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$58,770 pledged of $50,000 goal
Missing avatar By Sam Chandola (deleted)
$58,770 pledged of $50,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Hey folks!

      Update: I have just heard back from Kickstarter on our query regarding the backers. They say that it is possible the first-time backers are Sherlock Holmes fans from our outreach, or the ones that came from our personal network and friends of friends.

      Having said that, they also suggest that we continue promoting our project in case those pledges do not go through or if there are any issues. We still have 15 days to go to raise funds and despite all that has happened, our commitment to Elementary is as strong as ever thanks to the support we have been received from our backers. Even if some of the accounts/pledges do not go through for any reason, Elementary is in a good position to keep going strong.

      I sincerely look forward to us promoting the project around and supporting new backers, point-and-click fans, and Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts alike. As always, I am here to address any concerns or questions about the game!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      @Matt: You, sir, are awesome. Such a big thanks to you and the backers who still strongly believe in us. You guys are the reason we keep trucking on through such trying times!

      Thank-you for your support!

    3. Missing avatar

      Coles_Law on

      I'll be honest-I was completely unaware of this game until I heard of the controversy. Seeing your responses convinced me enough to back the game (though I'll be waiting for the PC version), so maybe the controversy wasn't all bad :). Good luck!

    4. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      So, we are seriously considering using this for the names for all the characters in Elementary, My Dear Holmes.


    5. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      @Riggo, tell me about it. As you can imagine, we're somewhat sad here that we're being talked about in the same breath as Gridiron and the whole thing, and that's definitely affecting our donations. We're working hard to get to the bottom of this as well. But I've said this before and I'll say it again: VSG remains committed to developing Elementary, My Dear Holmes come what may! We have put in a lot of sweat, blood and tears for this project and it *will* happen.

    6. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      I'll just say this. I didn't like the OUYA before, but I like it even less now. I'll stick to Sony for my console experience, thank you very much.

    7. Riggo on

      Ouch... All that press is not helping. Being lumped into a scam article is not good. It does appear that OUYA has changed their ways though. They went from a few large backers to quite a few smaller backers in a poor attempt to disguise what they are doing. Wow! Just wow!

    8. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Hey @Chris,

      Yep, you missed on a *lot* of excitement. This has been a big drain on energy, creativity and resources for us, and we're hoping this matter gets solved asap. We're keeping everything transparent on our end and have even reached out to everyone we could think of for clarification!

    9. Chris Angelico on

      Wow. I pop in to see if there's anything happening in the comments, and there's this spew of them!

      I hope this all gets sorted out. If it's true that Ouya is fiddling stuff around, I'm rather disinclined to support them in any way, and will return to Plan A of waiting the extra six months for the Linux version! Just hope this doesn't affect the campaign's overall success...

    10. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      In the meantime, I would request any and all backers who even have the slightest concern to feel free to message me or ask me anything. We are proud to run an open and transparent campaign here, and *will not* let this one burst of negativity stop us from developing Elementary, My Dear Holmes!

    11. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Goat, I wish I could say with 100% guarantee that it is Ouya backing the project. But I am trying just as hard as you to find out for sure. As you already know, I hesitate to make claims until I am absolutely and completely sure.

      But just so you know, my first contact with Ouya was the day the press release around the Free The Games initiative went out, when I sent an email telling them I would like to bring Elementary to FtG. And it was only when you brought the details to my attention that I started following up on this with queries to amazon and ks.

    12. Goat on

      I understand this must be really draining for you Sam, and I'm sincerely sorry for you and your team. But to be fair, it was your responsibility as the creator of the Kickstarter to see there is an issue with a big number of backers profiles as early as possible (if you weren't aware of it in the first place).

      I'm glad you are working with us to get to the bottom of this, and I really hope it's not too little too late. I still have a really hard time with the fact that you knew nothing about this, but I give you the benefit of the doubt. Like I said before, transparency is crucial in a KS project (OUYA learned it the hard way), and no one would be mad at your team if it appear your game was originally backed by OUYA. But if they learn it through investigations and rumors, then they will be much less forgiving because of the feeling to be fooled.

