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Some more Concept Art... can you guess where?

Hey everyone! As our campaign enters the final week we've got another piece of concept art, one of a famous location from the Sherlock and Watson stories. Can you guess where it is? Leave your thoughts in the Comments below!

Our friends over at N.Ø.N.E. are nearing the end of their campaign need your help. It looks like it will be something great, so go take a look and give them some support!

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John Watson: A Prologue. Part 2

My Dearest Mary,

I pray forgiveness for the tardiness of my response. I know that the New Year’s Day has come and gone this two weeks hence, but circumstances prevented me from being able to properly draft a letter.

I am a fool, Mary. A fool who I fear has finally blundered into a situation from which escape may be nigh impossible. I know I have inflicted many things upon you during this marriage of ours, but being the wife of a prisoner must now join neglect and misrepresentation. I am locked away in a cell, for the crime of following Sherlock Holmes on yet another mad whim. 

It was never about a dog. Twas but his cover to convince me to join him on this trip, luring me with the false promise of fame and recognition. He has grown more erratic of late my love, and while I know you have oft pointed out his behaviors to me, I believe that my own caring for the man blinded me to the spiral in which he has set himself. I know you will be frantic with worry upon hearing that I am jailed, and so I will lead you to the circumstances in which I now find myself.

Sherlock opened to me upon the train that the point of our journey was indeed a lost dog, one belonging to a person of great importance. He would not speak more of our client, only indicating that the individual wished to remain anonymous until meeting me, to make sure I was trustworthy. The Great Sherlock Holmes, they were a person of repute and could know their identity. Not the loyal and faithful scribe, John Watson. He proceeded to tell me that this dog, of such majestic pedigree to rival the Queen’s family, had gone missing. No ransom note had been provided, but a single sigil scrawled across the wall led Sherlock to believe he had been taken by those opposed to Scotland’s continued deference to England.

The sigil he showed me raised no alarms or memories within my brain, and despite his pressing, I could offer Sherlock no idea what it could be. He lapsed into sullen silence for the remainder of the trip, perhaps offended I could not immediately conjure the meaning of a symbol I had never seen before.

This should have been my first clue, Mary. While Sherlock has asked for help before, never has he acted so adversely to me being unable to offer a solution.

I must depart now, Mary. I am to be taken to the Warden to plead my case.

With Great Love,

John H. Watson.

Console Giveaway Mix-up

Hello adventure game and Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts!

We're very sorry to be bringing this news to you, but apparently we made a mistake. We were not aware at the time of filming our last video update that Kickstarter does not allow contests requiring people to back the project. This means the Victory Square Games Console Giveaway is no longer able to continue :(

We sincerely apologize on behalf of everyone here at Victory Square Games. If any backers backed solely for entrance into the contest, we completely understand if you wish to reduce or remove your funding of our project. We would like to say that we are very grateful for everyone's support of Elementary, My Dear Holmes, and are very excited to be bringing you a top quality game in only a few short months time!

So again, we are truly sorry for our mix-up.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about our stretch goals coming soon!

John Watson: A Prologue

Hello, Dear Backers!

We have super-exciting news. Thanks to a suggestion by backer Leo S, the Elementary, My Dear Holmes Team shall be releasing gradual updates featuring a John Watson/Sherlock Holmes story that leads up to the video game!

Titled "John Watson: A Prologue", the story shall narrate the tale of a case that took place immediately prior to the events of the video game, and shall events from this story will be references in the final game as well.

Interested? Read on, dear backer!

John Watson: A Prologue. Part 1

My Dearest Mary,

I know that Christmas-season is your favorite, but I fear this shall be another year that I am absent from your side. A case has arisen, one that has Sherlock insists must be handled with immediate attention. We are off to Scotland, Mary, and by happy coincidence we will be in Edinburgh at the Christmas dawns. It have not returned to the city in many years, and it will be a delight to see the snow fall on my native soil. Oh, how I wish you could join us! If only we could but this terrible animosity between Sherlock and you to rest. I wish to travel with you at my side, to see the wonders we perceive!

The case though. Sherlock walks back and forth on the train muttering and talking to himself. He hasn’t been willing yet to discuss with me the particulars of why we are going to Scotland. I know his process. When he has worked out the initial complexities, he will fill me in.

Something about a dog though. That was all I heard from the other room. A dog has gone missing? In Edinburgh? Maybe the First Minister’s pup has vanished! Held ransom by a vicious criminal syndicate with ties to revolutionaries or anti-monarchists! There may be a medal in it for us this time!

I am getting ahead of myself, Mary, but I have not seen him this wound up for many years. 

This will be a fantastic case. I am certain.

Sherlock has returned. I must cut this letter short. I believe he is ready to speak about this case, and his expression leads me to believe that he has deduced something important from the letter we received summoning us North.

I will write to you soon my darling, and let you know how it is progressing. Perhaps we will be able to return for the New-Years, or by the first week of January so we may vacation to that house in Cornwall upon-the-sea. I know that you were a great fan of the locale when we visited several years ago.

I shall bring you a Highland Rose upon my return.

In Best Regards

John H. Watson.

A Mysterious Figure Approaches...

We've got a new piece of concept art for you Watson-heads, but there's some mystery behind it. 

Who is this stranger who looks to be from a different time?

Could it be Watson from an alternate future?

A crazed scientist who wants to test insane devices on our hapless heroes?

Take a guess in the comments!

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