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Ever wonder who makes the world's best Buffalo wing? Here's the film that settles it once and for all.
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Matt Reynolds

274 backers pledged $16,942 to help bring this project to life.

Scarlet Johansson loves wings!

Thanks to donor Brian Mark for sending me this. Anyone have an email address or cell number for Scarlet?

Congrats to donor Walter Thomas, who pushed us over the 9K mark yesterday and earned a special bonus prize (a collection of folk songs by wing hunter Al Caster). Walter, like all of yesterday's donors, also earned a free joke (in celebration of day 15 - halfway point of our campaign.)

We just crossed the 9.5K mark! Woo-hoo! I didn't know if we'd get this far when I started. I am touched by all the amazing support! 

I must give another special shout out to my extended, extended family -- my hometown, Lyons, NY, population 4,000, which has rallied so strongly and surprisingly around the film. Reconnecting with Lyons peeps has been one of the great pleasures of this project. I am so happy and proud to have grown up where I did.