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Saurian is a video game project focused on living as a dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival-based gameplay.
Saurian is a video game project focused on living as a dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival-based gameplay.
6,570 backers pledged $220,709 to help bring this project to life.

We Did It!

Posted by Urvogel Games, LLC (Creator)

Congratulations Everyone! We've successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign! Thank you to everyone who backed and supported us during the past 30 days. All 6,570 of you! Thanks to your generosity, we are 401% above our initial target. After Kickstarter fees and other expenses, we'll have around $200,000 to work with bringing Saurian to life. Over the course of this month, we've watched backers start to develop their own community centered around this game, and your decision to open your wallets even further with your $10 on the 20th campaign was amazing,you collectively raised nearly $10k on the 20th alone.

So what happens next? Henry is going to have milk. A lot of milk. Alejandra is going to have some tequila, and the rest of us are going to take just a few days to recover from the shock of your generosity. And then, the adventure for us launches into high gear: We start making the game in earnest. We'll be turning our Kickstarter page into another hub of our social media outreach: you'll be able to catch major updates and progress reports here, but we recommend you also check out or subscribe our Facebook, Twitch, Tumblr, Twitter and Website for even more updates on our work. We also have a Discord where you can chat with other Saurian followers and developers! In the following days and weeks, we'll be sending out Backer surveys to verify contact information, make sure you're properly credited, clarify add on backer rewards, and oh yeah, VOTE FOR NEW PLAYABLES!

Thank you Ladies and Gentlesaurs. You've made ours and your dream game a reality. We're ready to make it.



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    1. Alwayshere3 on

      Can't wait for game release... But I have to X3

    2. DeepForestCrafter on

      Super hyped!!!!!!!!! I really want to see the growth for the pachy and I want to see what they think a hatchling pachy would look like.

    3. DeepForestCrafter on

      @Maddy Johnson
      You're not the only one who keeps coming to this every hour!

    4. DeepForestCrafter on

      @James Vogel
      You will vote for new playables in the survey they will send out. If you're wondering where your inbox is, just click on your profile and go to messages.

    5. Ogawa Burukku on

      I backed this despite hating Steam with all the fury in my little heart, haha. Looks like a really fun game, but I was really hoping it would reach the console stretch goal. Hopefully the game makers will still consider that an option in the future (PS4!). Either way, great to finally have a game like this for dino geeks! Reminds me of some of the open world games I played as a kid as a wolf or as a lion (but it was the 90s so... very limited open world-style open world, haha).

    6. Missing avatar

      Ceratosaurus on

      Guys we did it! i kind wish maybe it would go on for at least 10 more days so we could get our two medicine formation to play as gorgosaurus and styracosaurus but thats ok.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Vogel on

      But just one question. Where do you go to vote for new playables!

    8. Missing avatar

      James Vogel on

      We did it guys! WE DID IT!!!

    9. JJ Giesey on


    10. draven926 on

      The hype is so real right now!

    11. JM Lin on

      haha i can't wait for even more footage... hype is real. I just hope the AI is great

    12. Maddy Johnson on

      AMAZING!! And am I the only one who keeps coming back here almost every hour? XD

    13. Trystan Galger on


    14. Janelle on

      Awesome! I'm super excited for this game. Especially now that multiplayer has been unlocked.

    15. Sam "Savage" Cash on

      We'll vote for the new dinos in a week or so. Have patience.

    16. Jennifer Leigh Kopp on

      So awesome! Great job everyone!

    17. Carlos on

      Congratulations!!! :D

    18. Janelle on

      Where do we go to vote for new playables?

    19. Jasaurus rex on

      Congrats! I'm so exited for EVERYTHING!!! :)

    20. DeepForestCrafter on

      You are putting so much effort into to this. You put 387 times more effort than me.
      This is the gå,e I always wanted every since I got into dinosaurs again.

    21. Graziella Finch on

      Congrats you guys! :)

    22. JM Lin on

      wonder when we'll get the surveys? Can't wait! I may be a an absolute tool about dinosaurs but i hope its gonna have a great community.

