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George Oldziey is looking for game music fans from around the world to help fund an orchestral recording of music from Wing Commander.
588 backers pledged $42,113 to help bring this project to life.

An Historic Accomplishment!

Posted by George Oldziey (Creator)

I've got to run to a recording session (I'll have a more detailed report later), but I just HAVE to tell everyone how absolutely THRILLED I am with the results of this campaign!  It's turning out to be a project beyond my wildest dreams.  While I was jogging early this morning I was thinking about all of your incredible support, and made me realize that there are times in one's life when you don't realize what an impact you are having.  I'm starting to think that the work I was blessed to do for Wing Commander may indeed turn out to be my most significant artistic achievement, especially in terms of reaching people.  Your enthusiasm is, and I've used this term before, humbling!  I will not let you down when I say I'll deliver the most amazing sounding product you can imagine!

More later!  Again, my most heartfelt thanks!  Many more updates to come!



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    1. Keldrin

      well, If you read the Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything!
      Congratz on your kicstarter :)
      Very much looking forward to hearing the music like you really wanted to be.

    2. Pierre Laporte on

      I am very happy for you & for us ! Wing Commander is a very great video game ! and your music is very good !
      Bravo George ! c'est trop cool !
      Merci, merci, 1000 x merci ! thanks ! ....
      And a very big thanks to all our community of bakers !

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Congratulations, George. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw your Kickstarter and excited at the prospect of finally hearing your music performed by a full orchestra. I've been so keen to hear this for so long. I even suggested/begged Martin Galway to consider using any "spare" time with the orchestra they're engaging for Star Citizen to consider recording some of your material a while back. :) He was open to the idea, should the opportunity present itself.

      I'm not sure if you have any ongoing contact with CIG these days (weren't you going to compose some music for the Star Citizen reveal at one stage? What happened with that?), but maybe you guys could come to some arrangement, as I imagine they'll be recording material sporadically for the next few years. I'm sure many of your backers here are also backing Star Citizen, and would be very supportive of you "borrowing" some orchestra time that we helped fun if there's any left over. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Samson Yu on

      Hello George! Congratulations on reaching your goal! Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting you, through your beautiful music, it feels like I know you : ) They say music is a universal language. This is proof of that of that and your music had touched a special place in my heart and soul. Music is just a wonderful way of creative expression, and we all can't wait to "hear" your magic again. Thank you George. Forever your fan, Samson.

    5. Matt P. on

      George, we gamers are an enthusiastic lot! :) I was very happy to learn about this campaign in time to contribute, as your work is something I recall quite fondly. I'd say the best is yet to come!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ishtmail on

      George, you've raised 42k dollars.
      Incidentally, 42 is a very meaningful number in Chris Roberts' new game Star Citizen, where the single-player campaign is called "Squadron 42".

      Just thought it was a very interesting and funny coincidence :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Gareth Wilson on

      Wing Commander holds a special place in my heart (of the Tiger!) I played it to death and loved each game and the moment I saw this kickstarter I I already have all the midi's in my iTunes!) I had to sign up for kickstarter and make a pedge :)