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Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 10, 2013.

Experience a world and story unlike any other! This is a passion project made with a deep love for games. For gamers, by gamers.

About this project

 For those who find us a bit late (or who haven't been able to back), we will be continuing the campaign over on our website through PayPal! 

((Note: This will be enabled within a day or two of the campaign ending))


"...the visual style is very strong, and the promise of a game that doesn't rely on relentless bloodshed for victory (but leaves that door open if that's how you roll) is certainly intriguing. " - Escapist Magazine

"The game looks beautiful, and is centered around a unique premise that influences story and game play." - Penny Arcade

"Bloom: Memories is something of a strange creature – less of a genre melting pot and more a genre blender set to liquefy – but I very much appreciate what it’s trying to accomplish." - RockPaperShotgun

"With a big emphasis on clever solutions beyond violence and a really beautiful batch of concept art, I’m not surprised that Bloom is already halfway to its $40,000 funding goal after only a couple of days on Kickstarter." - pcgamer


Update 1 - Pre-Alpha Engine Demo!

Update 2 - First Stretch Goal + Add-ons!

Update 3 - The Art of Maps

Update 4 - The Art of Characters

Update 5 - The Bridge

Update 6 - The Invisible Magic of Bloom

Update 7 - Goal Reached!!!

Update 8 - The Music - Adding Depth to Bloom


- Stretch Goals -

ACHIEVED!!! - $50,000 - Russian + German + 1 community voted language support on release!

$63,000 - Prologue Chapter (Unlocked when you complete Bloom on normal). Play as a key character in the Bloom story leading up to the beginning of the journey. Completion of this chapter unlocks new options in the main story on future games.

-----More to be announced -----

We are officially Greenlit!!!



To pledge for an add-on, simply increase your pledge amount by the add-ons you want. Then, after the campaign we will send a survey asking how you wish to spend your pledge total.

Digital Add-Ons -

  • Extra Copy of the Game – $10  
  • OST (Music) – $10  
  • Digital Art-book – $10  
  • Companion – $10
  • Alpha Access - $35 (Get access to regular builds as we create them, along with a reporting system to report bugs or suggest changes. These builds will be bleeding edge and will probably break often, but you will get to see Bloom grow as we build it.)

Physical Add-ons - 

  • Small Print - $5 ((Note: International Shipping Included. There will also be 2 different prints of the fan voted favorites, selected from a variety of concepts)). You also receive access to high resolution wallpapers of both prints.
  • T-shirt – $30 (+10 for shipping outside of US)  
  • Signed Archival Print – $35 (+10 for shipping outside of US)  
  • Physical Box + Manual + Game - $40 (+10 for shipping outside of US)
  • Plushy!! – $45 (+15 for shipping outside of US)  
  • Signed Extended Art-Book – $75 (+15 for shipping outside of US)


“Many years ago, forgotten relics of the world began to stir. They are what we now know as the abominations: life trapped in cold machines, seemingly mindless and uncaring, focused only on their desperate attempts to reclaim a world that was once their home…” - Pilum

Bloom: Memories combines many classic game design elements into a gorgeous unique action adventure / rpg.

 At its core, we are creating a game that moves away from the cliche of violence and domination. In fact, you can play the entire game without harming anyone or anything if you so choose. 

 Of course, we understand that there are different types of players, and we are dedicated to building a world that accounts for each of them in a rewarding way. Combat, stealth, story or collection … it is up to you to decide how you want to face the challenges ahead.

  • Consider talking. The world is filled with strange creatures; sometimes taking a moment to talk to them can be well worth the time. Every now and then, as you consider how to kill the imposing monster standing before you. . . you might instead simply try and say hello. ((Read more about a related feature "The Bridge" in update 5)) 
  • Use stealth and strategy to fool those who block your path. Careful planning may be a bit slower and generally safer . . . but of course, nothing is without risks. One misstep and you might find yourself in a very tricky situation.
  • Grow stronger by feeding off those you defeat. This is an extremely challenging road, and one that will take you on a very different path as you slowly grow more powerful through taking the lives of others. In the end, you may find yourself with a great deal of strength. . .but at what cost?

