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City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
City Quest is a classic point & click adventure game with sharp wit and a clear love for its predecessors.
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A Midsummer's Day's Update

Hello friends! Ryan and Jon here again, assembling strings of words in a way we hope proves coherent! We've been keeping busy, and lots of things have been going on, so join us, won't you, for a ride through the past month.

Much of our time lately has actually been spent putting together 2 websites. One website is the Rewards Site. This is where you'll be able to do things like uploading your NPC picture, giving us your shipping information, choosing T-shirt sizes, and eventually downloading your copy of the game, soundtrack, or anything else your tier calls for!

Kickstarter's tools are unfortunately lacking when it comes to getting all the information we need from you folks, so we've had to spend time building our own. We're hoping this should be done within the next few weeks. It's a good ways along, but there's still a bit to finish, and then some security stuff to take care of.

Hey! Here's a quick sneak-peek at what it looks like now!

Nothing too fancy, but it'll suit us :)

The other website we've been working on is the Preorder Website. Technically, this will serve as the main website for City Quest, but this came around because we'd been hearing from some folks that missed the Kickstarter, but still wanted to preorder.

The cool news around this is that we got in touch with the Humble folks, and they've agreed to hook us up with a Humble Store for preorders (once we launch, they'll convert it to a normal store).

Right now the preorder page looks something like this: 

Neato, right?

We were also recently featured on the front page of the Seattle Weekly, who did a wonderful article on the indie game scene in Seattle! You can read the article over here.

Of course, you're probably wondering where the game is at, huh? Well, Ryan's been finishing off the Slums area (yes, it continues a bit past the demo ^.^), and Jon's been moving ahead with art for other sections of the game.

We've got some really neat stuff made this month, but we're starting to get to the point where things we might share would give things away that we would rather you experience when playing. For this reason, it's hard to talk about the specifics of what we've been doing, but I'll talk in vague terms to my heart's content!

We've got a pretty crazy idea for the main quest hub for the "Lady of the Night" questline that really turns the stereotypical pimp trope on its head. That's shaping up to be really amusing. We've also got a bit more work done on some of the main hobo hub, though I'll spare the real details of the quest. Speculate as you will, but don't blame us if you spoil it for yourself ;)

Hey look! Art!

Finally, this week we sat down to look at our timeline a little more closely, and plan out exactly what our goals are month by month (well, actually, we're planning bi-weekly).

This planning has led us to the unfortunate conclusion that we are most likely not going to hit our initial September/October release. We are more likely going to be able to ship by the end of November with physical products arriving in December/January.

We want to be clear and honest with you folks, so that's why we're letting you know as early as possible about this. We'd rather let you know now than disappoint you come September/make up excuses/things of that nature.

Also in the name of transparency, we'd like you to know why we're off on our initial estimate.

1) As with many people before us, we underestimated the true amount of work Kickstarter actually takes. Throughout the month Kickstarter was running, much of our time was actually spent promoting the project, writing updates, making art specifically for updates, and not much time was spent on the game itself. Add to that the need to create a backer website, and you've got a good deal of delay there. That's on us, we should have planned for that, but we didn't.

2) Situational changes for us is also hitting us a bit hard. Jon recently moved to a new apartment, so that had a small impact on his ability to work for a week or two, and Ryan's also got a bit move planned soon which is going to take a bit of time away from work.

3) With the addition of minigames, we need to build out a system to integrate these into the game. We hadn't originally planned on minigames or extensive puzzles (outside of things that could be done in a normal scene), but when minigames were suggested, we fell in love. This adds a bit to our workload, but we really believe that minigames and stronger puzzles are going to be absolutely amazing for the game. We feel that this extra time is worth it in the long run.

Ok, I've probably talked enough now, haven't I? Well, we'd love to hear your thoughts on all this! You'll all get emails in the next few weeks (hopefully) about the Backer Rewards Site, so keep your eyes open for that! We'll see you next time peoples!

--Ryan and Jon--


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    1. Ryan Nohr Creator on July 13, 2013

      Hey Kevin!
      Thanks for the understanding, we really do want to ship the game in the best condition we can :).
      As for preorders, our current thought is that most of the money will probably come to Jon and I to help us pay bills and keep us going while we finish this game up. If we do well enough with preorders, it's conceivable that we'll be able to work on this full time, which would allow us to flesh out the city more.
      If we do bring in enough money to devote more to audio, we'd really like to, but we're going to have to play this one by ear :)

    2. Kahuna Kevin on July 13, 2013

      Oh and with the website up for preorders am I correct in assuming additional funding will help us hit other stretch goals?

    3. Kahuna Kevin on July 13, 2013

      Haha what the hells in that vending machine? Awesome update! Ship the game when it's done. Don't care if that's December 2015 just make it as awesome as you can out of the gate. First impressions are everything and future sequels are riding all on this one. Congrats on the newspaper front page, rock stars!

    4. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage
      on July 13, 2013

      Truth be told, I thought the same, but figured I had to be wrong as none of the others looked like sex toys. Neck pillow was actually my second guess (and toilet seat my third), so go, me! =D

    5. Ryan Nohr Creator on July 13, 2013

      Haha. That is NOT a green double dildo. That is, in fact, a neck pillow. Before you ask, the black thing next to it is a gun, and also NOT a dildo. ;)

    6. ThomasN on July 13, 2013

      You wrote text? Sorry I was distracted by the art ;) Is that a green double dildo for 41.- ?