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Army therapists are caught between dueling missions of both protecting soldiers' mental health and keeping them in the fight.
Army therapists are caught between dueling missions of both protecting soldiers' mental health and keeping them in the fight.
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    1. Jessica Hurta on

      I can't imagine being in a combat situation trying to keep yourself together let alone keeping everyone else together too. I always hate reading about someone who has come back from a combat situation completely changed for the worse and something terrible happens to them or someone else because they're not properly taken care of. While doing my Masters, there were quite a few other students who were either in the military, out of the military, or had a spouse in the military. Even though this particular Masters program is military "friendly" there was almost no emphasis on treating someone who's been in this type of situation. Is it because most people won't understand because they haven't experienced it themselves? I don't know. It's also only recently that they started running those prevention ad campaigns with the soldier coming home feeling completely alone and isolated. What took them so long? I know that soldiers are trained to be tough and solid but I also know that they're still human with thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are still there and a traumatic event can change someone's life dramatically.

      Even though this project is overdue, thank you for taking the chance to do it! I'm crossing my fingers that it gets funded so that it can make it out there for everyone to see!

    2. Jan Haaken Creator on

      Thank you all for your support! With just under four weeks remaining, we're making a big push right now to raise pledges. Please like us on Facebook and spread the word.

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      Roger Darnell on

      I agree that this is a very important project and I'm happy to provide this support. "Break a leg" and please keep me posted on your progress.

    4. James Thomas on

      We have often noticed that the greatest hero's are not appreciated until a crisis happens. Losing ones mental faculties is a terrible tragedy. Clearly immediate treatment critical if they have any chance of recovery. Its about time our psych counselor heroes on the front lines got their recognition! Please support them and this effort to raise 25k. It be a darn shame if this failed. Come on people we can do this!!

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      Linda L. Richardson on

      WOW Goose-bumps the fatigue mentally is much greater than I thought, this film needs to get out there to educate us all to the damage being done to our young men. This kind of distress could effect soldiers for years, even with the therapy the Army is supposed to provide to the soldier who makes it home. These men are hero's. Let's make sure they get the help they need to return to a mentally healthy life.