      I'm also working with OUYA to know more about this all, but they have been unfortunately much less helping than you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      @Ghan: Boy, do we ever know! It doesn't help us either that we're being talked about in the same articles as Gridiron. As you already know, we are trying our best to get to the bottom of the issue *while* at the same time continuing work on development of the game.

      I am not kidding when I say that it's a huge drain on our creativity and energy. We sincerely and honestly hope we hear back from ks soon and that we can positively move on towards the creation of the game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      @JFA Jansen: Thank-you for backing! And thank-you for believing in us as well!

      Goat and I both agree that there's definitely something going on. And I'm very happy to say that I'm working with him to get to the bottom of the matter as well. I have already emailed Amazon Payments about the matter (who directed me to KS, and then I followed up with them as well). We both strongly feel there could be other forces at play here as well.

      From our end, we're a small dev team that loves point-and-clicks and are trying our best to create something witty, charming and lasting (ala our pitch video)! Please do take out the time to check the updates as well, as our backers get to choose on which art style we should be going for!

    15. GhanBuriGhan - WOOS Wose on

      Hope you can clarify it soon, as the press is picking up on it now, as goats links show. Just google "gridiron fraud ouya"...

    16. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      @Ian Hodgkinson: Thank-you, sir, for your kind words around the game! We're trying our best to create something remarkable, funny and pointily interesting (pardon the fun... err, I mean pun) and support like yours is invaluable!

      No, really, it is. And if you haven't already, check out some of our updates and vote on an art style that you like. Your Voice Counts in the development of the game!

    17. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Hey @Goat, thanks for linking the developments. While I don't know *for sure* if it is indeed Ouya who is backed us, I definitely agree at this stage that that is a very strong possibility that cannot be ruled out. Really, I wish we would know for sure as well, as you can imagine that we are now dealing with this instead of focusing on making the game!

      I PMed the response from Amazon to you. Hopeful to get one from KS soon.

    18. JFA Jansen on

      I enjoyed the pitch, and are looking forward to this game being made.
      However, I just learned about the potential "backer scandal" as made public by Goat.
      I have to admit that Goat's arguments are pretty strong: the alphabetical order of numerous backers (that only joined KS in July 2013), their silly names and the random avatar pictures can't convince me that these are authentic backers. For example, I checked the profiles of Jaylen Scott, who uses the picture of Scott Klinger, an author on corporate tax dodging, and Cora Jones, who uses the picture of iron chef Cat Cora, and Colleen Thompson, who uses the picture of Colleen L. McGuire, a retired officer of the United States Army. The real persons belonging to these pictures are not typically of the famous type, whose pics are used by fanboys all over the world. Hence , those accounts are not authentic (even if they back other projects as well). Unfortunately, i cannot deduct from their profiles who the culprit is... The project from Sam looks authentic to me, so some other forces are at play???

    19. Goat on

      And if they were planning to fund 150k or more in the first place, it also makes sense.

      That, or they almost forced the devs to get their game funded through KS so they could give them the 75K that were promised, so the devs had to find a way to reach their KS goal, for example by pledging their own (or their friends) money promising they would give it back once OUYA completed the fund transfer.

      Anyway, bottom line is OUYA was involved upfront, promised money to the devs, and had to make sure the KS campaign get funded so they could give the money. Maybe saying "OK guys, we like your game and want to fund it, but you have to find a way to make a successful KS", or maybe putting their own money in it.

    20. Goat on

      Eh, read the comments I talk about.

      I know it makes no sense, but a lot of things OUYA did make no sense at all. Like they give away console to famous people while some backers are still waiting theirs.

