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$58,770 pledged of $50,000 goal
Missing avatar By Sam Chandola (deleted)
$58,770 pledged of $50,000 goal

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    1. Bob Edwards on

      Hi folks (This is Sam from Bob's account):

      First of all, a big, big thanks to all our backers who put their trust in us. The response we received for Elementary, My Dear Holmes was tremendous and it touched us all deeply. Who would have thought that a crazy idea that reversed John Watson and Sherlock Holmes in their roles could receive so much love and affection around it! You guys are all awesome.

      When the uproar against Elementary, My Dear Holmes was brought up, we contacted Kickstarter and Amazon, asking them to investigate the accounts and take action accordingly. We wanted to get on top of this and did not want anything to do with any of what was happening as it was an extremely negative campaign for us. Strong personal accusations were going up against us, and it was a huge drain on our time, energy and resources.

      We had been hoping that the suspicious accounts would have been suspended so that we could keep on going strong and without controversy, but instead it was the project that got so. We are, naturally, deeply saddened by this. But if this is what it takes to put an end to the negativity, so be it.

      We love point-and-click adventure games and this will, by no means, stop us from pursuing Elementary, My Dear Holmes. We are devoted towards the project and will be seeking private equity to finish this up. And I'm happy to say that based on the initial traction that we got here, we are already in talks with some Venture Capitalists who are willing to back this project privately. Elementary, My Dear Holmes will see the light of day - and will see the light of day sooner than later.

      I will be following this up with a personal message to all our backers. Until next time, John Watson and Sherlock Holmes lovers.

    2. Pogopuschel on

      Hey, what is the reason for supending the project?
      Did kickstarter tell you? I am sorry it ended this way.
      What are your plans for the future?

    3. Aaron on

      Wow. Well, that was fun while it lasted.

    4. Porcupine on

      Interestingly, Gridiron still seems to be going.

    5. Porcupine on

      Hmmm, that's new...

    6. Dean Thrasher

      Yikes! I hadn't checked in since EMDH met its funding goal. Only to find... a bit of a mess.

      I don't know what's going on here with the suspicious backers, but I don't actually care. One of two things will happen when the campaign ends: 1) The accounts will get charged, the funds will go to the devs, and it won't matter if the profiles are fakes or not, because Victory Square Games will get to make an awesome game. 2) The accounts will get charged, but the funds won't materialize because they were fakes, and Victory Square Games will get screwed out of money they were hoping to get to make the game.

      I hope #2 doesn't happen, because I want to see this game made. I like the concept, I like the art, I like the team, and I'm willing to take the risk.

      I've just raised my pledge.

    7. Riggo on

      $5k, not $5...

    8. Riggo on

      @Goat... I am starting to think Kickstarter is in don't care mode, no matter how hard Sam pushes the issue. Kickstarter gets their 5% whether the pledges go through or not... If the suspicious pledges all fall through in 8 days, KS will still collect (at this point) $2800... They are not going to break their legs investigating this... Look at Gridiron Thunder... KS is ignoring that big time because they get their $5 from that.

    9. Goat on

      "If those pledges are removed"

      There is no "if", this decision rests entirely in your hands, don't make it look like it's KS that will do it, they won't lift a finger unless you ASK them to cancel these 200+ pledges amounting for $30,000.

      Stop pretending like you are not in control. You are and you don't want to see anything change. But it's logical, I would do the same in your place.

    10. Goat on

      You have been anything but open and transparent. Yes you exchange PM with me, and it stops there. You have been evasive, diverting the attention from the heart of the matter, making promise that you can't keep otherwise you will lose your funding.
      All in all you pretend you want to be open, while at the same time you know you just have to wait 1 more week until it's too late.

