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LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
4,444 backers pledged AU$ 257,872 to help bring this project to life.

Backer Kit Surveys- Change of Address and Color Choice

Posted by MIN MENDIS (Creator)


Thanks again to all our backers who have not received their rewards for your patience. We understand your frustration and it is important to us all of our backers receive their dice.

For the 250 backers who have not received your rewards you will receive a backerkit survey email today. This will allow you to select from the remaining colors and also provide your shipping address. Please check your spam folders if you have not received the survey or an email from us.

We will then start shipping Tuesday the 14th of August and as surveys are completed. An extra free dice will be included with all orders as an apology for the delays. Color of the free add on dice will be chosen based on stock levels.

Thanks again to all our backers

Luma Dice Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Santiago 7 days ago

      I'm still waiting for the dices. Just give us an update.

    2. Jeff on

      I have not recieved an email

    3. Neon Revan on

      could you please send me the email again? it might have gotten lost :(

    4. Sean Bacon Brady on

      havent received shit

    5. Cody Nicholas Raymond Herrell on

      I never got my dice or the email about new colour selection. Or my dice bag. Or my dice stand.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Mizuno on

      So, how about for those of us who received only a partial order?

    7. Isaac on

      I also have yet to recieve the email =/

    8. Richard Charles Troster on

      I haven’t received the survey I need to update my address and I can’t find the email

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben Farmer on

      So... I did complete my survey on the 10th, and have yet to see any form of shipping notification... Last updated on 08/13/2018 10:08:39 PM... These things going to ship any day soon?

    10. Missing avatar

      User8472 on

      I also have yet to receive any of my 20 dice or the new survey. :(

    11. Steven Dove

      I have yet to receive an updated survey or any of my dice. When can I expect either of these?!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Samuel Briskin on

      I have yet to receive either my dice or a survey. Que pasa, homes?

    13. Richard Charles Troster on

      I have yet to receive the survey to update my email I haven’t gottyany emails

    14. Padraic on

      I've still not received my Gold Dice I paid for, nor the replacement dice I was promised! When can I expect those?

    15. Aaron Piper on

      Again, I never received my dice, never got the updated survey, what is going on ?

    16. Deth Invictus on

      It looks like all those of us who are in the 250 list are all the big spenders. It also looks like we have all been screwed over considering we have done backerkit lock ins before. As it was, I had to give up on brass and put in another backerkit survey at the time. Now we only have 5 choices. This is sickening. No purple, no rose gold, none of the good colours. And what about the pre-order I did on the Luma Dice website to get the colours I originally couldn't get in the top tier since I only did the one 10 set? Where are those? Where is my money for that order?

      Did all the small orders get the colours we have been ripped off over?

    17. Dani on

      So what if we received PART of our pledge (1 set) but are missing 2 more sets? Yet my pledge was marked on BackerKit as complete? I only got my silver set, I'm missing Black & Space Grey

    18. Missing avatar

      Dusty Jewett on

      Don't worry guys, you're not missing anything... they're unbalanced and the battery doesn't fit well. Doesn't matter what color you get, you'll just put them up on the shelf and not use them ever.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      @Min Mendis, I'm assuming that we will be getting the dice bag and dice stands as well.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      That does seem to be what has happened Joel. I'm in the same situation having ordered ten to be gifts in 2016 and chose particular colours and I can't get them all.

    21. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Hi Min,

      The survey shows that there are only 5 of the many remaining colours to choose from. Is this to say that someone like myself who pledged the highest tier three times is penalised for supporting so heavily with a reduced range of colours from what I chose the first time the sufrvey went out?

    22. brayden newell on

      is it possible to get replacement covers and screws for the dice? The batteries had expanded in two of mine, ejecting screws and bending the covers

    23. MIN MENDIS Creator on

      Hi Dave, you are absolutely correct! A free pair of dice for every backer we have not shipped to.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      "Due to the missing dice and setbacks with the factory we will be offering all those who have been waiting for dice the ability to switch to remaining colors (that we have in stock), and we will be also sending you a pair of free bonus dice as a very small token of apology for you waiting so long."

      I believe you mean a pair of dice.