to the browser five years ago." @traviswebb88

"Interesting" -Shawn Blanc


  • Mail Pilot is more than an app; it's a comprehensive online software service. It runs on servers, and delivers and syncs content between every Mail Pilot app that you might use.

    You can access Mail Pilot through a number of desktop, native mobile, and web applications. To make this possible, Mail Pilot adds services to your existing mail accounts that it syncs between all of your devices. Our servers store metadata about your messages (not the messages themselves, however!) to bring to you the reimagination of email that so many have come to love.

    Mail clients can get away with charging one time. Our apps are all free, but the service is paid for, much like other online productivity and email enhancement services.

    Here's the best part though - every backer is guaranteed to never have to pay more than $25 per year (that's $2 a month), which is roughly 1/2 off. And your subscription only begins after your free backer-only private beta release, and after the subscription you're pre-ordering with your pledge!

    Last updated:
  • Desktop: Mac, Windows, Linux. 32 & 64 bit.

    Mobile: iOS, Android, some Blackberries. Windows mobile phone is planned for a subsequent release.

    Web: Mobile and desktop versions, most modern browsers.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, Kickstarter allows anyone, anywhere with a major credit card to pledge. If you're having trouble doing so, please check out this link.

    If you're still having trouble, feel free to reach out to us. We'll be glad to help.

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    **NEW** Personal Chat: We want to thank you more personally. We'll video chat with you to personally share our gratitude, talk about the Mail Pilot project, answer your questions, and hear your valuable feedback (or talk about whatever else interests you) (+above).

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