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LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
4,444 backers pledged AU$ 257,872 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Padraic on

      Min has announced the "contest" winners. Wow. So, this bullshit contest was a distraction from nobody getting all their promised dice? One person wins because you haven't sent him his dice? That's utter bullshit! Where are my replacement dice? Where is the final set I've ordered? How about you finish fulfilling your Kickstarter first before holding these lame ass contests?!? Where are my dice! You still owe me a replacement for my black dice and I still haven't gotten my gold dice!

    2. Missing avatar

      Quincy Acklen on

      No worries on the delay. You responded right away when I emailed you with my inquiry and offered to swap my dice with the colors you had in stock. That's awesome. But I prefer my color choice (space gray), so I want to hold out for it. But I wouldn't mind winning an extra pair in a different color. Ain't nothing wrong with that. But this hurts a little that I'm not eligible to compete in this contest because I don't yet have my dice. Maybe you could include in the raffle the folks still waiting for their dice color choice to be available. Obviously it won't be their first choice in colors, but they're not giving that up either, just something extra... if they win. That would be cool. - Quincy

    3. Matthew C Last on

      I'd take part, but I have no dice and no word on what is taking so long.

      I backed your project in order to give these as a gift. What is going on, guys?

    4. Christopher Banaszek on

      It's quite sad that so many backers haven't received their dice, or really many updates. I, too, have yet to receive my dice. If you plan to start another project, I hope that your handling of this project comes back to bite you.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Wilson on

      Could you guys fulfill the outstanding backers before running giveaways?

      A YEAR ago, this was ridiculous.

    6. David Kennedy on

      Yes, let's have a contest for our backers. Oh but only some of our backers are allowed to participate due to the fact that there's been no communication to the people who we haven't sent dice to yet. There's absolutely no way this could possibly piss people off.

    7. Angelica White

      I still have no dice. What colors are available to switch over to?

    8. Ron McIlroy

      Will the award for this be shipped after you have fulfilled all of your outstanding orders? And spam...SMH.

    9. Carlene Worthington on

      I think everyone else here pretty much sums me up. I too have no dice.

    10. Missing avatar

      Terry McKay on

      Still no dice to take a picture of. I even switched colours to copper/midnight blue so they could send them "right away" - that was two weeks ago, and not even a shipping notice to be seen.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dakota on

      HMMMMM maybe i would post a pic of my dice. IF I HAD ANY YET!!!!!

    12. Crycket

      Great idea...sadly, I still don't have my dice...

    13. Alexander Babanov on

      Cool idea! Unfortunately, one of my two dice behaver erratically (doesn't light up or goes black too fast), so I won't be participating :-( Any tips on troubleshooting / fixing glitches like this one?

    14. Quan D. on

      I had a great idea of doing a casino night with my special black light sensitive craps table and using the luma dice... but I still don't have mine =( Any update on we can expect that?

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. K Wirick

      I'd love to participate in the contest, but I still haven't received any of my dice yet.

    17. Jimmy Sorel on

      How about a free pair of dice to those who are still waiting...

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Brown on

      I can see my photo and my friends sitting around a table deeply invested in a game of...well, anything that doesn't use dice.

      Seriously though, putting out a contest when you know that a large number of people are still waiting on their dice is a real kick in the teeth.

    19. Deidre Benton on

      Not really fair to those of us still waiting :(
      I guess I could take a screenshot showing I backed it as my picture.
      Good luck to those who picked colors you chose to have completed first...

    20. Padraic on

      How about waiting on these contests until you finish shipping all the dice you've been promising for over a year! I've been waiting months on not only replacement dice due to manufacturing defects but I've never gotten my gold dice that I originally ordered! Plus, erratic communication via email, no notice of shipping for any of my replacements, and still waiting for my original pledge to be filled! Plus, stop spamming the updates with projects that you backed with our money! We don't care what projects you backed! Finish fulfilling your project first!

    21. Missing avatar

      Gary Corrigan on

      Guys can someone please get back to me regarding my dice. None of them work at all. I'm gutted.

    22. Missing avatar

      Antonio Faloona on

      I'd love to enter this little raffle but um... Maybe an update as to when I'll get the dice I paid for rather that giving away dice to those who already have theirs?

    23. Cody Nicholas Raymond Herrell on

      That's super cool, but like, when am I gonna get my dice, stand, and bag..?

    24. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      @anyone who hasn't received theirs yet; How about posting a picture of your favourite tabletop game with no actual dice included. Maybe that'll get the point across. ;)

    25. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      I'd send a picture, but it wouldn't be very flattering as the battery lid popped off of one of mine.

    26. HollyMae Steane Price

      What's the closing date for pics please?

    27. Marlies Platvoet

      As @kevin says, wait with competitions like this until all backers have received their dice. Not nice.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joseph Liddell on

      If I had my dice I'd totally send u a picture or them.
      Great competition

    29. Missing avatar

      Natalie Wood on

      agreed - it would be nice to get an update about when the final dice will be sent. This upgrade is a bit rude really

    30. Kev In on

      giving away dice to someone who already has dice, before I've received mine?


    31. Missing avatar

      M4rq_RR on

      Lol "a lucky backer who sends us a shot of their dice." I still haven't received mine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    32. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      No update on the held back dice? I still haven't received anything