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Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.
Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.
Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.
2,525 backers pledged $61,517 to help bring this project to life.

A Big Update - With Pictures! :)


Heya everyone, Dani here :) Time (finally) for an update on how things have been going over the last few months (short answer: pretty great! :D). 

NOTE:: At the bottom of this update is more information on the small print voting ~~~

As most of you know, I moved at the start of the year and finally was able to get back to work. But before I go into details, I want to announce that Dell / Alienware has decided to sponsor us with a couple new machines! My work computer is definitely a bit dated now, so their help is amazing timing. Huge thanks to the people at Alienware for believing in what we are doing and giving us a helping hand.

So, what has been happening besides that? Well, since James (the programmer) was a bit wrapped up with some other work, I've been free to go ahead and focus on more art assets (one of the biggest bottle necks for the project). As you know, I handle the character concepts....models...textures...and all the world I need to hop around a lot to make sure things develop evenly. 

For example....these new character designs! (the "core group" now has an additional 3 characters, beyond Ilana and the main character). Here are the concepts, and happily their models are also almost finished.

Note: For those interested, when I do more character sculpting I'll be streaming on twitch as I work at (and I'll be tweeting before I start at ). I actually live sculpted a few already, but I didn't realize you had to manually save on twitch :| Oh well, plenty more to come.  

Then, I've been continuing to write and chip away at design (of course, resulting the game world growing a little bit). 

As that happened, I also began taking another pass at the world maps we had done...redoing a large portion of them and giving greater range of environments. Here are a few random ones to give you an idea of what I mean :)

Of course there are still a ton left to do, but I'm pretty happy with how things are going so far :) 

For those who backed for the alpha tier. Don't worry, we will let you know as soon as we move forward with the build and be sending it out to you so you can have front row seats as the mechanics and world are built out more.

Anyhow, after that, we also got in a new prototype of the boulderling plushy! Still a bit more work to go, but he is getting cuter every day ((also, I think he is growing :| 

And finally, small print designs! Just go here to vote on your top 2 favorite designs and I'll be sending them out as soon as I can. Sorry this has been a bit slow :)

Small Print Design 1

 Small Print Design 2

 Small Print Design 3

 Small Print Design 4

 Small Print Design 5

 Small Print Design 6

 Small Print Design 7

Anyhow, I think that covers everything for now :) We still have some of the tiers up on our website ( ) so if you missed something the last time around, you still have time as we keep working away.

Thanks again so much for all of the support in making this possible. It is because of you that a game like this can be made :) We won't let you down.

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    1. Sir Jordi
      on March 31, 2014

      oh! we've only the chance to choose 2??
      I want them all! how marvelous!! :P

    2. CtrlAltFaceroll
      on March 30, 2014

      Four is absolute amazing . . . It has such an absolutely amazing atmosphere about it.
      Also voted for seven. I like the color the red bring to the table.

    3. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on March 30, 2014

      @Jeremy - The signed archival print will be a bit down the road (since it needs to be shipped together with other rewards...and also I need to make it haha). But I'll do an update when that is ready, along with a bunch of details about everything else also.

    4. Missing avatar

      J on March 30, 2014

      Will you be revealing the signed archival print some time later as well? I'd like to get a copy but want to see what it looks like first.

    5. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on March 30, 2014

      @Erekose - That should be possible. :) I'll leave it up on the website after the voting for a while for those that missed it.

      @Shannon - Thanks :) Hopefully once we have some more environmental effects in, things will be even nicer.

      @Raul - But then I might lose my pale nerdy glow. Luckily vitamin D comes in a bottle. :D

    6. ErekoseDM on March 30, 2014

      2 & 5 are the best ^_^

      had to triple check to make sure i got the numbers correct since the first comment was about getting the #s off by one c/o the upper caption instead of the lower or on the pic captions.

      - can we still bump up and get both through paypal (after the final decision is made)?

