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We believe every guy should be able to purchase the latest in men's fashion, online, custom tailored, without breaking the bank.


There are a countless number of custom clothing companies all providing the same products - suits, dress shirts and formal wear.  But, if you're like us, we dont wear suits all the time nor do we wear dress shirts very often.  That's why my partner Dan and I have sought out to focus on men's custom casual clothing - the things we wear everyday, when we hangout out with our friends, go on a date, or go out on the weekends to the bar or an event.  Save money, save time, save the hassles by shopping on one site for your everyday apparel.

Our Story

Mookie and Dan are two best friends from college who have a passion for clothes and traveling.  We've worked corporate, we were a part of an online startup that had an exit in 2007 and we are entrepreneurs who have found our passion.  Recently we decided to head back to Asia for one month (Philippines, Vietnam and China) after spending 2 weeks in Thailand several years ago.  This drove our current vision after realizing on every trip we stocked our suitcases full of custom suits and dress shirts which to this day we've only wore several times.  What we both realized is that although it was great to have a nice custom fitted suit at a really affordable price, we didnt wear suits very often.  What we do spend a lot of money on are casual button downs, blazers and the styles/pattern you see floating department stores and the internet.  With that said, here are 3 issues we plan on solving with our new business with your support:

Custom fit, everyday clothing

- Men should be able to buy the same styles and patterns you see at department stores, custom fit without breaking the bank.  Why pay $200+ for a Hugo Boss shirt when you can pay half that for a better fit with a larger selection of styles and patterns!?  You can even customize the colors and options of your shirt / blazer.   That chambray button down shirt you saw on Gilt for $160?  Yeah we have that and its only $99 with free shipping.   


While we offer the same method to measure yourself as many of the other online tailors, we have a new innovative approach to self measurement.  If you want a free measuring tape, we're happy to send you one if you "like" our facebook page and send us a quick message (measuring video to follow once we have kickfunds to create it).  As for our innovative approach to measurement - we're currently building the software and given its one of our competitive advantages, you'll eventually be one of the first to use it and learn about it when we launch beta. 

Quality, Selection and Brand 

We understand that quality is important as we're the typical customer for this business - so we know what our customers want.  On occasion, we ourselves dont know what to buy as most men have trouble figuring out what they should buy - we're going to solve that problem too.  We've already partnered with designers and fashion stylist who understand what sells and what men want.  M&DE will be an online brand men can trust and turn to for the latest fashion at an affordable price.

Your investment | Support

We're excited about what we are doing and so should you.  We have successful startup experience and figured this would be a great way to reach out to people who want to be a part of something that could be huge.  We believe we have a superior team, product and vision and look forward to servicing your clothing needs for years to come.  Your investment will be going towards 2 things: building and launching our measurement tool software and to launch several events to expand our reach.  We hope you can join us in this experience.  Thanks!


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