      But I don't care about the scam or the fake profiles. I'm bothered by the fact that it's technically possible to do it without KS lifting one finger, so it will happen again, and by you who rather than simply remaining vague or silent like the Gridiron guy, embarked on a spiral of lies in which you are now stuck. Each time you have to invent more crazy excuses and imagine people are naive and stupid enough to believe everything you say.
      That's not very respectful of the KS crowd. I would prefer a silent, cynical Sam who knows exactly what's going on and doesn't need to find excuses about it, assuming the initial decision that was made at the start of this campaign.

    11. Goat on

      "As always, we will continue to be open and transparent about the matter and report any and all discrepancies to amazon/ks"

      What are you going to do since it's been days since they ignore you? (or do they?)

    12. Goat on

      "He was helping his family do the donation and was accidentally logged into their account. "

      Again, that's one of the most convoluted excuse I have ever seen. If I "accidentally" log into someone's else accounts, it doesn't change the screen name at all. Anyway, it's not even forbidden for you Sam to create an alt account for your project, so why even lying about this? This is ridiculous.

    13. Goat on

      "The Samarth Chandola you talk about is from Sam's direct family"

      So Sam's family backed the same other projects as the fake accounts? How kind of them.

      Seriously, stop taking people for idiots. It would be much better if you stopped inventing excuses altogether.

    14. Brandon Reed on

      The family thing makes sense. I've seen several campaigns where the creator accidentally posted on a different account because of login issues. Reaper Miniatures is a good example. That's not to say there aren't other issues here, but that one seems shaky.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      I can definitely corroborate on that. We had *a lot* of family and friends support us, including many who were not initially familiar with kickstarter and crowdfunding, but who still wanted to throw their hat in the ring to support us.

      But while it's true that a lot of our family and friends chipped in, I am by no means discounting the allegations brought up here. As always, we will continue to be open and transparent about the matter and report any and all discrepancies to amazon/ks. If those pledges are removed and it brings us below the goal and we don't make it, then so be it and that is fair and square. We did spend money marketing and promoting this project and it will be a very bad hit for us, but we want as little to do with all of this as anyone else.

    16. Bob Edwards on

      He was helping his family do the donation and was accidentally logged into their account. Again, language barrier.

    17. Naz on

      Bob - that last comment seems disingenuous ... it's a shame, this project looks great, but between reading the recent comments here and having to wait until Aug 2014 ... I guess I'll just wait to pick this up at retail.

    18. Riggo on

      Not back their own account, their own project!!! My kingdom for an edit button!

    19. Riggo on

      @Bob... I think the only restraint is that the Creator account can not back their own account. As Serena stated earlier, I don't know that secondary accounts face the same limits.

      It is really impressive that Sam's family knows so much about the game based on the account's only comment:

      Samarth Chandola on Aug 15
      I can answer that, Ocelot. Games that reference drugs, alcohol and tobacco are usually rated 12+, whereas games that focus on them are rated 17+. We have to be a bit mindful of our audience as we do want everyone 12+ to be able to play the game. Having said that, Holmes and his excessive tobacco and cocaine habits are a quintessential part of the Sherlock Holmes universe, and we do want to build upon that and pay homage to it.
      Will the game directly focus on Holmes and his drug use? Probably not. This game is more about John Watson trying his absolute best to best Sherlock Holmes. Will the game have a disgruntled Watson annoyingly muttering about how Sherlock is a bumbling idiot who will die because of his substance abuse, thus clearing the path for Watson for fame and glory? You betcha! ;-)

    20. Bob Edwards on

      We've had a lot of friends and family sign up and donate. The Samarth Chandola you talk about is from Sam's direct family, and they used his name due to a slight language barrier, without realizing that the project leader is unable to back accounts and how it would look. Our friends and family have always been very supportive of our vision, and in some cases almost as enthusiastic as we are!

    21. Missing avatar

      Matthew Martino on

      @Serena Nelson Thanks thats what I was wondering.

    22. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Regarding the project creator backing his/her/their own project: Kickstarter doesn't allow it. At all. If you want to put money into it you need to create a new account. This "Samarth Chandola" could very well be a second account of Sam's or it could be someone else entirely pretending to be him.