      Basically a guy who knows someone in the dev team said OUYA was planning to fund the game before the FTG KS campaign. But then, suddenly a genius proclaimed that the game will have to go through the whole KS route to get the funds so it would fit their new campaign better. The Gridiron devs, who weren't planning to do a KS at all in the first place, had to quickly make one just so OUYA could give them the money through that route.

      I know it sounds ridiculous, but like I said, they made a lot of bad decisions.

      And frankly, that would explain ALL. Like why OUYA supported the Gridiron campaign despite all the people telling them the pledge from the backers amount to $3000 only and that it looks like a scam. Why would OUYA want to be associated with a scam so bad? Because it's not a scam if it's OUYA funding the project in the first place.

    21. Ian Hodgkinson on

      Why would OUYA spend 70k backing a game only to have to add another 70k on top of that goat? makes no sense, the likeliest scenario is that the Gridiron Devs quickly made a rubbish mock up game, put the money in themselves so that OUYA would have to double it, put the rubbish game onto the console and run away with the money they were supposed to invest into development. I also don't believe the devs at Elementary are doing this in any way shape or form, they have way too many backers for that

    22. Goat on

      Also if this WAS the case (and it would be the most likely at this stage), I want you to know that you've done nothing wrong and it would be OUYA's fault entirely to put you in such a terrible situation, forcing you to make a KS campaign to allow them to fund you through it because of their terrible marketing practice.

      The guys developping the Gridiron are most likely also cool devs, and because of this stupid idea from OUYA, the web is now full of comments saying how their funding campaign is a fraud because the actual backers amount to only $3.000. This was really not a smart move from OUYA but it wouldn't be the first time they do something stupid.

      In a way, I almost wish your story is somewhat similar, because it would remove all suspicion of responsibility from you regarding these strange backer profiles.

      It's really unfortunate you have to go through this, but I keep thinking the best is really transparency, because when people find things like that by themselves they feel really fooled and are less likely to understand the real reasons.

    23. Goat on

      Basically, the mysterious donators are OUYA themselves.

      You wouldn't happen to be funded by OUYA too, now would you Sam?

      Naah, just kidding, it's not my business in any way if it was the case (but it would explain a lot of things and remove any suspicions that you were trying to scam them, because OUYA would be OK with this all ;p)

    24. Goat on

      Interesting development regarding the Gridiron KS campaign (the other FTG fund game) on the comments of their page ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Thanks @Saurabh. We're very glad that you liked the video. Consider that the core of the tone of the game's tone, style and taste!

      Also, thanks for your comment on the Updates as well. Your input is appreciated. :)

    26. Saurabh Chatterjee on

      Thanks, Sam! We got your back and we believe in you!

      PS - Did I mention the video is awesome? ;)

    27. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      @Becky: Absolutely! We all look forward to focusing our energy and creativity on making a fun Holmesian experience in the true point-and-click style. I look forward to hearing from them as well.

      Also, being part of the AGRM, you should *really* vote on our concept art styles (Update 4)!

    28. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Just wanted to say thanks @Goat for persevering even through the negative comments thrown your way. I have backed a lot of KS projects, and I have never seen anything like that in a backer list before. I am glad @Sam is having KS look into it, because the possibility of so many potential sham backers could cause a shortfall for the Project Creators in failed pledges after project's end.

      Also, FYI, you can create multiple accounts on just one Amazon account. Many people have alt accounts for when they want to pledge for more than one level on a project. It just requires a separate email for each account created.

      Let's hope this all gets cleared up and all of us real backers can get back to the fun and games! :)

    29. Bob Edwards on

      Hey chaps! We've got a new update out, with a link to a piece of concept art that is MYSTERIOUS.
      Who do you think it could be? Take a gander and let us know!


    30. Snagabax on

      Lol oops I ment Stretch Goals! No ? Haha lets get those stretch goals (at least 100k)!

    31. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      @Chris: Already listed in the main page, sir! But to have a quick recap:

      75k - iOS and Mac version.