    23. Badger on

      Im so happy, Can't wait to play your game congratulations, Also I thank all other backers for donating so we can actually play this game!

    24. Loneclaw on

      Congratulations, y'all! :D
      I'm just so happy that you're making this game and that the Kickstarter went so well. ^.|.^

    25. dawjacked on

      Good job, guys.

    26. Joshua Rothwell on

      I am so happy to be apart of this project coming to life, can't wait!

    27. Hailey Wolff on

      You guys are the best! Congrats once again and I know this game is going to be a giant success! :D

    28. Carlos "Pyroraptor" on

      My first backing ever! Good luck guys! Also, where do I vote for the new dinosaurs?

    29. Missing avatar

      Sarah Beley on

      this was my first kickerstarter backing EVER! i made an account just for this in fact and i have to say i'm so proud to be apart of the games production even if i only had a small amount of the money to give (only in highschool=broke). i came here from arvalis (artist i follow) and i was hooked, i checked everyday for 21 days to watch its progress. i love the games ideas and cant wait for the final product! i wish you success.

    30. Niko on

      This will be the Best game since ZT2 came out

    31. Ozraptor on

      Victory! You deserve it for running a top-notch kickstarter campaign.

    32. Missing avatar

      Josue A. Tellez on

      YES!!! I am so excited! Glad someone is taking dinosaurs seriously. I am so pumped right now, WOO!

    33. Missing avatar

      Lumarious on

      Well done everyone!

    34. Jacob Schnurr on

      Anky! I need you, it make for good variety in gameplay as well since the primary offense would be a tail swing!

    35. Simon Atkinson on

      *Hallelujah chorus plays*

    36. JJ Giesey on

      i vote for anklyo

    37. Missing avatar

      Sam Allen on

      I vote for Hadrosaurids and Edmontosaurus

    38. Missing avatar

      Sam Allen on

      What an amazing turn out!!!! I can't wait to play the game!!!!

    39. Jimmy cephalin on

      This is exceedingly wonderful! you guy did incredibly well on the kickstarter, many individual backers rammed right through almost all the stretch goals, Its amazing man. Having a game that has scientific accurate dinosaurs is epic, and taking place in hell creek formation which hosts other organisms besides dinosaurs such as crocodilians, pterosaurs, turtles, small mammals, lizards, and so forth that lived in hell creek ecosystem. its so impressive that you guys are implementing all these dinosaurs and other organisms back to life in this game. The amount of work that went into this game, and the talented that you guys have, and the scientific rigor that you guys contain is so awesome. The thing that blew me away was the time you spent working on the plants of hell the roots! it sounds like one hell of a long time. But you have done well, Very well. Im interested to see what dinosaurs we can vote for on the poll for the two new playable dinosaurs. For my first pick ill be rooting for Montanaspinus, im hoping to see a model of some sort of this new species soon
      lol, just kidding. but again, congrats to all the devs and individuals involved in Saurian!
      now im going to celebrate saurians success!… avian dino style

    40. Missing avatar

      Taliesin Coleman on

      i vote for anatosaurus and anzu

    41. Missing avatar

      Satan on

      Also, when will the voting for the new Dinos be held?

    42. Missing avatar

      gabriele79 on

      I wish ask if digital copy Hell Creek: a Field Guide to the World of Saurian can be downloaded soon, I know that early access is on January 2017 but the digital copy of book also ?

    43. Sam "Savage" Cash on

      Urvogel Games, congratulations!
      And please, please, make it possible to pre-order through your site or BackerKit, so that it can go towards funding and stretch goals.

    44. Missing avatar

      Philip Ezickson on

      congratulations and i'm super excited for this game, can't wait to play it.

    45. Missing avatar

      gabriele79 on

      congrats :) :) :)

    46. Luis E Cardenas on

      Will there be a way to donate or continue contributing towards the other stretch goals?

    47. Missing avatar

      Philip Ezickson on

      where do we vote for new playables?

    48. Asia on

      well i dont know what to say.. just <3! :)