    23. Goat on


      What Riggo said is that the fake accounts started to back other random and rather obscure projects to cover the fact that they were new and made for Holmes.

      And that by some coincidence, a profile named after Sam backed some of the same obscure and random projects.

      So basically it means that said profile can be classified among the long list of suspicious profiles because it had the same behaviour, meaning that either the faker used Sam's name for fun, either that Sam is somehow related to the other accounts.

    24. Stefan W. on

      Anyway, I hope that this fraud is uncovered and this game is great!! Any word on Benedict Cumberbatch? :)

    25. Stefan W. on

      Of course a creator can back his own project. But if you click on the creator's profile in the sidebar, he has not backed this project. Are we to believe that a different Samarth Chandola backed this project and also (and only) the other projects which the fraudulent backers also backed? Seems pretty fishy to me..........

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Martino on

      @Rembrandt Q. Einstein Yeah it is pretty fishy especially if you consider that it is his name exactly lol. Nothing close to the creators name at all. That is his name... why are creators not allowed to pledge to there own campaign?

    27. Stefan W. on

      "Another amazing fact is that there is a backer named Samarth Chandola (seems awfully close to the creator's name) that has backed 3 other questionable projects that the new accounts swarmed to! Hmmm....."

      Wow. Pretty fishy. Considering withdrawing my pledge too......

    28. Snagabax on

      This is like days of our lives comments edition.

      Jared is obviously upset that his private not so private information was published. Although he did fill it in and or accepted what he was putting in I don't think he deserves to get a group of people trying to prove him wrong. Whether he is right or wrong Riggo should adhere to his concerns and at least change the document. At least for common courtesy.

      Also Riggo is an adult and can fight his own battles without 5 other people jumping on it with him.

      Never would I thought that a simple point and click adventure would generate so much controversy. If I was Sam I would say eff you all no game for you since that's what you seem to want anyways. If your so hard up with these fake pledges then just cancel your own and be done with it. Obviously nothing is going to change.

    29. Brandon Reed on

      By the way Goat, love the Brutal Carnage avatar

    30. Pogopuschel on

      First of all, kudos to Riggo and Goat for the time and effort they put into getting all this data!

      It is a shame that some people state that the drop in pledges is their fault and it is a shame that Goat is asked to stop commenting! That is not the right direction.

      As much as I love adventures and think the project might turn out to be a good game I am really not sure if I should stick with it. I won't cancel my pledge now, but I am still watching how all this stuff is adressed and unfolds.

      @Jared: no violation of TOS, he did not USE your account, he just showed public information.

    31. Goat on

      To be clear;

      The thing that truly bothers me here as nothing to do with you or your team, it's the possibility that one of the company you hired to do "social promotion" of your game, like Inked Communication, could possibly offer the service of creating and maintaining fraudulent accounts in KS.

      It's one thing to use dummy twitters and FB acocunts to do advertising, but it's a whole other level to create 200+ fake identities to funnel money in a KS to inflate the figures. The later is definitely fraud.

      I won't lie, I would be much more reassured knowing it was you guys all along, than knowing internet marketing companies offer such services as creating fake KS accounts.

      I hope you guys understand my concerns, and that I sincerely am not doing this to prevent you from developing your game.

    32. Goat on

      " We have nothing to hide here and have done everything possible before to solve the matter, and will continue to do so in the future as well."

      Hi Sam! Thanks for the info.

      What will you guys do IF (and I doubt it) you come back to us saying you do have the amazon accounts list of all the backers and that you can identify that indeed there's a great number of fake accounts with high pledges?

      We both know that if you cancel their pledge, you'll drop below $50K. So why pretending like you will do anything about this? It doesn't make any sense an we can perfectly understand if you told us that you simply can't do anything about this and that you are sorry.

      I'm not sure what would work best for you? Pretending to be helping, or being honest and say you can't or won't.

      Judging from the figures, it seems the normal trend of the KS is 1000$ per day top limit (and that's extremely generous and accounting for your past advertising) and 30 backers per day top limit.

