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HALO is a multipurpose LED safety belt that can be used on a daily basis. Make everyday safety just a click away. Be Seen, Be Safe.
512 backers pledged $57,206 to help bring this project to life.

New Project: $330K + Bomber Barrel - Every Day Carry Duffle Bag


Hi Halo Belt Company Founders!

Many of you have asked me when I would launch another project on Kickstarter. As a product designer, I've always wanted to create a duffel bag... or is it duffle bag.. haha. I spent the past few months designing and prototyping a versatile bag for everyday use. We all have a favorite duffle or backpack. All the bags I had were actually bigger than I needed and I realized that most bags have too much room. This meant that most of the time, you carry unnecessary weight, clutter, and the bag would loose its original design and form factor.

Bomber Barrel - Best Duffel Weekender Bag
Bomber Barrel - Best Duffel Weekender Bag

NEW PROJECT: The conception of Bomber Barrel came about because I wanted the perfect "go-to" bag. The Bomber Barrel is a minimal and classic design that was used back in the 20th century. It holds a 18x10x10 barrel shape and is the perfect small/medium size. It is made of an ultra grade weather resistant ripstop nylon, has emergency paracords, military-grade clips, and is super lightweight. I even designed a complimenting traveler's kit and survival bracelet. The Bomber Barrel can be used for the gym, groceries, going out, camping and hiking adventures, and can even be used in the office. It can compliment any attire or situation. The Bomber Barrel has grown to be a part of my every day carry and I would like to share it with you.

Bomber Cord - Survival bracelet 550 paracord
Bomber Cord - Survival bracelet 550 paracord

Thank you for all of your support in the past to help build and create a product that save lives. I hope you would join our next venture into designing the perfect everyday carry duffel bag, Bomber Barrel.

Respectfully yours, Vincent Pilot Ng

Bomber Barrel Best Duffel Weekender Bag
Bomber Barrel Best Duffel Weekender Bag

Introducing Halo Belt 2.0 - dedicated to the founders


Dear original Halo Belt backers

We are super excited to announce that Halo Belt 2.0 has just launched today.  Using all of your feedback, we have re-designed the new Halo Belt 2.0. It is rechargeable, more versatile, more water resistant, brighter, and much more!

Without your initial support, we would not be here today.  I want to thank you personally for believing in us.  It has been almost two years since we have started this company and now we have Halo Belts adopted in over 300 countries and hopefully save countless lives.  All this was possible because of you and your early support to help build an idea of a small project that turned into an international brand.  You are the founders of Halo Belt Company.  The Halo Belt 2.0 is dedicated to you.  

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Together we are on a mission to SAVE LIVES. 

Check out the Halo Belt 2.0 video dedicated to the original 512 backers.

Be seen, be safe!
Respectfully yours, 
Vincent Pilot Ng 

Halo Belt 2.0 - Blue
Halo Belt 2.0 - Blue
Cycling safety - Halo Belt 2.0  - Green
Cycling safety - Halo Belt 2.0 - Green
Child Safety - Halo Belt 2.0 - Blue
Child Safety - Halo Belt 2.0 - Blue
HALO X (Orange - illuminates red)
HALO X (Orange - illuminates red)

Funded! - Watch our new video!


Thank you so much for all your support!!! We were successfully funded in just less than a week!

We've had a lot of great feed back and messages in the past week and we're super excited to bring HALO MINI to the market. Being visible at night is often overlooked and we are so happy to be a part of this movement to raise awareness for nighttime safety. We made a short video for everyone!

Please continue to share and spread the word about HALO MINI. We even attached a link to make it easy for you to share on facebook... Lets SHARE this link to spread safety awareness and together we can make this video go VIRAL! ;)


Be seen be safe!


Instagram: HALOBELT

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NEW HALO MINI Project!!!

Hi there!!!

Thank you again for all your support! Without your help, we wouldn't be here today.  We now have HALO Belts in retailers all over the world!!!! Isn't that crazy? We're on a path to save thousands of lives a year!

Many of you have asked us to design a HALO for your best friends and here it is!!!  We worked hard to make this happen! It is an ultra high quality HALO.  It is fully rechargeable too! ;)

Drumroll...... We are super excited to announce the launch of HALO MINI!

Please share and spread the word about our project, it would mean so much to us!

Be seen be safe!
Vincent Ng and HALO Team

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UPDATE: HALO Belts shipping out! + Incognito Prototype

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for your continued patience and support.  We are very excited to have started shipping out HALO belts this past week.  We will try to expedite orders ASAP!  We have about 1200 total units to ship out worldwide for the next 2 weeks.  Once you receive your HALO belt, make sure to take pics, facebook, instagram and help spread the word! Bonus points if you happen to tell your local bike shop about us! ;)

Make sure to stay posted on facebook and twitter for all the latest updates!


We've also started working on a few projects for next year. We have been testing different ways to integrate the same thermoplastic fiber optic technology into clothing and messenger bags.  Check it out! Share it! :D  

Incognito Prototype VIDEO  SHARE!

Note: if you haven't filled out the mailing address survey please look through your inbox or kickstarter messages and do so.  Thanks! 



Vincent Ng and HALO Team

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