Along with your choices also come consequences: Be violent…and the world will react more violently in return. Be kind, and the world may soften, revealing a more loving side.

Primary Ability – This is your “combat” oriented ability, and main means to defend yourself at a moments notice. Born from your dual inheritance, you find yourself with the unique ability to manipulate your energy out into the world. While this begins as a simple defensive gesture, pushing away enemies and protecting yourself, you eventually learn how to release more into the attack as you need. What are the limits of your power? And, at what cost does it take to reach them?

Secondary Abilities – These are your utility type abilities which can fit a wide range of purposes. Largely, these revolve around the various seeds you find throughout the world, each providing a new tool for you to use as you like. A hedge to hide behind, a flying distraction to lure away guards, or even vines to delay a rampaging Golem. Besides the seeds, you may find other items that can also be used here, such as a fishing rod or a small animal companion to keep you company.

Stealth – While direct fighting is always an option (a very hard option), we also have a strong stealth system in the works. This is heavily based on the amazing stealth play of the original Thief game (on PC). So using shadows to conceal yourself, luring away enemies with distractions (sound and vision detection), or simply sneaking around an unaware enemy. Of course, a bit of stealth can also come in handy for getting the drop on an enemy (for the combat-oriented), letting you start the fight with a little advantage.

Dialog + Mood – Dialog and mood are important features for those more interested in interpersonal play. Talking to enemies (or friends) will be much more important than simply being told where to go next. You will make allies, discover secret paths, find new solutions of how to solve problems, and even gain new powers. Of course, creatures also have shifting moods. So if you are aware of those and manage to control or take advantage of them, new ways of approaching problems will appear. 

Discovery + Collection – As you travel around the world, you will have the chance to discover secret areas and items. Finding these can be difficult, and requires a true adventurer's spirit… facing and overcoming unique challenges you uncover, or simply finding your way into a hidden bit of the world where few would dare to go. 

Puzzles + Mini-Games – To give a fuller experience, the game will also have a variety of optional puzzles and mini-games to challenge you. This isn’t a large focus, but now and then you might run into something interesting. Of course, we want to avoid obtuse and overly annoying “filler” content, so we will be very careful in how we approach these.

The Legend of Zelda – From Hyrule, we take the innocent nature of discovery, exploration, and wonder. We also borrow the carefree adventure and importance of facing challenges not only with a sword… but more importantly with cleverness.

Thief: The Dark Project – This game taught us how gripping stealth and careful thinking could be when combined with the exciting danger of death from even a single enemy. This was not a game about combat, even though combat was available. Instead, the goal was on progression and exploration. Enemies were simply dangerous obstacles, and it was up to the player to decide how to overcome them. We hope to carry these themes into Bloom, enhancing the options available to players and really making it our own. Effectively creating an experience unlike any RPG.

Loom (and the era of point-and-click adventure games) – These taught us how important a unique and lovingly crafted world was to a game. Even in the handling of generic subjects, they would go many steps beyond and breathe a special personality into their worlds. The possibilities are limitless when approaching games from this mindset.

Harvest Moon (and RPG dialog) – Harvest Moon was an important lesson in how games don’t have to be simply combat to be enjoyable and how different players valued different experiences. It showed us that interpersonal dialog and relationships could also drive forward a story in a fun and engaging way. We take this to heart and want to offer a non-violent path through Bloom. One that places more importance on the stories of the characters, not simply how good your reflexes are.

Music is an important element when creating a truly memorable experience. This is where our award-winning composer, Jose Mora-Jimenez, comes in. Of course, like with every other element we aren't satisfied with doing the bare minimum. Instead, the music in Bloom continues the narration of the story-line with each instrument representing a character as their stories are woven into the game.

Even better, please listen to a couple of the tracks and judge for yourself. 

