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An original game book for the Traveller roleplaying game - deck plans, game stats, adventure hooks, stunning 3D illustrations!
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177 backers pledged $10,384 to help bring this project to life.


Here comes the good news!

First Stretch Goal - DONE!
$5,500 :: Fat Cat Owner's Manual

Thanks to your continued support, we've hit our first Stretch Goal of $5,500. That means that every $12 Book pledge will include a copy of the tpt133 Fat Cat Owner's Manual!

Here comes the better news!

Stretch Goal #2 - DONE!
$6,750 :: Guild Registration Papers

We have reached $6,750, so we will be producing official Versis Starwright's Guild Registration Papers. After all, what good is a starship without the "pink slip"? Each certificate will include your (or your PC's) name, your unique Ship Registration Number and Port-of-Call, and the number of ship's Ownership Shares you hold.

("Ownership Shares" will be based on the amount of your pledge: every $5 will earn you one share out of a hundred. The concept of "Shares" will become useful in your adventures, as more about the setting of the Versis Principalities is revealed. Be sure to wave this certificate under your Referee's nose!)

Additionally, every book that goes out from Kickstarter will be numbered.  This Reward is included free with all Books ($12+ Reward and $10 Extra Books).  It is not be available on its own.

Stretch Goal #3 - DONE!
$8,500 :: Fat Cat Cutaway Poster

We have reached $8,500, and I will be producing a large Fat Cat Cutaway Poster, giving a perspective view into the ship's interior compartments. I am really excited about this one, and I hope we can make it happen - it will really give you a fantastic understanding of how everything fits together, and help give a sense of "being there" in your adventures.

The drawing will be printed on a 24" x 36" sheet and will be included free with all $100+ Rewards. It is now also available as an "Extra" for any Backer! 

Spread the word!  Let's do it!


    1. Creator Adrian on July 6, 2012

      I'm thinking $10 for an extra poster, at the moment.

    2. Creator Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on July 6, 2012

      Great stretch goals! How much you think will cost the "Extra" cutaway poster?