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Saurian is a video game project focused on living as a dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival-based gameplay.
Saurian is a video game project focused on living as a dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival-based gameplay.
6,570 backers pledged $220,709 to help bring this project to life.

Post Impact Survival Unlocked: Putting the 'hell' in Hell Creek and other updates

Posted by Urvogel Games, LLC (Creator)
The Mesozoic is over, this is how you died...
The Mesozoic is over, this is how you died...


Ladies and Gentlesaurs, your generosity continues to amaze us. One week from our Kickstarter launch and Stretch Goal number 5 has been unlocked. We are well on our way to reaching 200% of our initial goal. To celebrate, we have some more information on Post-Impact Survival and some other minor updates.

Post-Impact Survival

While the main game will focus on living the life of a dinosaur, Post Impact Survival will be essentially a new version of the main map that takes place after the end-Cretaceous meteor impact. It will be a post-apocalyptic version of Hell Creek that will be much, much harder to survive in. Hell Creek was far enough away from the Chixulub impact site to avoid the immediate and widespread destruction often portrayed in documentaries, but the fallout and ash cloud spells eventual doom for all animals larger than a cat. Resources like edible plants, suitable prey and fresh water will become progressively harder to acquire, and the other animals in the ecosystem will become progressively more desperate to survive. Its only a matter of time...

Other Updates

A couple points of clarification:

- Unlocked Stretch goals like Character Customization and Dynamic Weather events are not intended to be a part of our initial Early Access release. We will be concentrating on getting the core game in shape first, and will then move on to implementing Stretch Goals once we have a stable platform to build off of.

- Should we reach our next Stretch Goal of New Playable Dinosaurs, All Kickstarter backers will be able to vote on expanding two more Hell Creek dinosaurs into full playables. Sorry guys, no Spinosaurus.

- Statue update: Due to a pricing confusion on our end, the Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops statues are being produced in nickel, not silver as originally mentioned. Also, all statues will be produced at 1/120th, not 1/200th as stated in the $500 reward tier.

- Look what Rebecca Groom got started on today!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sean aduamanfoh on

      Would love to see how Saurian constructs anzu, and would also really love to play as it

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean aduamanfoh on

      @JJ Giesey I'm with you on Anzu. Double A, anzu and Alvie

    3. JJ Giesey on

      Why would anyone say spino? XD. Do they realize that it lived in Africa and was near the brink of extiction when t.rex was alive, due to environmental change because the sea levels dropped. I think the two should be anzu and edmonto, it would be cool for this to be like a stealth game as you play as anzu, and edmonto would be a herbivore that lives in herds and protects itself from predators by number and size, and will the post K pg extinction make this like a apocalypse game? c;

    4. Missing avatar

      Sean aduamanfoh on

      Why does everyone want spinosaurus xD its all about the Alvie.
      (For further clarification) as of now unless a stretch goal is met, the game focuses on the hell creek formation which is around what is now the southern United States, spinosaurus has only been discovered in Africa.

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg Robinson on

      This is going to be so awesome! I think focusing on the realism is incredible and future releases can cover different regions of the earth. So. Much. Win.

    6. Missing avatar

      ObsidianCrow on

      I think the Post-Impact Survival mode is an excellent idea ^^ damn, me with my studies of videogame developing, I would love to cooperate on this project! xD

    7. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      I would LOVE to see Edmontosaurus become a playable personally, because hadrosaurs seem to be completely missing from the game at the moment! Struthiomimus would be cool too. As for carnivores... there really aren't that many to choose from for hell creek... unless they go the less documented fossils route.

    8. Alwayshere3 on

      I can understand why the spino isn't going to in the game.
      1) There haven't been found any fosile around Hell Creek
      2) The spino skeleton isn't even complete yet. They have only the few vertebrae, claws, teeth and other small facts to work with so far.
      Too bad the more complete spino vertebrae was destroyed in world war 2 ;3

    9. Jennifer on

      Awww no spinos ;n; that's my fav dinoooo

      I assume it's because there haven't been any records of finding spino skeletons in the area that hell creek is designed from?

    10. Rudolf H on

      @Half Wing Edmontonia didn't live in Hell Creek. However, we'll have the chance to choose Denversaurus, which is a similar looking dinosaur. Previously thought as a junior synonym for Edmontonia, subsequent study indicates that it is a distinct nodosaurid genus.

    11. Missing avatar

      Em Miller on

      Does not being part of the early access game apply to all the gameplay-affecting stretch goals, including the new dinosaur options? (Also, if you have a laptop, would you recommend getting a mouse of some kind to play it with?)

    12. Missing avatar

      Half Wing on

      So for the next stretch goal would dinos like Edmontonia be feasable? I guess u guys need dinos only specific to hell creek?

    13. Missing avatar

      Emily Hope on

      @Alwayshere3. I don't think Shantungosaurus will be playable since, if I recall, it was found in China and Hell Creek basically encompasses a few states in the northern United States. You're probably thinking of Edmontosaurus.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean aduamanfoh on

      Looks like we are going to hit the next stretch goal eh? (Alvie and anzu have my vote)
      My question is though, will the vote take place here where its backers only?

