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City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
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Midsummer Madness!


 Hello again! Welcome to the City Quest monthly update. We're your hosts, Ryan and Jon, and we'll be hosting this little break from your daily lives!

This month sees the bulk of the art finished. There's still polishing here and there, as well as animations, closeups, and a few minigames left to do, but the world is basically art-complete! All of the different areas/districts are now in-game and explore-able (though a few areas still need descriptions/actions and the like). As such, this will be the last big art update before we ship (still no official date, but we're getting pretty close now, kids!). Most of the remaining art will be spoilery (such as ending "cinematics" that Jon's been hard at work on), so we shan't be posting those in updates. It's because we love you. We're not going to spoil you because we love you. You remember that.

So, I suppose we should move onto the arts now, huh?!

All of the scenes we're showing this month are from the business district which plays home to much of the politician storyline. Hey, you might even be able to gain a little glimpse of what happens along this storyline too if you're perceptive :).

This month we've got one more track from Akash.
This track is actually based on a first shot at music for another area of the game, but it was much too hopeful and bright for that area, so it's been reworked and re purposed as credits/ending music. We're pretty happy about it, what do you think?!

As for other work that went on this month, we're pleased to announce that we've completed the second storyline! The Lady/Lad of the Night questline is now fully playable start to finish! There are a few tweaks yet to make, and probably a few bugs yet to discover, but it's playable through the ending... or should I say both endings?

Have we mentioned that yet? Each storyline has multiple endings. Most of them come down to a binary choice at the end, but we felt strongly about having multiple funny endings (and also they all really could have ended a few ways, so it felt pretty natural).

We're expecting that one or both of the remaining storylines should be fully playable by the end of next month. From there it will be mostly polishing, bug fixing, finishing achievements, and other pre-release work. We may also have a short beta test cycle as well for any of you kind backers that wish to give it a shot. We've held off on doing so thus far because, as a story driven game, the experience just wouldn't be full until the questlines are fully playable. We'll announce details on that if/when we decide to move forward with that.

And, it's been a bit since I posted one of these stats, but here's how our current text database looks (stripped of all xml data and whatnot).

 Obviously, the page count may not be terribly accurate, since many of the lines are shorter than you might see in a novel, but still, 68k words and ~200 pages is not bad. I hope you kids like reading.

Aside from finishing up the Hoe storyline, much of Ryan's time was spent polishing, bug fixing, and writing. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: this has been another edition of The City Quest Update Show. We've been your hosts Ryan and Jon, and until next time, have a great month!

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