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Minneapolis sextet, Lovely Dark, needs your help in finishing their debut full-length record, "Territories"!
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Lovely Dark

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Thank you very much to all of you who've donated and shown your support! Some of the songs on this album began over half a decade ago strummed quietly into budget microphones in an attempt not to wake sleeping roommates. Others began right when my wife Sonia and I started dating and she was too shy to sing in front of anyone including me. They laid dormant collecting dust while I pursued other musical endeavors, the most recent of which involved working with old friends in Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. Soon Sonia started singing with us and we ended up tracking our debut album partially at our house.

Around this time I got the itch to start finishing some of my older songs in a similar manner. I had played with Max in a band that disbanded a couple of years earlier and I asked if he'd be interested in laying down some basic drum tracks for me to build some things around. I was tired of programming drums and I wanted something a bit more organic. He was the catalyst and decided that we actually needed to go for it.

So here we are one year later and I count myself very lucky to have been joined by several of the best musicians (Brian, Kent, & Ben) in Minneapolis who we also call friends. Everyone's unique musical upbringing brings something interesting to these tunes as they snake and twist into the things they've always been meant to become. I'm really proud of this album and of what we're all creating together. As anyone who's ever made music can tell you, recording an album is a lot of hard work. It's frustrating. It's complicated. It's a compromise. And it's expensive.

We've put a lot of time into this record, and everything we've ever made from shows and a fair amount of own pocket change. We're finally done with mixing and only mastering remains. Once again I'd like to say thank you to my bandmates and to you for giving us this extra bit of push to get this record printed and finally out into the world!

Any amount still helps immensely, so please pass this along to your friends, family, and anyone else, via Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, e-mail, etc. Also, below you will find the artwork for the front of "Territories"Thank you again!


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