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City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
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No Foolin'


Ah! Hello once more, friends! Ryan and Jon here for the second time in as many days! Before we move along, we should probably just say.... APRIL FOOLS! We hope you enjoyed our little stunt yesterday, we had tons of fun with it! In case there was any question here, let's put your minds at ease (unrest for those that liked the changes),

1. We weren't actually bought by EA... or anyone.
We're still poor, but we also still retain exclusive rights to our own souls.

2. We're not adding DRM. There may be DRM depending on various distribution networks, but we'll always have a DRM-free version available.

3. We haven't spent time back-porting. 
I'm sure we'd all love to see some retro platform love, but we're of course dedicated to shipping on modern, accessible places first. Then maybe later we'll do a half-assed stripped down version of some of the minigames for old platforms, but probably only as a publicity stunt. (Vote Stone Monkey 2016).

4. We're also not spending time bringing the game up to modern graphical standards.
That just sounds like a lot of work at this point. Maybe the next game ;)

5. We still don't have an official release date yet! (But it won't be 2022)We're certainly much closer to the end of the project than the beginning here, but we're still hesitant to give a solid release date until we really know, and we don't know yet, so no use setting a date yet!

Alrighty, with that out of the way, we can dive into the real update. There hasn't been a ton of big big new new news, but we maintain our march towards release. March has been another month full of content building (though with light disruption for our composer in the form of GDC... lucky bastard). Without further ado, have some...

We've got a few new scenes to throw at your faces here, presented out of context (and NPC-free) for our convenience and to keep you spoiler free!

More Downtown Scenes!

 More Mall!

 New NPCS!
(There are only a few here this month, but you may recognize some of them!)

 Due to the aforementioned GDC, we've only got one extra track to share with you this month. Originally, this was intended to be an intro on the Hooker questline, but we're probably going to use it elsewhere, as it is a bit more "happy" than should rightly introduce a pimp. Oops... who said what about a pimp? You'll have to find out!

 We though this was a fun idea. How are things looking in game right now?

Currently, City Quest is made of (roughly counted):
48,000 Lines of Code
235 Source files
52,000 Words (Story/Dialogue/Descriptions)
50 NPCs (And counting)
13 Areas/Districts
165 Scenes

There are probably plenty more awesome statistics, but this is what we thought of as the update was written! Huzzah!

We've only got one shoutout for you this month, have a look!

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today - This is a dark 2D P&C adventure that looks pretty neat. They're just under half-way to their goal with 10 days remaining, so it's still definitely within reach.

... have a good month folks. we'll see you again soon! Ta!

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    1. ThomasN on April 2, 2014

      Authentic desperation comedy can only happen if you are poor.. so... hooray? Seriously... must be hard, I wish you all a smooth ride with the game.

    2. Geoffrey Hom on April 2, 2014

      Actually, I really liked the 3D model in the April Fool's post. It had a great aesthetic. But yeah, maybe for the next game. =)