      It's been 21 days since the start, so the non fraudulent figures should be MAXIMUM 630 backers for a MAXIMUM of 21,000$. How can you say you sincerely want to cancel all the fake accounts pledges?

    33. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Hi folks,

      Just finished a long day of production planning and jumped in to see a blast. Wanted to address a few things quickly here.

      Riggo, I agree with you, just as I have previously agreed with Goat as well. Something is definitely off. From our end, we previously reported the matter to kickstarter and amazon payments, and will continue to do so again. I will be PMing you to get more information so I could pass them off in our next message. We have nothing to hide here and have done everything possible before to solve the matter, and will continue to do so in the future as well.

      Jared, I'm very sorry to hear that your privacy has been violated. I'm sure Riggo would be able to update his spreadsheet so your name is blanked out.

      As always, I will be chipping away at the project, but Bob will be here for any follow-up questions. And I'm always open to a PM.

    34. Goat on


      All the info posted here is publicly available by simply clicking the "backers" button. No one ever invaded anyone's privacy, it seems you are over-reacting.

      Still, if you decide to change your user name and city and ask politely to Riggo to remove your name from the list, I'm pretty sure he'll do it.

    35. Brandon Reed on

      The Streisand effect. Google it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Also, the likelihood that anyone would've bothered to sift through the spreadsheet and look you up was pretty much zero. Now that you're whining about it, I'm guessing several people have looked out of curiosity.

    37. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Wow, I give up. Clearly logic has no place in this argument.

    38. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      @Jared: The problem here is that you ALREADY disclosed that information when Riggo pulled the data for his spreadsheet. Hence it was PUBLIC at the time. He's not obligated to change anything.

    39. Jared

      If I remove it from my profile, it is no longer disclosed

    40. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Also, this is straight from KS's privacy policy page:

      "Voluntary Disclosure

      Any personal information or content that you voluntarily disclose in public areas of the Site becomes publicly available and can be collected and used by other users. You should exercise caution before disclosing your personal information through these public venues."

    41. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Jared, If you're so concerned with your privacy, then you might want to remove the link to your Twitter account from your bio page.

    42. Jared

      @Brandon - even if I change my name, which I did (delete last name), it is still on the list, which doesnt auto update

    43. Jared

      Yes, there is
      I repeat
      You shall not, and shall not permit any third party using your account to, take any action, or submit content, that is ... invasive of another's privacy;

      By him refusing to take my FULL name and city off of his list, it violates this clause

      Join date and projects backed is irrelevant- there is no correlation between join date, projects backed, and knowledge possesed.

    44. Brandon Reed on

      Dude, Jared, you're in the wrong here. If you post your name and location, you're the only one violating your privacy. Change your info if you don't want it to get out, but honestly, google archives pages, so it's out there for good.

    45. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      @Jared: Sigh. You are aware that you can CHANGE YOUR INFORMATION, right? You don't have to stick with what Kickstarter populates in the fields. Hell, you didn't even have to register using Facebook. I looked at your profile. Your join date precedes mine. You backed more projects than I have. How could you NOT know this?

      Let me say this again. There...is...no...TOS...violation...here...

    46. Jared

      Had I known people would start publishing public lists that violate TOS based on backer information, I wouldn't have used facebook login for my kickstarter

    47. Jared

      No, thats kickstarter automatically populating its information from facebook login

      It still violates TOS unless he accepts take-downs and opt-outs

      I think you guys fail to understand how privacy policies work

    48. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      @Jared: I fail to see how Riggo is violating any TOS here. You publicly put out your name and location. Don't blame him. Blame yourself for not thinking about using a non de plume in the first place.

    49. Jared

      Because the list doesnt auto update no matter what I make my name, it will always show my full name and my city

    50. Jared

      The problem is even once I change my name, your list still has the full name
      new name... old list

      So even if I follow that steps, you are still violating TOS

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