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Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.
Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.
Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.
2,525 backers pledged $61,517 to help bring this project to life.

Preparations.... (and a stupid video)


Hey there everyone! Time for another exciting update! 

Development Recap! 

I put together this parody video explaining our journey so far! Forgive my horrible editing skills :P

Apparently people believe this will get C&D? So, watch it while you can....even though this is definitely parody, we don't have the money to fight large corporations over something so stupid :P 




The demo is almost here!! As I said before, it will be the first 2 days of the prologue... more of a show of where we are. We are just finishing up the last few bugs and getting the last features in place (like the bestiary). 

It has been a lot of "squash one bug, two pop up" type of situation....but now I'm pretty comfortable in saying it will be ...soon (I've miscalculated how long stuff takes so many times now, I'm getting shy about giving concrete times....oh no, I've caught developer-itis.....ok ok, hopefully in less than a week, best guess!). 

I had been holding off this update till we had it ready, but since we are making noise in other ways today....figured should make it now and keep you all up to date.

Final Push Preparations! 

As I mentioned a while ago, we could really use some extra help on the final push of development. Development on this hasn't been an easy road (as you all know). 

It isn't a situation of "if we don't get help, the project is over!!" (it can never really get to that point). But, a resource injection would help smooth out the final year (and maybe even let us get our characters voiced! Or be able to do marketing at some point!). 


So, what is ahead? 

  • Well, first off we launched a Patreon today to get ready for when the demo is released and we have a few more eyes on us. 
  • Next we will be coming out with the demo in a week or two and making some early noise to let people know we are coming. It has been a while of quiet development, so good to be out there some more. Having this early deadline has helped us push the last bits to get our game systems in place too, so has been great for development (even with a little extra time spent doing videos or a teaser).  
  • At the same time, we will launch another kickstarter to boost the noise (and get a bit more support to help out).  
  • will be into quiet development again for 4 - 6 months as I run through the game importing the content. 
  • After that, I'll be making a bit more noise as we move into the final phase before release (the prologue will be released sometime in this period, before the full game).
  • And then.....full release! Probably will eat shwarma or something to celebrate (it is pretty good). 

Anyhow, that is the big plan!! Would love to hear what you all think :) Next update will be once the demo is ready! ((Still on the fence of how to handle getting it all to you early....and also giving media time to look at it before released everywhere.....hmm. Oh well, I'll figure something out!)).

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    1. Duskwind on

      @Studio Fawn - yeah, I'd be very wary about dealing with publishers if you can avoid it.

    2. Missing avatar


      Haven't got into Patreon yet although I know a few creators I'd like to support. As a backer of this campaign, I have no qualms whatsoever about 'sharing' rewards with new backers if that's what it takes to get the game finished and into the world. Just my two cents.

    3. Sterling Treadwell

      oops I meant to say, in focusing on getting the game released, if it sells well and reviews well doors will open. Indiebox would be a perfect outlet to get a physical copy made for PC as they do collectors editions and basic game designs, but they love coming up with tons of goodies for the collector's editions.. and they are often doing print runs of only a few thousand. The sticking point is they only consider games with good track records upon release. there are others if you do any console porting, for sure. I'd also like to see what it would cost to get the artbook and physical game after the fact. when I backed this i was of much more limited funds, so I couldn't drop a lot but I'd be willing to up the ante if a chance came.
      and yeah I am sure adding assets would be really tough at this point, so I wouldn't expect that for patreon nowadays. Unless someone threw you like $10k lol (and no thats not a hint i would.. i'm not THAT fluid..hahaha )

    4. Sterling Treadwell

      I would say focus first and foremost on getting the game released. SHaring some of the loot between Patreon and KS isn't a big deal so long as it gives slight perks to the KS backers (if both sides can get the printed artbook, include signed copies and a custom printed bookmark in the KS one). If you offer plushies for both, maybe get a simple limited edition accessory for the SK backers (like a stand or plastic case/display shell) . Also, work to try and number what is "limited edition" as it adds a lot fo value and collectibility (which in itself is a huge boost to backers down the road) . So far what you detailed below sounds good so I think you have a good grasp of what to do.

    5. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on

      @Sterling - Yea, maybe I'll do some "backers only" updates in this final leg (on patreon and KSer). The thing with doing Patreon only stuff is that I don't want those who backed us on kickstarter to feel like they missed anything I do for one (in terms of behind the scenes or exclusive looks or whatever), I'll be doing for everyone.

      @Joshua - We chatted with some publishers wayyy back a while ago ....but they needed a stronger demo to really get down to details. Now we have that (and more) , so we may open up chatting with them again. Just difficult to justify the 30%ish they like to take....and the loss of control.

      I enjoy interacting with everyone and just being able to speak my mind honestly about stuff. I mess up a lot in terms of anticipating dates and whatnot....but, if I were on the other side following a dev, I would want them to just talk to me honestly and give me their best guess on stuff ....and even if they were wrong, be there to talk when stuff changes.

      I'm afraid working with publisher that takes control of marketing would just treat everything in terms of cost / benefit. And then a lot of stuff I want to do doesn't make as much sense (like beefing up old reward tiers that people paid into because I feel some aren't as good as they should be).

      Basically...publishers scare me :P I've seen what has happened to other campaigns when they sign off with others to handle things.

