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The Dolomites – captured with one of the most spectacular  Cameras in the world ! Help us tranform a military Truck into a huge Camera
The Dolomites – captured with one of the most spectacular  Cameras in the world ! Help us tranform a military Truck into a huge Camera
The Dolomites – captured with one of the most spectacular Cameras in the world ! Help us tranform a military Truck into a huge Camera
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    1. Missing avatar

      ElSombrero 3 days ago

      Thank you Kurt for the quick feedback. Bernd

    2. Kurt Moser / Lightcatcher Creator 4 days ago

      Dear Bernd ( ElSombrero ) Youre print has been sent out on march 19 ... with number 86/250 ... we are sorry it did nor arrive until now !! Please lets wait until next week and if it is not there until than for shure we ll investigate with the italian post office and in case send you a new one !! please keep us up to date , we hope it ll arrive best regards kurt

    3. Missing avatar

      ElSombrero 4 days ago

      Hello Kurt, sorry but so far I didn`t receive my prints. Can you give ma an update?
      Many thanks

    4. Gertjan on March 31

      Dear Kurt, the Prints arrived this week. Very beautiful indeed - many thanks for all your efforts, Best regards, Gertjan

    5. Kurt Moser / Lightcatcher Creator on March 21

      Hi Gertjan ! Youres has been sent out last week , should be at destination this week , we used youre german address as you told us ! Hope you like it dear Gert ! Have a nice day kurt

    6. Gertjan on March 21

      Dear Kurt, sorry to bug you again, but until now 21. March 2018 havent received anything yet. Eager to hear! Best, Gertjan

    7. Missing avatar

      ElSombrero on March 11

      So far I did not Receiver anything. Can you please inform me?

    8. Pietro Robbi on February 20

      Ciao Kurt, c'è modo di sapere se la foto è stata spedita? Codice di tracking?

    9. Kurt Moser / Lightcatcher Creator on February 18

      Hi Chris ! Your reward is on its way !! should be at destination the next days !! Hope you like it ! Have a nice day kurt

    10. Chris Honeysett on February 18

      Will we receive an email with tracking number, or anything to let us know when the prints are coming? I haven't gotten anything yet.

    11. Kurt Moser / Lightcatcher Creator on February 8

      Hi Christian and all other supporters !! The fist prints have been sent out yesterday , and we are working to finish the shipping within the next days !! Nobody has to worry .. sorry once again for the long waiting time ! Hope you like the prints ! Have a great day kurt

    12. Missing avatar

      Christian Rouquette on February 7

      Hello supporters,

      Am I the only one who did not receive the printing?

      No feedback from Kurt , no confirmation from Barbara.

      What is going on?

    13. Chris Honeysett on January 31

      Hi Kurt-It's nearly February now. Are the rewards coming soon?

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian Rouquette on January 10

      Hello Kurt, could you please confirm if you have started the delivery of the pictures? Regards Christian

    15. Pietro Robbi on January 3

      Hi Kurt, any news?

    16. Gertjan on December 4

      The 1. advent has passed and I hope you are well. Christmas is calling...

    17. Chris Honeysett on November 11

      Great. Thanks Kurt.

    18. Kurt Moser / Lightcatcher Creator on November 9

      Hi Chris
      We managed to shoot all the promissed plates now and a survey will follow soon , we are planning to scan and print the images within december and send them out before christmas ! Finally we have Snow now here in the Dolomites !! ( a lot of problems less with collodion photography as you know ;-) Have a nice Time , hear you soon best regards Kurt

    19. Chris Honeysett on November 4

      Hello Kurt-
      With it already being November, and the rewards due in December, will we be getting a survey from you any time soon? Thank you

    20. Kurt Moser / Lightcatcher Creator on October 1, 2017

      Hi Chris ! Sory once again for being so late with this update !! Happy you liked it , Things are going on fast , next week we are part if a huge event here in Italy , IMS ( International Mountain Summit ) we ll post some News soon !! Have a great day !! kurt

    21. Chris Honeysett on October 1, 2017

      Thank you for sending out such a thorough update. I look forward to seeing the images you make.

    22. Chris Honeysett on September 17, 2017

      I don't mean to be a complainer but it seems like you posted feverishly prior to the campaign ending to raise more money, but once your campaign funded, you haven't had an interest in updating your supporters.

      No update on the project for over 6 months makes me wonder if we will actually receive our rewards.

    23. Chris Honeysett on August 29, 2017

      I left a comment on July 25th and haven't heard back. Also, there hasn't been an update since March...any news?

    24. Ole Jauch on August 23, 2017


      I hope the project is running and still looking forward getting the pledge award. When can I expect it to arrive?
      Ole Jauch

    25. Missing avatar

      ElSombrero on August 7, 2017

      Hallo Kurt,
      hoffe das Project läuft gut :)
      Irgendwelche Updates/News wären richtig nett.

    26. Chris Honeysett on July 25, 2017

      Hello Kurt,
      Any word on the surveys? I haven't received one, and it is now 5 months since I emailed.
      Thank you

    27. Missing avatar

      Roger Hochstrasser on March 3, 2017

      Hallo Kurt! Gibt's von deiner Seite wieder mal ein Lebenszeichen??

    28. Chris Honeysett on January 12, 2017

      Hi Kurt-
      I also haven't received a survey. When might that come?

    29. Missing avatar

      on December 21, 2016

      Dear Kurt,

      i have not received your survey (yet?), did i miss it ?

      Best P.

    30. John Browning on November 9, 2016

      Congratulations Kurt! I am looking forward to seeing your dream come true.