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City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
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Awesome August


 Hello friends! Ryan and Jon here once more to share our August thoughts (did that pun work? I just don't know anymore.). Sorry for the slight delay, we like to try and push out updates before the end of the month, but with Labor Day, things got a bit backed up!

This month will be another light one, especially being that most of the art at this point of the game is spoilerific, so we won't share that here.

The month of August has been a busy one for both of us. Ryan traveled to Seattle for the Unite 2014 conference to shake some hands, do some networking, visit old friends (including Jon), and of course to learn about Unity. If you're not aware, Unity is the primary game engine we use for our work (including City Quest), so it was a good chance to learn about how others are using the engine to unique effect, and learn about upcoming features in the engine. Unfortunately, very little work got done that week on City Quest (for Ryan's part), but still, we've made lots of headway this month.

Like what, you say?
Well, the third of the four storylines (Lady of the Night) is very nearly complete. There are 2 minor quests and then the ending to finish off which, all told, will likely be done within the week. The final incomplete main storyline should also be done (or at least very nearly done) by the end of the month, so be excited!

Aside from art (which will be detailed shortly as usual), Jon spent a good chunk of time this month setting up our test plan. We want this thing to be as bug-free as possibly when it hits your hands (obviously), so we're trying to be as rigorous as possible when it comes to testing.

At this point, we've got quite a few cases, and we're not even finished yet.
Have a look:

 Obviously that looks quite daunting, but many of the test cases involve verification of object placement and interactions (including spell checks), so much of this testing will go quickly.
The game will be all the better for it!

Alright, enough yapping, how about a bit of art?

 We've got a few new screens here:

 There was also a bit of polishing on previously created scenes (especially in the downtown area), as well as a few ending scenes (all spoiler filled, of course).

Also, in our spare time (what little we have), we both enjoy a bit of 3D modelling. Instead of creating one-off or simple hobby models, we've been making models here and there for a second Oculus Rift scene to play in. Here are a few shots from the scene. You may be able to guess what this scene is...

 (This one is actually based on an arcade machine that Ryan has sitting in his basement. See?

 And Jon's got another cabinet here for ya'll:

 Again, this has been mostly spare time work, as we're still much more focused on completing the core game. There's a solid chance that this scene won't appear until a later update, as we won't let this impede the release of the game. One way or another, we still wanted to share this with you!

 Well, that's the bulk of what we've got to share this month, though there's at least one other thing I'd like to mention.

We've added a few other potential platforms to the release timeline (though a bit down the road). One I'm not entirely sure I'm supposed to talk about, but it seems like it's got potential (all you other Unite Dev's probably know what I mean). The other is Windows Phone 8/8.1. I spent a day porting City Quest to WP8 while I was in Seattle, and I've got to say, it was a pain in the butt mostly. We'd like to support it, but the effort it's going to take is actually higher than most other platforms, so unless we hear a desperate outcry for it, it's low on our priority list.

Alrighty kids, I think that's about it for this month! Stick with us, we're getting close now! Hehe...

-Jon and Ryan-

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