    6. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on

      Thanks so much everyone!

      Don't worry, currently the plan is to have the Patreon apply to the new kickstarter tiers coming up (not this campaign). I also have some special stuff planned for you all who helped us out back at the start. You all took a chance on me when everything was in flux and still so early, it is something pretty special to me, and I won't forget or treat as other campaigns seem to.

      But some rewards, like the art book, is going to be a massive amount of work (and cost!) to get made. And it is something I want everyone to enjoy (no matter when they discover us).

      Anyhow, actually let's look at it some others since we are talking about it. I'm thinking anything we double up on, I'll try and fill in another reward for this campaign as an extra.

      Credits - Exclusive to this kickstarter (you've been with me for years and amazingly supportive, you deserve exclusive on those).

      Early Access - Humm, half and half. I'll probably be adding some extra stuff to make up for the lackluster level of this one.

      Companion - Exclusive! We have a hand full of "pet" creatures, and you will get a unique one from the start not found in the rest of the game.

      Digital Art Book + OST - Not exclusive (art book is one I want out there... I'll be adding something good into this tier though).

      T-Shirt - Kind of. I could do a unique one for this campaign easy enough. Though I worry you liking the other version more haha. Humm, I wonder if I could just ship both versions and send you two?

      Plushy - Not exclusive. Getting this thing made has been a crazy ride haha...and also it gets way cheaper if we get them made in bulk. We had 22 responses for that tier...sooooo.....unless I want to make myself a plushy couch, probably got to open that up to more people. I'll be adding a surprise to this tier though that has been planned for a bit.

      Archival Print - Exclusive Art. These are made one at a time and won't ever be printed again.

      Art Book - Not Exclusive (like I said, the work to get this thing made is crazy....I want it to be a "story of bloom" kind of item....covering all the work I've done making the game, the evolution of design / concepts....). I'll make this up to you all though with something extra (maybe an exclusive version of that card game I still need to get printed, added in? hummm).

      Physical Copy - Unsure - maybe I'll do another version for this as more of a collectors box (with a pewter figurine?....I need to look into that).

      Part of the game - Exclusive.....4 was plenty of extra work !_! No more! haha

    7. joshua vyrostek on

      Thanks for the update and video. Have u explored working with a publisher to help with the marketing and release? Might allow u to focus more on finishing the design work and polish, but marketing is important when 10's of games hit steam every week.

    8. Sterling Treadwell

      @Studio Fawn-

      I would try to keep Patreon's funding separate from Kickstarter. I am sure a lot of people that backed the game initially would also toss something at kickstarter, but offering Patreon's folk the same merch as backer's, is going to upset the original backers. One thing you could do is post open invites for the patreons for AMA's or twitch livestreams once a month or every couple weeks so they can watch and see your work and ask questions in chat (I've seen a number of studio's do this to keep their backers/audience engaged and also drum up interest by roaming twitch users). I'd actually say allowing patreon funding for non KS backers accrue for digital goods only is sufficient. it gives them a chance to build towards a copy of the game/soundtrack/digital artbook etc and leaves the printed materials for the original backers. except.. you know.. if someone chooses to back some ridiculous amount.. haha.. then.. i'd say address them directly :)

      Monthly postcards is an option, especially if it was using nice printed pics from the game. They in themselves would be collectible. Big thing would be to do the print and cut run all at once to get the best pricing, and possibly automate it so you print address labels onto adhesive stickers to affix to the postcards. I'm not familiar with the best way to ship bulk postcards en masse though. that would take talking to your local USPS. and for international folk.. uuuuugh.. dunno.

      The big thing with patreon is a steady stream of engagement so they feel like it is worth it to keep paying. Be it exclusive production art, behind the scenes vids, blogs and animatics or music samples. At least if you did it as a monthly thing. You can structure it as a one time donation too.

    9. Hurley

      Thanks for the update! Appreciate the candour and amazed you still have a working sense of humour! Great stuff!!

      I am not sure that treating Patreon $$ the same as people who backed at the start through Kickstarter is a good idea. That is what adding to tiers seems like to me anyway.

      I am sorry but I don't have a good suggestion though as to what might work.

    10. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Good progresses. Keep up the good work.

    11. Jared Connell on

      Thanks for more updates! I'm so looking forward to the demo.

    12. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Nice video! Also GODOT is a great engine! :)

    13. Derek Robertson on

      how exciting, cant wait for the demo!

    14. Studio Fawn 3-time creator on

      @Sterling - Thanks! :)

      Currently it is just "we will add up the donated amount and apply it back into kickstarter tiers" (so if someone donates a dollar a month, they will eventually reach the tier of a copy of the game. If they donate a couple dollars a month, they will get to a t-shirt....stuff like that).

      Any ideas on something specific you would want to see? I'm new to the patreon world, so open to doing more with it! :)

      Hmmm, I wonder how much it would cost to send out a card or something every month. That might be a fun tier.

    15. Sterling Treadwell

      Love the video. i hope it stays up.. it is a beautifully slapped together bit of fun! And if you plan to open a patreon to help bolster the budget for the last year or so push to finish, do you have ideas of what the tiers will be? are we looking at possibly physical goods or custom content or.. something special? I know it is a little silly to add to an already full plate.. i'm just curious what all the plans are. I'd all about upping my donation if at all possible. I just need a good excuse ;)