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HALO is a multipurpose LED safety belt that can be used on a daily basis. Make everyday safety just a click away. Be Seen, Be Safe.
512 backers pledged $57,206 to help bring this project to life.

UPDATE: HALO BELTS are almost ready! - Stories, videos, and pictures

Hello Kickstarter backers!

UPDATE: We are very excited to announce that the HALO Belts are almost ready to ship.  We are awaiting some final rewards and packaging labels.  We should start shipping out the HALO Belts in a few weeks to the earliest backers.  Thank you so much for your continuous support and patience. 

NEWS/MEDIA- A lot has happened in the past few months.  Everyday has been very exciting as we were getting featured on hundreds upon hundreds of websites, blogs, and even television shows.  It has been amazing to see how fast HALO has gained media attention from across the world. Below is a clip from France - @2:15  We're also going to be featured on Belgium TV in a few weeks as well.

INTERBIKE 2012- We also attended the Las Vegas Interbike Trade show 2012 to see what retailers, distributors, and professional cyclists and enthusiasts thought about the HALO Belt.  We received a very positive response and we're looking to go worldwide very soon. ;)

However, on the drive back to San Francisco, our tire blew off the tread.  We ended up waiting for the AAA to tow us.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to change the tire because the spare was too small and the tools we had were for the original set of rims.  The truck we were using was lifted on off-road rims and tires.  The good news is - Dave the tow truck driver absolutely LOVED the HALO Belt.  He said it was a "must have" not only for roadside assistance personals, but all motorists in general in case of emergencies.  He mentioned he spotted us from a distance of at least a quarter mile before the sun was fully set.

Here are some pictures of the packaging we have received.  We have about 5 pallets of HALO Belts, packaging, and rewards. Check out the pictures below!

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    1. Creator Yukihisa on October 7, 2012

      Thank you for survey, I look forward to HALO Belt! :)