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LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
4,444 backers pledged AU$ 257,872 to help bring this project to life.

Manufacturing Update

Posted by MIN MENDIS (Creator)

Missing Dice

In case you missed our last few updates 85% of our backers have received their dice. Its great to be able to reward you, our backers, for supporting us! 

We were not able to send dice to all our backers due to manufacturing issues with several colors of Luma Dice. We are working hard with our manufacturing partner to get these dice complete ASAP. 

Assembly is a Go!

The Luma Dice we are waiting on have been cnc machined, anodized/colored and are now being Assembled. Below we can see several of the Silver, Rose Gold and Gold eagerly awaiting the components that will give these dice life. 

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    1. Iestyn

      Five months ago you were just waiting on Black. Then you were just waiting on Both Black and Space Grey. Two months ago they were just awaiting assembly.

      Where are the dice? Why didn't you order enough of each color to fulfill the pledges right from the beginning?

      How do you think it is OK to sell from you store, have give aways and even run a sale while there are backers still waiting for their rewards?

      This needs to be fixed now.
      By the way, when you only get 3 out of the 6 letters in someones name correct in electronic correspondence, it is not good customer service. When in doubt it is better to copy and paste rather than assume that someone can't spell their own name.

      Nicholas R. Soika, try having your housemate get theirs in the first lot of shipments?

    2. David Kennedy on

      I still haven't gotten mine. Am I still getting them?

    3. Nicholas R. Soika on

      Being one of the 15% is made worse by having a coworker who also backed this and got his dice weeks ago.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Terry McKay on

      @Mark Shurtleff: Nope, I'm still waiting on black and space grey.

    6. Mark Shurtleff

      Still waiting on black (can't believe that I'm the only one, either).

    7. Martin Goodson on

      My dice arrived today. FORTY DAYS. Which is odd, 'cos the dispatch label says Hong Kong, and I've had stuff come from HK in less than two weeks before ...

    8. Jay's Basement

      I now understand why I received silver and gold dice, rather than red and blue. Of course, the explanation when I enquired was that I had ordered silver and gold,even though I was certain I actually ordered red and blue since they were for Twilight Struggle. But eventually the truth bubbles to the surface. Sigh.

    9. Nick Gardner

      Got an estimated shipping date for those of us lucky 15%?

    10. Ron McIlroy

      Please stop spamming us with other projects. We are already here and know how to find what we are looking for. I don't think you would like us to fill your comments with links to our favorite projects!

    11. Andy R

      Are you going to replace the dice we received that never worked?

    12. Martin Goodson on

      My dice were supposedly dispatched on March 31st. That's five weeks ago. So far? Nothing.

      I sent an e-mail - no response.

    13. Missing avatar

      M4rq_RR on

      Thanks for the update.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.