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Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.
Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.
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Mini Update - Labyrinth / Faucet

Posted by Studio Fawn (Creator)

Hey everyone, time for another exciting update!

New Abilities

First off, after the last update, Kevin in the comments suggested more arrow I spent a bit of time playing with that and ended up creating a bunch of new ones! Wrapping it all up into the crystal system (so about 20ish abilities besides equipments). 

It is an experimentation / discovery process to find them, but they should add some interesting options to toy around with as you try to navigate the halls.



These also will give a lot of variety for the additional "Gauntlet Mode" (which is essentially a jumble of the maps and shifting the discoverable abilities into ground pickups). 

Down the road we'll be looking into adding more support for the Gauntlet mode. For example, I really wish we could have done the multiplayer / online multiplayer for release, but it was just too much for what Labyrinth was meant to be right now.  


We ended up trying to chase down some performance improvements by porting to a newer version of Godot....but during the port discovered it would have meant rebuilding half of the game. So we backed off of that and did a pass to boost performance other ways instead. 

Overall, this set us back a couple weeks....but that was much preferable than delaying a few more months. We saved all of the updates we did for the port though, so it might be something I do for Memories (and / or Labyrinth, which would be an update down the road if we add in some more game modes). 

Anyhow, the game in terms of content and scripting is all set and playable (except for the ending, I'm adding that next). We also are still fixing a few problems (such as improving the targeting indicator)....but overall we are extremely close now, and should just be a few weeks to finish up.

((Though, take that with a grain of salt...trying to estimate the time to finish stuff while a lot of the team is working part time is essentially impossible we've all learnt going through this epic adventure together -_- I should probably just start saying "soon" a lot more :P)).

Release Plans...and Faucet!

Currently the great plan is to release Labyrinth on ....and steam will be getting its own special smaller sister game "Faucet".

Lately I've also been considering how to time the releases. And I think the best idea would be to soft launch onto in a few weeks with Labyrinth....then a couple weeks later follow up with Faucet on steam? 

Seems like that strategy would give the best shot (especially since we are trying to go it alone outside of steam with Labyrinth). It will be an interesting experiment at least! Hopefully doing this now will help inform us about how to handle the release of Memories next year. 

And, if we fall flat on our faces (again), we can always throw in the towel and grudgingly do our part to help Gabe get to his $6 billion at some other point.


Anyhow! That about sums up the state of things as they are today. If everything goes as planned I'll be doing another exciting update this month....and if everything doesn't go as planned I'll be doing another exciting update next month :P 


PS - Did you know there are automatic pancake making machines?! I learnt about it a few hours ago!


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    1. Missing avatar

      coder1000 on

      Best of luck on the very interesting experiments! But have to say, a pancake from a similar (smaller?) “pancake copying machine” I tried at a hotel really didn’t taste right. Still, better than the aerosol pancake spray cans where you spray the pancake onto the pan. (Or the egg spray cans!)

    2. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on

      @Juan G. - Yup, I was aiming at modeling it after the classic gauntlet (though the original idea was to come closer to classic gauntlets gameplay also...I ended up going off into my own direction as I saw it as a chance to give more context to the Bloom world and characters).

      Labyrinth evolved from nostalgia and wanting to play classic gauntlet with my brother online....but discovering that isn't possible. I still missed that original goal as I got more into it (oh well).

      @Ondrej -… tiny pancakes! :3

      @Cuddly Tiger -…

      @Watch - Hmm, not sure what I'm going to do with the release. At least Faucet will be for everyone.

      @Rodney - Yea, releasing Labyrinth off of steam is scary...but I've been looking into all the information I can lately about performance of other indie devs (and trying to find examples of people who didn't release on steam).

      Steam essentially gives you something like 2k worth of free advertising when you launch, but after that if you aren't successful their algorithms ignore you. If you ARE successful, they push more free advertising your way.

      The big question that worth the 30% of the game? That is the percentage an active publisher would take from seems silly that valve gets it by default to just push some ads up on their platform with an algorithm.

      Then there is the issue that most indie devs don't even make minimum wage on protection, no wages, no help....and yet they all willingly contribute to a mega corporation and a guy worth 5.5 billion ? I'm not the biggest fan of pyramid schemes and capitalistic exploitation of workforces like this (seems great for the giant company, less great for us at the bottom doing the work).

      Essentially, I mean nothing to steam. They don't even know I exist. They've never helped me do what I do (and actually, stood in my way of putting stuff on there before....refusing to allow patreons to be linked). Yet "the system" says they are entitled to 30% of what I've been making?

      I'm not a big fan of this the least I can do is test the bars of this cage a little bit. Who knows, maybe I'll find the construction is pretty flimsy.

    3. Juan G. on

      Hi! =D
      Labyrinth looks just like gauntlet...Any particular reason why,make it look so similar?...

    4. Cuddly Tiger

      I'm pretty sure I had some comment to make on the update, but then I got to the pancake machine at the bottom, and now thoughts of food have driven everything else from my mind! :)

    5. Watch on

      Hey Dani, could you just remind me. Backers get Bloom Memories when it's finished but before then we can get Labyrinth? Thanks for the update the new additions to Labyrinth sound good, more options.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rodney Somerstein

      Both games are looking pretty interesting. However, I don't know how much traction you will really get outside of Steam. I don't think most people really pay attention to PC games released elsewhere these days.

      Of course, a Steam release doesn't remotely guarantee success, but you will likely get little attention, and money, if released elsewhere. And it can be even more difficult to gain attention for a game that isn't actually a new release.

      Pretty tough call as to the best approach to take, but I wish you the best of luck either way.