    15. Skysong on

      Ooh, very nice! I'm hoping we'll reach the extra playable dinos goal at the least ^_^
      Wish there were spinosauroids there. I wonder what the choices will be!

      Also, wish I had the extra $ to have donated for that plush. It looks quite awesome!

    16. Sarah Jesness on

      The plushie looks great! If I had the spare cash I would have picked that reward, ha ha. Guess I'll have to settle for making my own raptor plushie. Won't look this good, but I'll make it fluffy!

    17. Brooklynn Hall on

      @Martin Mele
      I believe it was mentioned somewhere (unfortunately I can't recall exactly where) that only dinosaurs will be up for voting.

    18. Missing avatar

      Martin Mele on

      Also, sorry for the double post, but I have a question. If the 130k stretch goal was to be reached, would dinosaurs be the only possible new playable characters or would creatures such as pterosaurs and other native fauna be votable?

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin Mele on

      @Ronan No, nor Baryonyx nor any other type of spinosaurid dinosaur was found in the Hell Creek formation so far (and chances are that they weren't present in the region).

    20. Ronan on

      LOL, no Spinos? That's sucks. Were Baronyx native to the region?

    21. Missing avatar

      Forrest Rojas on

      Another goal this is great, the two goal I want most are next on the list I hope we make it!!! You game is gunna be great no matter what, itll only get better and we still got 22 days :D

    22. theDABTAB on

      Guys, this game you are creating is amazing! There are so many different parts of it that I cannot wait to do, to see, to hear. I want to experience all of it! Most of all am I not only wanting to play as any of your fabulous dinosaurs (although it is up there), but for both educational purposes as well as paleontological ones, I am currently more interested as to where the game will go after full release. I am fully aware that none of us are actually in that way of thinking yet, I mean, the current game must be released first, but still. It would be nice to see this game ever expanding into other digsites all around the World, allowing you and the players to show and educate everyone how dinosaurs were (to our knowledge) from Asia, Africa, South-america, etc. Personally, I'd like to see all the major digsites throughout the World recreated, but that takes time, Money and a ton of effort. Hopefully, after everyone sees the success of the game, more people will want to help and eventually, this becomes the new Walking with Dinosaurs (in a way). Keep up the SPLENDID work guys and dinosaur! Oh, and sorry fo the long post. ^^

    23. Jennifer Leigh Kopp on

      This is great guys, keep it up! I don't think I have ever been so excited for a game before! If everything comes to fruition, I may never want to be human again! Haha

    24. Urvogel Games, LLC Creator on

      @Johnny Li: Correct, though the statues were always intended to be 1/120th, the 1/200th was an error we missed when putting up the reward tier. Once someone has donated to a reward tier, we are unable to remove it or even edit it in any way, hence the disclaimer

    25. Mary on

      Oh god, I had no idea the plushies would look so good. Still wouldn't have been able to drop $600 for it anyway, but it looks sooo neat !

    26. Johnny Li

      So for the metal statues, the price will stay the same, they will be made with nickel instead of silver, and be a tiny bit bigger?

    27. Rachel on

      So happy to see another stretch goal unlocked! Still having hope for those console ports ;)

    28. Alwayshere3 on

      I hope the Shantungosaurus will be playable ;3

    29. DemonML on

      Should we reach the 2 extra playable dinos (and it looks like you guys might) let me just say: Anzu.
      I thought I saw you had some concept art of these giant turkeys of death a while back ant it would be awesome to play as one c:

    30. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Ritchie on

      Noooo Spinosaurus is my favourite! :'(

      Still super excited and fingers crossed that we reach that step goal though! Great work guys!

    31. Mirriky on

      Regarding my other comment, it also makes a much larger impact since this is a custom character you played as through the entire game

      Halo: Reach - Final level + Ending + Last stand…

    32. Missing avatar

      Emily Hope on

      "Unlocked Stretch goals like Character Customization and Dynamic Weather events are not intended to be a part of our initial Early Access release. We will be concentrating on getting the core game in shape first, and will then move on to implementing Stretch Goals once we have a stable platform to build off of."

      I really like that you've mentioned this. There are quite a few games out there who seem to try and get everything done at once without having a stable foundation to build from first. Little things like this are why I'm so confident in helping to support this project.

    33. Max Lee on

      Congrats on hitting 105K! I really want the Dakotaraptor plush as an add-on. Please make it happen!

    34. Rosanna P. Brost on

      That sounds like SUPER hard mode, haha.

    35. Mirriky on

      My main hope for the post-impact survival is for it to be an option in the standard game mode too.
      When I played Halo: Reach, and you finished the main story. There was one last level.
      It had an endless stream of enemies that you had to fight. But you knew that was it, that you wouldn't 'win', because there was no more victory to achieve and the planet was doomed with you on it. This was your last stand and you wanted to make it count.
      That was such an amazing way to end the game for me, and to have it be an optional ending of your dino that you've helped grow and survive would be amazing and heartbreaking.

      Just something simple like a checkbox and a timer setting [random, early, mid, late] to determine when it hits. Even to see it in the sky each night (and day?) would be so.... interesting. To have this imminent doom approaching you. But you want to survive for as long as possible