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Provide fathers information, inspiration and a plan to lead their sons to be responsible, accountable, mature men in the 21st century.

BOYS TO MEN - What is it?

Boys To Men - The Lost Art Of The Rite Of Passage is a BOOK!  And yet it is so much more. This project is the result of reflecting on my own life; failures, false starts, bad decisions, wasted years - and the realization that it was all unnecessary.  I didn't want my boys to go through those same experiences.  I knew there was a better way.  I searched for a process to use with my boys that would give them the essentials of what I believe a son needs in order to be a real man, a good man, an authentic man, the kind of man this world needs desperately.  There was a lot of good stuff out there, just not quite the right stuff for us.  So I created a process. Boys To Men is that process; take a peek at Chapter One:

I developed and used it, field tested and tried it, and so far I can say with great excitement - it works!  In one generation, from me to my boys, there has been a 180 degree turnaround.  Two things - It is truly remarkable and, it is completely DOABLE!  When I started the process I didn't know if what I wanted to achieve was possible, but now I know - it is achievable, and I want to share it.  (For a little more about me personally, you can catch that at the bottom).  Here is the back cover:

Boys To Men is more than just a book though.  It includes a father's planner to plan his sons journey.  It includes a son's journal to record his experiences.  It's a complete plan and "how to" for a father.  As a well read guy with a lot of former business training background, I know that knowledge by itself is not helpful - you simply become an educated derelict.  Knowledge applied on the other hand is powerful!  So my goal is to provide:

a) Knowledge (it's necessary),
b) Inspiration (you need it to get started),
c) Motivation (you need it to finish well) and,
d) Tools (you have to have them to be successful). 

The result of those goals?  Boys To Men - The Lost Art Of The Rite Of Passage.  


What do I want to do?

I want to dramatically and significantly influence and change our culture, by inspiring and motivating fathers to action, and equipping them to be intentional about raising excellent men from the raw material that are their sons. I believe men are the problem and the solution. I want to give fathers the tools and confidence to successfully raise responsible, accountable, mature and confident young men for women to marry, to create healthy families, and to fill the existing gaping leadership hole in families, government, business, churches, etc; men of high morale courage, character, integrity, vision and purpose.  We will ultimately change the legacy's of families, communities and maybe our country positively forever.


How will I do it?

I will accomplish this goal by publishing my book, speaking at events, making myself available, creating exposure and momentum, and hopefully give birth to a national mens movement. The subject is one that our culture is desperate for and our fathers and young men are searching for. Along with the book and tools, I will develop an interactive website to support, encourage and create community for those who employ the Rite of Passage process.  I will use this as a platform to create regional conferences and develop Rite of Passage "experiences" for fathers and their sons.


How far along is my project?

Here's a quick update:

  • My manuscript is complete and nearly finished editing
  • It has been locally reviewed by 10 smart people I greatly respect
  • I have created my publishing company
  • I have secured a URL for my website
  • I have secured a developer and graphic design person with deposits
  • I have two respected authors and authorities who have offered to write a jacket endorsement for my book after reading the copy edited manuscript

Bottom line...I am very close to printing.


How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used as follows:

  • Copy editing for publication: $1,800.00
  • ISBN numbers & Barcodes: $500.00
  • Book Cover design (soft & hard): $750.00
  • Graphics: $340.00
  • Website design and development: $1,250.00
  • Print first edition (soft cover): $1,708.00
  • eBook conversion: $285.00
  • Photo shoot: $200.00
  • Marketing: $2000.00

As you can see the amount I am seeking DOES NOT cover the expenses.  These funds if raised in full will help produce all that you see above (which includes 500 soft cover books), PLUS it will take all the profit from the initial book order, PLUS an additional $4000 to print the first run of hardcover books.  So HELP - In order for us (you and I) to make this happen I need this funding goal to be EXCEEDED!


A little more about me

My name is Allen Jones. You can get some background information on me from my bio to the right. What it doesn't say is I am a Dad who wanted my sons to have a different journey than I did. Although I ended up well, It was a long and painful trip to where I am today. I have a lot of business experience training and equipping people to be successful, and I have a lot of experience in counseling people. I know how people learn and change. I know what I do well - I equip others to be better, it's what I have done vocationally for 15 years. Trust me when I say I have done enough wrong to know what not to do (drugs, alcohol, divorce, promiscuity, financial failing).  On the other hand however, I have also learned what to do right and have turned it all around, and most importantly taught others how to do the same.  I've been around a few years and because of what I have been fortunate enough to do professionally, I know that there are a lot of father's like me who need help preparing their sons to be good men, quality men. I am passionate about this subject! Our families in America are in bad shape generally speaking, and we can do something about it; it begins with men and their sons.


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