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City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
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The March to April


  Hello Kickstarter! Ryan and Jon here, back once more with tales from our journeys. "Journeys" being used here to make our lives sound much more exciting than they actually are.

The month of March has come and gone, and we inch ever closer to that hallowed, mythicised day of full release. Of the game. Full release of the game is what we meant.

It has been an exciting month for us here at Stone Monkey Studios, with tons of new developments to share with you. Let's get right to it, shall we?!

First things first, we're proud to announce...

 That's right folks! We've done the math, and as far as we can estimate, City Quest will release on February 29, 2022. I know it sounds like a long time from now, but really, it's only a solid eight years from now. The best thing you can do is try to picture yourself as an ancient tree, perhaps a majestic Sequoia, or an aged Bristlecone Pine. When you're thousands of years old, 8 years is trivial. So let's all pretend we're trees, and just roll with it.
Yes, 2022 is going to be an exciting year folks. The People's Republic of States will finally enter World War 4, once more confident in their military superiority (after, of course, finally re-discovering the spear). Robot David Letterman takes over for David Letterman as host of the Late Show. Of course, the biggest story of the year will be City Quest's meteoric drop, and subsequent lack of sales due to 2018's crippling solar flare and following destruction of every electronic device on earth. Stone Monkey Studios will decline to comment on how they managed to finish the game, but deny rumors that it had anything to do with a summoned demon.

Hmm... that might have gotten a bit out of hand. Well, we'd also like to announce...

That's right folks! We've officially become characters from our game and whored ourselves wholesale to EA! They offered us money, and we near instantly dropped to our knees! Be happy for us, this means we no longer need your money! Hooray!
We haven't even told you the best part of this partnership...

 We and our new overlords have come to the absolutely unanimous decision to insert consumer-friendly piracy protection. Fear not, this is only to ensure that you're using your game in the way WE intend you to. A curated experience of sorts.

First off, we're integrating support for Retinal ScansFingerprint recognition, and DNA coding!! When you first install the game, we've added a few small steps to ensure that the person installing it is the one that will be playing it. Fortunately for you, the accompanying device to process said retinal scans, fingerprints, and DNA is included with the hard copy version of the game for free! OOH! By the way, that reminds us. Hard copies of the game are now available on our website for $499.99 (plus S/H)! Order now while supplies last!

Hmm... there was something else to announce, but what was it... Oh yes, this: 

For PC, Mac, and Linux versions only, we've decided to upgrade our graphical style. We've spent countless hours this month 3D modelling hundreds of new models for our game. Everyone is talking about 3D nowadays, so we thought "Hey! Why not us, too?!", and then promptly answered our own question by getting to work.

For the first time every, here's a sneak-peak of our main character, in cripplingly high-definition 3D:

 This model alone was the work of 12 men. We (EA) are (is) sparing no expense in this endeavor!

Now, all you retro fans are probably feeling pretty left out by all this 3D HD BS, right? Well, we've got even more exciting news for you whiners:

 Yes, that's right! In addition to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and OUYA, we've decided to get in touch with our roots.
We're proud to announce our first new platform, Gameboy! Jon and Ryan both hold a special place in their hearts for the Gameboy system. Some months ago, we'd discussed the possibility of developing a game for one of these old retro platforms, but not until earlier this year did we think it would be possible to backport that far. Fortunately, Unity's recent announcement of retro platform support has allowed us to bring City Quest over to the Gameboy with only a few dozen hours of work. Just in case you think we're kidding, here is an actual screenshot that has definitely not been doctored in any way:

 As you can see, the platform is a perfect fit.

We're not done though! Once this was rolling, we of course thought "Where should we go from here", and after several lines of pure, sweet, definitely legal... uuh brain enhancers, we came up with this:

 Yes! Virtual Boy support is happening! We already have a setup for the Oculus Rift, why not just take it a step further and just tickle all up on your nostalgia. In our opinion, the Rift is just entirely too stable. We understand that some people get motion sickness, but we want EVERYBODY to share the same experience. Plus, the Virtual Boy is actually almost 4 times the resolution we're simulating, so we've got plenty of room for this beast!

Last but not least, we're announcing our final platform, which, ironically, was many people's first platforms... 

 I don't even think I really need to explain myself here. You know why this is happening.

 Finally, we've got one last announcement. This is something that we honestly feel is going to change the world.

Since the dawn of video games, we've been bound to a monitor of some sort. Your computer monitor, your television, the screens on your handheld devices, screens everywhere. What a hassle, amiright? Well, it's finally time that

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    1. Paul Cook on

      At least 2022 is a date but a little disappointed that the game won't be coming out for the Amstrad or Commodore 64, oh well nevermind

    2. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      What, no cartridge for my totally original Atari console? I want my money back!
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    3. kneehighspy on

      hey where is the Vectrex port? my Vectrex could use some new game love. Lest not forget the ColecoVision, it needs love too!

    4. Missing avatar

      Will on

      I don't care what anyone says. The virtual boy was a damned good system.

    5. Jon on

      @Thomas: It might take a lot of work to make all of that come to fruition, but DAMMIT are we are dedicated.

    6. ThomasN on

      I'm glad at your business decision to follow the current gaming trends, however as long year EA janitor I can give you more hints:
      It's paramount for today's market to pad the gameplay experience and have a system in place to give your customers the opportunity to pay money for cheats aka unlocks, so they can play the game normally.
      It's also important to deny the customers access to any server, so you don't have to pay for them. Take the newest EA crown jewels for example, they all employ a technology called matchmaking aka listening servers, so every computation of the gaming world can be outsourced to the customer's own PC. Lag city? Not your problem anymore. Even better, let them pay money for "official servers", which are just a bunch of copyright protection networks.
      Anti-Cheat? Not your problem. Pump out your next product within half a year. They won't even notice it won't have any mod capabilities. The customers don't need to have creativity. They just feed and you make the product.
      Important aspects of your gaming success are also non-reachability by any means but a web form which pipes to /dev/null . Just set up a forum and occassionally stop by to say "I read everything", followed by threats to "ban anybody from ORIGIN who talks evil words".
      To silence the rare 1% who don't like your business practice you just buy some bots who spam internet forums about how great your company is, and that the critic's arguments are wrong.
      Put 99% of your money into advertising, after repeating how great your company is, even the greatest lie will be believed. Your customers are just sheep, after all.

    7. Sir Jordi

      ordering the GB version!! will it include the instruction booklet? and the GB connection?
      I can't wait to play it against my brother (he used to win me at Bomberman..but no more!)

      I can't wait!!

    8. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      What? NO Atari 2600 or ST support?! I want my money back!

    9. Venron

      You really need to port this to the Commodore PET. Oh wait, you could use a fancy mouse if you make it for the Xerox Parc!

    10. Riggo on

      Best update EVER!!!!... other than I didn't see support for the Atari ST or the C64. ;-)

    11. Ryan Nohr Creator on

      Ohmigosh! We must have hit submit early on accident! We were just about to tell you all about

    12. Kahuna Kevin on

      Finally great that what?!?!?! You can't do that! Best update ever...

    13. Jayna Pavlin

      except for the EA thing this is all great news! ;-)