      100k - Story increased with scenes set in historical locations in England, France and Germany.

      125k (yeah, sure) - Professional-level, full voice acting + Languages (German, French,
      Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)

      150k (really, this is getting ridiculous) - Inclusion of an encyclopaedia with access to Sherlock Holmes lore, characters and stories.

      175k (hahahaha) - Some action sequences added.

      200k (um, let's stop now?) - We include Tim Schaefer's dream scene about a pschedelic trip through time.

      250k (we buy the moon!) - We get a documentation crew that records our progress as we develop the game!

    32. Snagabax on

      Stretch goals?

    33. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Thanks, Goat. We all think you did a great job at drawing attention to the fact. And thanks for your kind words about me and the team as well.

      Just to remind everyone, we are currently taking feedback on our concept art and which art style we should go for. Check out Update #5 in the Updates section and feel free to let us know which one you like best!

    34. Goat on

      "But well, as long as the game is going to be good that's fine with me, but funny nonetheless."

      My position too :) I actually want to see this game being developed too. I just found all this very strange and felt like investigating. Probably just getting impatient for good Sherlock Holmes games ;)

      And I want to officially state that I never questioned the commitment of Sam and his team to release this game. All the best to them for being officially supported by OUYA, just I'll have to wait longer to maybe trying their game :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Serena, you should totally watch it before the game launch. It's one of the best Sherlock Holmes shows out there!

    36. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      That reminds me. I've been meaning to watch Sherlock. It's next on my list.

    37. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Also, the team at Victory Square Games is super happy to announce that we just reached out to Benedict Cumberbach's agent to see if we could get him to voice Sherlock. ;-)

      As long as they don't come back to us with a million dollar quote!

    38. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      And now we play the waiting game. Who's up for some cards?

    39. Missing avatar

      Sam Chandola (deleted) Creator on

      Message to Amazon for clarification sent! :)

    40. Pogopuschel on

      I just found out about the 'free the games' concept OUYA has (did not hear about it until now). Now it is crystal clear that either OUYA is using kickstarter to get better press or the creators using the project for getting easy extra money.

      But well, as long as the game is going to be good that's fine with me, but funny nonetheless.

    41. Geir Antonsson on

      @Rita @Delilah @Sophia Sam said that (depending on amount raised), the game will probably be 6-8 hours. That could totally fit as one app on an Andoid device.

    42. Delilah Martinez on

      @Rita I'm not sure exactly how easy going from a controller-based input to touchpad will be, but I do believe unity is a pretty customizable language.

    43. Rebecca Nikitina on

      @Sophia Depending on the length of the game, it seems pretty reasonable to think they could port it to mobile devices (especially if it's supposed to start on the OUYA, which is pretty much the same thing as an android). Also, I'm not a programmer, but I think if they program it in Unity it can be ported pretty easily.

    44. ajay singh on

      Woah, you guys were on my friend's podcast! This just blew my mind, I backed you guys yesterday and then I hear this, CRAZY.

    45. Hope Pokrovskaya on

      I like the idea of getting this game on Android, but how well would it port to a mobile device like that?

    46. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      YOU did it! No, YOU did it! NO sir, YOU did IT, NOOOOO YOU DID IT!
      Ahhh shut up Holmes!

    47. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      @Goat: On that we can agree. I'll just sit back and wait for the answer.

    48. Goat on

      OK Sam, I gave you my feedback.

      Thanks for your collaboration and your willingness to sort this out. Like I said, your project is funded anyway and OUYA officially announced they will back it up no matter what (the Gridiron campaign is 10 times more suspicious and they'll back it anyway too), so you can celebrate and start planning the next steps ;)

    49. Goat on

      Let's allow Sam and Kickstarter/amazon to sort this out ;)

      I've also been on kickstarter for a long time now, and it's the first time I've seen something like that. You have your opinion, I (and some others) have our suspicions, let's leave it like that.

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