      (in the event of my fav 2 picks being at the top of the list when all the votes are tallied up).
      its looking pretty great.

    7. Shannon on March 30, 2014

      What you have accomplished so far is nothing short of amazing and your artwork is out of this world. The project is everything I hoped for so far and I know it will not disappoint! Might have to up my pledge at some point... :) Keep up what you are doing & never let your dreams falter!

    8. Raül Meroño Pericas on March 29, 2014

      1&5 are my fav ones, though I love them all. Glad to finally hear from you again, Dani. I think I speak for many of us if I assure we were expecting an update like this one. Thanks for working so hard on this!

      And even if you prefer to work at nights, don't forget to go out every now and then to catch some sunlight. It may help you recharge your batteries after long working sessions! ;-)

    9. Coastal Pete
      on March 29, 2014

      I'd like to live somewhere like print one!

    10. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on March 29, 2014

      @Nikki - Glad you like how things are going! :) And things will only get better as we go along :)

      Humm, since the KS pledges already went through, the easiest way seems like just directly paypaling the difference to with a note. That way it will stick out and I'll be able to manually update the list. :)

    11. Nikki on March 29, 2014

      Sorry I forgot to ask, is there a way to change my pledge? I would really like to get a higher tier.

    12. Nikki on March 29, 2014

      Aw, wow all the artwork looks amazing, Dani! The environments are just gorgeous and it makes it even harder to decide. I am so excited about this game. Great job on these!

    13. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on March 29, 2014

      @EndreX - Thanks :) There is a little button on the top of the shop page to change the shipping (and then it just is the same as here on KS).

      @GuiOhm - Thanks! Glad you like them :)

      @Stavros - All settled in :) Complete with black out curtains so I can work all night and take naps during the day !_! haha

    14. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on March 29, 2014

      You didn't make it easy, all prints look great! I like 2 and 6 most.
      I just checked in your shop and may buy some physical add-ons, but how is it with shipping to EU?

    15. Stavros Tsiakalos on March 29, 2014

      Heh, I was thinking yesterday: "I wonder if Dani has settled in at the new place" :)
      Great update. The plushy is comming along nicely!

    16. GuiOhm on March 29, 2014

      Thanks for the clarification!
      Bought them from your website and voted :)

    17. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on March 29, 2014

      GuiOhm - Yup they are a $5 add-on. And yup they are still on our website (and 2 gets them both).

      They were added when we were pretty close to reaching the goal and just needed a little boost to get all the way. Since not everyone was interested in the more costly large print, but still wanted something physical from the campaign for helping out. :)

    18. GuiOhm on March 29, 2014

      Hello Dani -
      I'm a bit confused about the small prints. Are they the $5 add-on, or part of any other reward pack?
      Also, if i's the add-on, can I still get it now from your site, separately from my KS pledge? Do I need to buy it twice to get both prints?
      Thanks in advance for your help!

    19. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on March 29, 2014

      Hummm, I guess I should have put the number on the pictures themselves. Woops. If 5 wins over 4 by 1 vote, I'll adjust it for you LittleBees :)

    20. Jennifer on March 29, 2014

      Thank you for the update, very exciting! Beautiful pictures as always.

    21. Leewelo Lorekeeper
      on March 29, 2014

      I checked twice before filling the survey. (4&7)
      The environments look good.
      Thanks for the great update.

    22. Missing avatar

      Neo on March 29, 2014

      Oh! This is unbelievable! This is supreme art! Am I dreaming?..

    23. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on March 29, 2014

      I love how every environment is so steeped in atmosphere -- can't wait to explore this world!

      Prints 3 and 5 are my favorites.

    24. 9littlebees
      on March 29, 2014

      Thanks for the update, and the designs look very nice!

      As an aside, the numbering system on the art choices may lead to some confusion. When looking at them without reference to whether the number is for the image above or below it, people may choose the wrong one.

      For example, I just chose number 5 instead of 4 because my eye naturally looks under an image for its caption...