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LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
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Luma Dice Completed

Posted by MIN MENDIS (Creator)

Luma Dice Completed

We are happy to report our manufacturer has completed the outstanding orders of Luma Dice!

Apologies to the 10% of backer who have not received their dice yet. We are just waiting on shipment from our manufacturer then we will begin processing and shipping outstanding orders. 

Thanks to all our backers for your patience.

Gold Dice

The electroplating process to make the gold dice is more expensive and time consuming. We have not received the full amount of gold dice from our manufacturer, more are coming. If you ordered gold dice there is the option to change colors if you don't want to wait longer.

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    1. Iestyn

      In the interests of completion: Shipping notification 5th Jan. Dice actually entered the system and tracking number activated 30th Jan. Arrived today: 18th Feb. Yet to check if they are working.

    2. Cindy Layne

      I have not received one single pair of dice. I want my money back. I'm going to send you a separate message. This is really poor performance. Saying your orders have small been completed months should, with a few left to fill...and promising to do so soon. And, still, I have nothing. Pretty unhappy here. I really want a refund.....I don't believe that is asking too much given all of the time that has passed and others having their orders filled. Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      bryan on

      Dam scammers. Took our money and ran. Of course kickstarter is no help.

    4. Iestyn

      Now 12 weeks since "Luma Dice Completed", and no word, and no dice. That is plenty of time to recieve, process and send all the outstanding non-gold dice. Why don't we have them?

    5. Phillip Walker on

      Hello, I still have not received my rewards, I have contacted you numerous times recently, both on here and your official website, I have also contacted Kickstarter, who say they have asked you to get in touch with me.
      How do I go about getting my money back that I pledged to you in good faith, for this project?

    6. Megan Daley on

      Still waiting on dice and/or an update...

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim Reid on

      Any update on the gold dice? It has been multiple months since the last update

    8. Missing avatar


      I'm still wating for my dice..

    9. Missing avatar

      Sonja on

      I am still waiting for my dice too and no feedback on my emails. Please respond.

    10. Carlene Worthington on

      It has been so long since they were supposedly ready, I keep forgetting about these supposedly awesome light up dice I am supposedly getting.

    11. David Kennedy on

      I've been emailing you guys since March and haven't gotten any responses since then. How can I get my money back since it seems like you have no intention to fulfill orders

    12. David Kennedy on

      Hmm, I'm still sitting here with no dice...

    13. Jeff Johnston on

      It's been two months since the last update. Is there any more information about the shipments, or should we be emailing individually if we still haven't received our dice?

    14. Dani on

      Still waiting on my dice, and haven't had a response to the two support requests I've sent in. My order was marked as "fulfilled" when only 2 of my 6 dice were sent out. I'm not impressed with how the "team" is handling this at all.

    15. Kristin Cookson on

      Still waiting on my dice. Seriously this is getting aweful. At least let people know and reply to message when we can expect our dice. Since we are now over two years on the ship date when you made the kickstarter.

    16. Kristin Cookson on

      Still waiting on my dice. Seriously this is getting aweful. At least let people know and reply to message when we can expect our dice. Since we are now over two years on the ship date when you made the kickstarter.

    17. Missing avatar

      Cayden on

      Still waiting for mine. Hoping shipping will be soon.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      I'm still waiting on my dice too. Ten of them :(

    19. Geoff Skellams on

      Add another name to the list. I'm still waiting on a set of Blue dice :(

    20. Robb Thomas on

      I also have not received any dice. I ordered 4 black dice.

    21. Iestyn

      About 6 weeks now, and no further word. The headline must be considered a little misleading. I don't even have gold on my list.

    22. Rachel Lockwood McDonald on

      No reply to my email, my comment on this update, or my comment in the general section. Min Mendis and Luma Dice -- update PLEASE? Where are our dice?

    23. Deidre Benton on

      Still waiting :( I fear I will never get mine.

    24. Steve Negrete on

      I, too, have yet to receive my dice. Any updates?

    25. Missing avatar

      Preston Smith on

      I still have not received my dice. Any updates?

    26. Thomas Morison on

      September 11th and I have not received my dice, nor have I had any contact about when to expect them. Please send an update soon.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jason Mizuno on

      So...any updates? I still have not received my dice.

    28. Michael Willett on

      Still have yet to receive my dice. Min Mendis answered a couple emails back in the early part of the year but recent inquiries have gone unanswered.

    29. Rachel Lockwood McDonald on

      Add my name to the list of those who don't have their dice, don't have a tracking number, have no information at all about their order. Luma Dice - I'm sending you an email today!

    30. Missing avatar

      Optane Limited on

      I haven't received mine ether. Can u pls send me some concrete evidence that it is on it way pls?

    31. Chris Ecker on

      I am still waiting on my order, I didn't order anything special either.

    32. Jeff Tucker on

      I still have no tracking details and no dice. I didn't order Gold, so there should be no reason I haven't received mine yet. Orders are certainly NOT "complete." Pledge #1,583

    33. James Miller

      I don't see how you can claim that the Luma Dice orders are completed when people are still waiting for their gold dice to be delivered. You say that the gold dice are taking longer; do you have a timeframe as to when you expect the gold dice to be done? I think we deserve at least that!

    34. MIN MENDIS Creator on

      @David, 10% of backers didnt receive their dice because our manufacturer did not fill full orders of certain colors. People with those colors have had to wait. Your dice are finished and we will ship them as soon as we receive them.
      @Jordan, sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience
      @Ruben, please email
      @Padraic, yes you will. Replacement dice will ship once all backers have received their dice.
      @Aaron, you can email us at

    35. David Kennedy on

      I still have yet to see my dice, and they're not gold... Are you saying 10% of backers haven't received their dice because they're gold or for other reasons?

    36. Missing avatar

      Jordan Balster on

      Finally! Been waiting forever for my original shipment of Luma Dice and my regular d6's won't do anymore

    37. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      Do you have a warranty service in place? One of my dice came with a faulty battery lid, which caused one of the screws to pop loose on the first day of usage.

    38. Padraic on

      So when can I expect to receive the replacement dice I'm still waiting for? Will those be sent out when the these new dice are supposed to? And since I've never received my gold dice, when can I expect those?

    39. Aaron Binder on

      And if we haven't received our order who should I contact?