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Minneapolis sextet, Lovely Dark, needs your help in finishing their debut full-length record, "Territories"!
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Lovely Dark

82 backers pledged $2,660 to help bring this project to life.

The final countdown!

Only 14 more hours to go on our Kickstarter campaign!

We can't possibly thank you enough for helping us get this record out. Your contributions mean the world to us!

With the campaign wrapping up, we'd greatly appreciate any final push you can give us by sharing our page with your friends and letting others know about the project. After the campaign ends, there wont be a chance to get the record until 4/28 at our release. Again, any amount helps us out so much!

Once this wraps up, Kickstarter will help us to send out secure survey's to collect mailing address from those of you who will have stuff mailed out, plus any other information we might need, like which song you want us to cover! For the advanced downloads, a code and link will be e-mailed to you once everything becomes available.

Again, thank you so much for making this such a successful campaign!

- Travis, Sonia, Kent, Brian, Ben and Max