No one really knows when the remnants of the past began to stir, when they decided to reclaim a world that had moved on long ago.

For many years they had encroached on our lands, slowly driving us back as their corruption spread. Their strength was overwhelming and even I and the other guardians were helpless to stop them, though many of us died trying. At the front of the assault were their skeletal machines, abominations of hollow souls and metal….of which they had a seemingly endless supply. You see, this was a battle of attrition, and it was a battle we were losing.

Though rumors abound, what is known for certain is at the heart of the corruption are the Eternal, known to us before only as mere stories to scare children. Men? Machines? Perversions of life.

It was there at their very heart, from amongst the Eternal, that, one day, a mysterious woman escaped. She too was an abomination, but I could feel she was somehow different . . .and in frantic desperation. So I reached out to her, offering her refuge in our forest.

It was once she arrived that I realized why she had seemed so different. Somehow inside her grew new life, and she couldn't stand her child being twisted into the monsters which attacked us. We worked quickly, gathering pieces of the fallen machines to house her child’s life, and in the end were successful. She gave birth. Though her child was broken, weak, and helpless; he was alive … and that is where our story begins.

We are currently in pre-alpha stage and constantly building upon our custom engine to add new features. If you haven’t already, check out our pre-alpha engine demo! 

The Engine:

BloomCore, the bloom engine, has been built from the ground up to be a multiplatform engine to support the unique features required by Bloom; such as the high quality assets, advanced enemy AI, dynamic music and unique lighting systems whilst also taking advantage of various different technologies to use only a very small memory footprint. Effectively this means the engine will provide an amazing experience, no matter the platform or spec. The BloomCore engine will allow us to tell the story we want to tell without any limits.

Getting to this stage has been a long hard road, but well worth it. 

For more information on the team, please visit HERE.

 For more info about Jose and for samples of his music you can check:

 To see more of Craigs work, please visit

----- Special Thanks To -----

Hayden Black - Pilum voice and video voice

The Hamster Alliance - Main video music and editing

Javier Zumaeta - Character Animations

Michael Adams - Old Woman animation

Risks and challenges

Hey there everyone, this is Dani. If you are already reading down here, well, hopefully you like everything you have seen so far! :)

But, now I want to take the chance to get some things out of the way and really address what we are doing.

Basically, we are a very tiny team tackling a pretty ambitious project. We know the amount of work ahead of us is a lot, we would be insane not to see that. The thing is, the amount of work we have done ALREADY to get where we are has been one of the hardest parts of the entire project (especially since we have done it with no budget and just a lot of passion).

For example, one of the biggest achievements so far is building our custom BloomCore engine from scratch (with the bulk of the core systems in place). From this point, we simply continue to add more features and functionality to it.

On the art and story side of things (my job) is mostly about continuing to do what I have been doing, and just creating more content (on top of the already rather impressive amount we have! More than we can even squeeze onto this page).

So really, the challenge ahead is for us to keep going and staying motivated. Luckily, this is a passion project and one we really believe in, so there is no shortage of drive.

In fact, you can even look back through our rather public development of the project and see exactly what we have faced. From our very first attempt at kickstarter with not much more than a few concepts... then a very basic engine... and finally what we have today. Each step along the way the game becoming better as we strive to push it further.

Of course, we also aren't alone. We have been lucky enough to meet a lot of amazing people along the way that have helped us move forward. From voice overs, to special scripts, to even a bit of advice when we get stuck on a technical issue.

So, if you see anything interesting in what we are trying to do, we would really appreciate the help in moving forward. Even if you can't donate money, just spreading the word would be really helping an indie team that could truly use some support in making something special.

Thanks so so much for all of the support!

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  • Currently the plan is to release onto PC, Mac, and Linux along side one console. Since we are a micro-sized indie team (only a single programmer) and money is tight, it is important for us to get to release sooner than later so we can survive. :)

    The reason the console is still undecided is so that we can continue speaking to the major (and not so major) console representatives to try and find extra support for Bloom as we get continue development. Hopefully this lets us get more resources during development to make an even better game, since this is a pretty ambitious project and every bit counts.

