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Support A Book & New Media Platform For Women To Celebrate Our Bodies Just As We Are Without Digital Alteration. Vol 1: Mothers.
Support A Book & New Media Platform For Women To Celebrate Our Bodies Just As We Are Without Digital Alteration. Vol 1: Mothers.
1,092 backers pledged $58,425 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sarah Caldwell on

      I never received my ebook copy for my pledge. How do I go about doing this?

    2. Kimberly Lemaire on

      I never received my book. Jade said I'd get it shortly after August 2014. I forgot about it until March 2016 when I checked in and provided an updated address. It's now nearly December and I'm still waiting. Very disappointed.

    3. Serge "Je suis Charlie" M.

      I realise I never took the time to say "thank you and nice work". I got my book a long time ago and it is beautifull.

      Many thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Anna V on

      I too have never received my e-version of the book. No correspondence since "books begin shipping". What's going on? Updates please!

    5. William Wagner on

      Hello? I posted in October. but never received any update. I contributed at the e-book level and was hoping to give my wife the copy - first on Mother's Day, then for Xmas - but have yet to receive a link to the e-book file (or indeed, any response since the the last one on here which states that "books begin shipping"

    6. William Wagner on

      I realize that I registered for the e-version of the book... And I received the kicker starter updates, but I don't recall ever receiving a link to download my book version...

    7. Marilyn Alexander on

      I did not realize I would not receive a hard copy of the book. I have a computer but not a smart phone or
      tablet. What now?

    8. Emma Lindhagen on

      I'm so glad to see this project funded (and thensome!), and I really look forward to seeing the result!

    9. Missing avatar

      Petit-Fontaine Sylvie on

      Quelle magnifique projet! De tout coeur. Sylvie (France)

    10. Missing avatar

      Christine Hicks on

      Woohoo! Congratulations on funding and surpassing your 1,000 backer goal!

    11. Katie Pellerin on

      Can't stop watching the video. Can't stop the tears. Thank you so much for doing this very important project for me, for my daughter and for all women. I cannot wait to share this book with my daughter and my words to her in it. THANK YOU!

    12. Jennifer Orellana on

      I am completely inspired by this project. I have been struggling with this issue since the birth of my second daughter and was able to connect completely to your work. Thank you for providing a platform for this and for helping women to acknowledge and accept the beauty that still lives within all of us!

    13. Missing avatar

      Sandra L Byrnes on

      I was moved to tears by your video. Thank you for reminding me that there are women out there just like me. Loving and appreciating my body a little more because of you and this wonderful project!! <3

    14. Kanesha Baynard Coaching, LLC on

      So excited about this project and book! Moms change the world!

    15. Missing avatar

      Roseann Thornton on

      What an incredible creative beautiful project! Thank you.

    16. Missing avatar

      Shawn Marie on

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sending love and adoration to ALL the gorgeous, fearless, amazing, beautiful women in this book and out of this book! YOU...all of you, amaze and inspire me. Thank you! xo

    17. Missing avatar

      Hilary Giovale on

      LOVE it Jade! I read your latest post to my bellydance troupe, one of whom is giving birth in 6 weeks. We are ready to blow this shit wide open too! Let's get the radical body acceptance party going worldwide!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Sheryl Oriah Lee Vaughn on

      This is the first project i've seen on kickstarter that just "grabbed" me. I used to work as a labor and deliver nurse and have been blessed to see so many mom's bodies at their fullest and most powerful. I'm so happy to support a project.

    19. Missing avatar

      Shyloe Fayad on

      I want to exclaim how happy I am to see this project!!! I have some of the most atrocious stretch marks I have EVER seen and I have four of the most beautiful monkey heads EVER!! I recently covered the side of my torso in a huge tattoo that honours motherhood, my ancestors, myself and my children. Finally, I feel like my belly is beautiful once again. Would LOVE to have such revealing and glorifying photos taken of myself. Let's blow this shit wide open, mama!! WE ARE PERFECT EXACTLY THE WAY WE ARE!!!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    20. REBECCA on

      Hey Jade, the video is SUPER!! I reposted your "8 Free ways you can support this peoject" on my FB page in case I have friends who can't afford to give during this month...

    21. SQUAT Birth Journal on

      We are proud to support this project and look forward to featuring this work in SQUAT Birth Journal! -the team @ SQUAT (

    22. Myeshia Jefferson on

      I appreciate you! Thank you.

    23. Ruth V. Briggs on

      I found your project from a Facebook posting by a friend, to whom I responded,
      "I saw your post when I arrived back at work after riding my bike back from lunch at my apartment. I commute to work on my bike, run errands, grocery shop, etc. I know that I am strong and energetic, but I have come to hate my "womanly" body. I was so inspired by this woman's work that I backed her. Hopefully, it will help me to start backing myself.

    24. Susan Masek on

      I really support this, thank you! Btw, i paid thru my xxxx account which reads S. L. Payne. Can you please change the credit to read Susan Masek? Thank you!

    25. Missing avatar

      Molly Franks on

      Thank you for this lovely work. I must say though, of all the photos, I like the one of your son and his cute little toofins the best :-)

    26. Karin Fisher-Golton on

      I am so moved by your project. As a mom and a woman and a good friend of women of all shapes and sizes, I am grateful you are doing this and to see the response it is getting. I have my own Kickstarter campaign going now, and I have a sense of how much work and intention went into that video. Great going! It soars, and it touched my heart. Sending good wishes that your book will soon be doing the same.