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LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
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Posted by MIN MENDIS (Creator)

Thank You for your Feedback!

We are very happy to have shipped to almost all our backers. Over 85% of orders have been filled to date! It is great to hear backers have been enjoying their dice, your support means a lot to us so it’s great to be able to give something back.

We are hearing reports of Luma Dice being used at gaming conventions, among friends, Mad Max desert parties and even by peoples’ pets! It looks like Luma Dice have more reach than even we expected.

Delays on shipments?

Sorry to report we have had manufacturing delays on several colours of dice. The factory was unable to make the required amount of some colours and has been working hard to get the missing dice manufactured. The dice have been anodized and are currently being assembled.

If you are one of the 15% who still haven’t received your dice this is most likely the issue. We at Luma Dice are working hard with the manufacturer to get them ready to ship ASAP. The affected colours are as follows.


Black with White Dots  

Space Grey  

Light Blue  



Rose Gold  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dakota Smith on

      Ok, it may have taken a while, but i have dice, and they are awesome. 10/10 would back again, giv me a da d20 b0ss

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Ammon on

      Have my dice, one of them has a side that doesn't light up; is there a way to get that fixed? I tried sending email earlier, with no reply.

    3. Martin Goodson on

      Order of purple dice shipped on March 31st (or so the mail said ...) but nothing, as yet, has arrived. I don't know where they're supposed to be shipping from. but 4 weeks seems a bit long :(

    4. Missing avatar

      Dakota Smith on

      Also my color was midnight blue, i think you guys messed something up

    5. Missing avatar

      Dakota Smith on

      I recived a tracking number that doesnt work and no dice, does this mean there is a problem or have you just not shipped it?

    6. Tristan Nie on

      No dice and now I've moved so will never see them...

    7. Missing avatar

      Mirjam Basse on

      All of my selected colors are delayed- nice :(

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Stuart Platt

      Also no dice here. I think the money has gone - no refunds here...

    10. Nick Gardner

      How soon can the rest of us expect them?

    11. Missing avatar

      A on

      Ordered Jan of 2016. Still no dice April of 2017. I want to cancel my pledge and receive a full refund.