    Right after the main release, we will then continue working on coming to more consoles (aiming for things like WII-U with some unique features added for their controller, or even onto Playstation Vita or Ouya, since the entire game is actually 2D and can run pretty well on even less robust systems).

    Making sure the game runs as well as it can on a platform is our first priority when coming to a console, and really this takes time for us to do right. If we are able to get more resources (for example, if the kickstarter goes really well), we will be able to hire some extra help for James (our only programmer!) and he will be able to get us running on additional consoles for day 1.

    We are also looking at support for higher end tablets, provided we can give the same experience on that platform. Though, this won't affect the design choices and primary focus of providing the best game possible for PC gamers.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    EARLY BACKERS! - - - A DRM-free copy of Bloom for PC, Mac, or Linux! (Or your choice of supported consoles on release! *TBA)

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    Pledge $15 or more

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    FULL PACKAGE + EARLY BETA! - - - All previous rewards + the awesome PDF guide / instruction booklet (with plenty of artwork and other great tidbits about the creatures and world of Bloom). ALSO early beta access! Be the first to step into the full world as you help shape the game by giving us early feedback.

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    COMPANION + CREDITS - - - All previous rewards + an item to summon a unique cute animal companion to keep you company and help you through the game. Feed her, play with her, follow her to secrets... of course, only after you gain her trust. ALSO, your name in the final credits! So future digital archaeologists will know you helped bring Bloom to life.

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    Pledge $40 or more

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    DIGITAL ART BOOK + OST - - - All previous rewards + an amazing art book filled with all the (tons) of concept art and in-depth looks of the world. Creature bio's, hints, maps, even a glimpse into the very beginnings of Bloom... this isn't just an art book, it is an art tome. Also get the amazing sound track of the game! Beautiful, soothing, epic... it has it all!

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    KEY + TEE!! - - - All previous rewards + a special Bloom T-Shirt. Perfect for shielding your upper body from the elements while also looking fashionable with a unique Bloom inspired design! ALSO, an additional key for Bloom on the platform of your choice!

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    PLUSHY!!! - - - All previous rewards + a 9 and a half inch tall Boulderling plushy! Made with love (well, technically hands, but also love). ~~Note: These will be delivered far early! Already being developed! ~~

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    ARCHIVAL PRINT!! - - - All previous rewards + a beautiful hand signed archival art print . Turn your lovely wall into an even more lovely wall. (This is a serious high quality print, it can withstand a lifetime of being looked at!)

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    ART BOOK!! - - - All previous rewards + the softcover, full-color extended art book, packed full of unseen concept art, back story and lore, characters, and tons of other tidbits about the Bloom world to make your game more enjoyable.

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    Physical Copy!!! - - - All previous rewards + a special limited run physical copy of the game with manual in a signed game box!!

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    PART OF THE GAME!! - - - All previous rewards + your likeness will be incorporated into one of the characters or monsters of Bloom! You will also have some input on the character itself. Will you be a mysterious nomad? Or perhaps a crazy old man who just wants to play a game? The possibilities are endless. Not only that, but you also receive a one of a kind signed 2d print of the characters portrait. Of course, you will be credited in the "Additional Design" section of the game as well.

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    Pledge $2,000 or more

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    ULTIMATE CREATOR!!! - - - All previous rewards from $185 down + upgrade the last reward into having a MAJOR hand in creating a character for Bloom! You will be working with Dani to create a unique addition to the game. From backstory, to concept art, and finally to sculpting. Working back and forth each step along the way to make sure we create something truly special. At the end, you will receive unique signed prints of each stage (concept art, character sheet, and game portrait) ...culminating in a one of a kind 3d print of the posed model!! All of these are specifically for you, and will be one of a kind. You will also be credited in the "Additional Design" section of the game.

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