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Saurian is a video game project focused on living as a dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival-based gameplay.
Saurian is a video game project focused on living as a dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival-based gameplay.
6,570 backers pledged $220,709 to help bring this project to life.

New Playable Dinosaurs Unlocked!

Posted by Urvogel Games, LLC (Creator)

Backers: 6
Stretch Goals: 0

We're starting to sound like a broken record over here. Yet again, your generosity and support have pushed us past another stretch goal so fast that we're scrambling to catch up! By reaching $130,000 in pledges, 2 new playable dinosaurs have been added to the roster that you, our backers will vote on to decide. Our plan at this time is to conduct voting at the conclusion of the kickstarter via the backer survey. We'll present the candidates you'll be voting on, along with a description of what sort of game play you can expect out of each dinosaur.  All potential candidates are dinosaurs that lived in Hell Creek and are already planned as AI entities. You will be deciding which of them we expand into full life cycle playables. In the mean time, here's a sneak peak at some potential candidates we've been working on in our 24 hour livestream!





Anzu. Yes, it will be feathered.
Anzu. Yes, it will be feathered.


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    1. JJ Giesey on

      @DeepForestCrafter t.rex most likely ran 45mph, Still really fast but t.rex could bite through ankys armor.

    2. DeepForestCrafter on

      T.rex runs a whopping 70km per hour! That is really fast.

    3. DeepForestCrafter on

      Not wait not you "Oaglor"

    4. DeepForestCrafter on

      - Anzu because it is an omnivore
      - Anatosaurus because it looks cools, travel in herds, occasionally goes on 2 legs and it has a cool name.

    5. DeepForestCrafter on

      T.rex run a whopping 70km per hour. Very fast that is.

    6. Missing avatar

      John-Paul "Oaglor" Stafford on

      @Kaya Even the eyelids of Ankylosaurus were covered in bone. If Dakotaraptors could take rapid bites from the underbelly however. . .

    7. Missing avatar

      Ceratosaurus on

      I would like ankylosaurus as the playable creature mainly because it will be the armoured dinosaur in the group, and the food chain currently works like this pachy gets hunted by dakota raptor triceratops gets hunted by t.rex. Ankylosaurus will be a hard creature for you to choose as prey because of its bone crushing tail. As dakota raptor the best way to kill a ankylo would be to have rapid strikes at the head and wait for bleeding to take its process but this would take alot of time to do and by then a t.rex would scavenge the ankylo. As t.rex you are more vulnerable to its attacks not having the agility necessary to get a bite in without getting hurt so as t.rex stick to a trike as a easier meal.

    8. Missing avatar

      Abra on

      Can you promise you won't get roped into being an Oculus exclusive, but available to all VR headsets?

    9. Missing avatar

      sirisha on

      Seriously hoping that Anzu's gameplay will feature scavenging. Hopefully I get the opportunity to steal eggs from nests while parents are hunting. CAN'T WAIT!!!

    10. Carlos "Pyroraptor" on

      I know it has to be a dinosaur from Hell Creek. But... any chance it could we could have Alamosaurus?

    11. Jacob Schnurr on

      Ankylosaurus! How I'd love to be my favorite dinosaur!

    12. Missing avatar

      Pliosaurus funkei on

      It hasn't happened yet, yes

    13. Ammar Irfan on

      So the voting hasn't happened yet?

    14. Missing avatar

      Ceratosaurus on

      I vote for ankylosaurus, because we do not have a tail swinger. also when are we getting the carnivore

    15. JJ Giesey on

      well anato could walk on two legs for periods of time.

    16. JJ Giesey on

      wait wait wait wait STOP, if we get vr, and we use it and play as triceratops, or anato or anklyo, will we walk around on all fours? #voteanklyo.

    17. Gadzooks on

      *stupid question* but whats the 11 days left for? like open testing for backers?

    18. Cooper Voss-Seiler on

      Why not Archaeoraptor?! I WANT THAT!

    19. Vinny BeBeau on

      @Kyle John Marson - I posted a comment on here earlier regarding the reasoning for Anatosaurus' name. Hopefully it should clear things up.

    20. Mortal Penguins on

      Anzu has easily won

    21. Mortal Penguins on

      Anzu and struthiomimus

    22. Missing avatar

      Ian Garofalo on

      My first pick would be Anzu, due to its more unique dietary habits. Next would be Edmontosaurus/Anatosaurus, since we already have two playable armed herbivores, and I think a hadrosaur would provide a more unique experience.

