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Saurian is a video game project focused on living as a dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival-based gameplay.
Saurian is a video game project focused on living as a dinosaur in a dynamic open world through intense, survival-based gameplay.
6,570 backers pledged $220,709 to help bring this project to life.

2 Stretch Goals Hit!

Posted by Urvogel Games, LLC (Creator)

So in addition to hitting our goal in just the second day of the campaign, we also hit two of our stretch goals! You guys are awesome and we are overwhelmed.

Most recently we hit our Spectator Mode goal. This will allow the player to control an invisible entity to explore the environment of Hell Creek and observe our complex AI interacting with each other as they strive to survive this harsh world.

Before that we hit our Genetic Variant Skins goal. This allows the player to choose alternate skins for each of the 4 playable dinosaurs. These skins will fit with known genetic colouration variants in animals: albinism, leucism, melanism and piebaldism.

Thank you all again, so very much!

Albinio Tyrannosaurus concept by RJ Palmer
Albinio Tyrannosaurus concept by RJ Palmer
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    1. Doodlebot11 on

      I hope we cane see the other playable dinosaurs albino skins

    2. Kenson Martz on

      I sure hope they make their 205k goal. VR SUPPORT would be awesome!

    3. KiRAWRa on

      Adding to the comment pile that it would be awesome if color variants had an impact on gameplay :0

    4. Skysong on

      I love the default skins so far, especially the dakotaraptor and can't wait to see the new ones from the stretch goal ^_^

    5. Missing avatar

      DarkTiger1991 on

      @Liz Jones and Sarah Jesness, on Saurian's Facebook they have answered questions similar to this stating they are aiming for these variants to make game play harder. Like they would in real life. :)

    6. Sarah Jesness on

      Like Liz Jones said, I think it would be pretty cool if some of the variants altered gameplay, like if albinism made other dinosaurs see you more quickly. Anyway, so glad these stretch goals are reached! Only a little more and we'll have customizable dinos! I wonder what kinds of customization options there would be?

    7. draven926 on

      Will these variants have any advantages/disadvantages? Albinos tend not to do very well in the wild because they're not well camouflaged and they're more sensitive to sunlight. I think it'd be fun to have these variants pose extra challenges for someone who finds playing a dinosaur without them too easy!

    8. Rachel on

      Can't wait to hit ALL of the stretch goals! <3

    9. Mary on

      The albino T-rex looks really cool ! I was really excited for this stretch goal.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tuvy on

      Beautiful design! Palmer never disapppoints.
      Can't wait until I play with one of these beauties.