    23. Missing avatar

      TheWingedPorpoise on

      have anzu and ankylosaurus! please

    24. Gadzooks on

      my 2nd fave dino is anky so im rooting for anky!

    25. Missing avatar

      Cade Charlton on

      Ankylosaurus and Anzu? I think Anky would be a nice herbivore to add to the game. It's certainly a favorite. And I think Anzu would be a nice choice, just to pick something different to add to the game.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kyle John Marson on

      Shouldn't Anatosaurus be named/classed as Edmontosaurus annectens as it's generally considered a synonym to Edmontosaurus annectens?

    27. DeepForestCrafter on

      It would be very cool to be in a herd of anatosaurus. Just stay in numbers and stay in the middle of the herd. "Don't worry little bro, as long as we keep up with the herd, we'll be okay!"

    28. Missing avatar

      Pontsomake on

      Anzu & Anato Plz ;)

    29. Sarah Jesness on

      Julia: Anatosaurus was pretty massive, its size would certainly provide some kind of attack and defense advantages. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Robert Mckay on

      Anzu would certainly be interesting, as the original crew do not include an Omnivore.

    31. DeepForestCrafter on

      I would vote for ankylosaurus because it would be cool to just hit T.rex with a club.

    32. Vinny BeBeau on

      @Kara Netterville - I'm not sure, but I think at least one of the Ankylosaurus streams are on Twitch on either Baardo's channel or Saurian's main channel, I'd have to double check. And I know your feel of trying to hand-do scales - this Charizard bust is taking forever!

    33. Julia Van Vyven on

      Ah that makes sense. Thank you! :) 14 days to go then! :D

    34. Lungs on

      If the vote was today, it would be Ankylosaurus.

    35. Kara Netterville on

      @Vinny BeBeau

      Wow, that's dedication right there. It really pays off to hand sculpt scales anyway because its so much easier to control the flow/size/placement. I tried it with a Dilophosaurus bust and my gosh was it time consuming. Are there cached videos of that live stream by any chance? I'd love to get to watch!

    36. Brooklynn Hall on

      The vote is going to happen after the Kickstarter is over, so that everyone who backs can give their input. If we had the vote today, for example, then anyone who happens to discover the game tomorrow would get left out!

    37. SolitaryHowl on

      Sweet! Glad to hear it!

      Going to vote for the Anato for sure. Then maybe the Anzu (as it would be neat to play as an oviraptor), although Anky would be nice too. (Can't we have all 3!? lol)

    38. Julia Van Vyven on

      I'm assuming it's just for balance because they don't have a club or anything and their tail wasn't long and/or thin like a sauropod so it wasn't used like a whip. I don't know for sure though.

    39. Julia Van Vyven on

      Epic!! So how do I vote for the dinosaur I want? Is there a poll somewhere or is it not yet released? And I'm loving that Anatosaurus! It looks like it would be a good swimmer but easy to kill as it doesn't have a defense really except rearing up on it's hind legs I guess and hitting with those pointy toes. >:) Maybe speed too? They look like they would do great in large herds and have adorable babies. I love Ankylosaurus too but that one is shown more in other dinosaur games so in my opinion I'd rather have the dinos no one has heard much about so the dino can get some spotlight. :) The Anzu looks cool too! I wonder what other dinosaurs will be a choice in the vote? :D

    40. Missing avatar

      bombaren71 on

      The Anatosaurus will it have a tail attack or was that also for balance?

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Leer on

      @Kara Netterville
      No, the person who named Oviraptor said himself the name might be misleading and Oviraptor might have been a good parent.

    42. Jordan Hughes on

      We already have three bipeds, so I'm going Ankylo and Anato <3 besides, Anato is the closest I can get to playing anything even remotely like a sauropod haha.

    43. Vinny BeBeau on

      @Kara Netterville - For the Ankylosaurus, instead of using a texture, every single scale on the model was pain-stakingly sculpted by the amazing Jake Baardse - I watched him do it throughout the span of about 3 five-hour livestreams. They wanted to make sure the scales were as accurate as we know them to be based on numerous ankylosaur skin impressions. Just goes to show how much dedication and love is really going into this project.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Leer on

      Also, apparently there were grapevines in the hell creek formation