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LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
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Posted by MIN MENDIS (Creator)

Hi Backers,

Just an update on LUMA DICE for August.

We have been held up by the CNC'ing of over 20,000 dice. At first we were told this would take 15 days. We budgeted 40 days into our plan but it has been over 90 days! So of course we are very frustrated it has taken so long especially when they told us it would only take about 2 weeks.  

On the plus side the quality of all the units is fantastic and we are extremely happy with the end result. So although the wait is longer than we would like at least it has not affected the standard of quality.

Right now they are anodizing (coloring) all remaining CNC dice which should take about 2 weeks. Then we are onto the final stages of assembly, packaging and shipping. 

Below is the timeline of our production:

1. Circuit board with all components (COMPLETE)

2. Programmed all boards (COMPLETE)








Since being in China we had issues with the internet and our website. All issue should now be fixed and our web store is 100% functional. We will be doing an update of the website very soon to include more photos, videos and info. 


Thanks again for the support and patience we know it's taking longer than we expected. We will keep you updated as we have more news!




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    1. Robert Willington on

      Has there been an update since this one that I've missed? Surely by his point - given the proposed weeks in this update that shipping should have started and people should be close to receiving their epic dice? Have I missed an update or something?

    2. Missing avatar

      evan branco on

      Hi Mendis team! Just wanted to give a shoutout and say I love you guys! I'm sorry for all of the negativity in the comments. :/ but a lot of us really appreciate what you're doing and think you guys are great! Stay positive!

    3. Cathy Will on

      Hello ! We are August 31 th, I just ask you a question: when do you begin the shipping and from where ? My location is not near anything, witch kind of method do you use ? Normal postal service ? Thanks for your answer !
      Bonjour ! Nous sommes le 31 août, juste une question, quand et de où commencer vous l' expédition ? Je vis au milieu de l' océan, quel service employez-vous ? Merci pour votre réponse !

    4. Missing avatar

      Marcus Crawford on

      @Amanda Kirby
      I too have had to move since making my dice selection and have changed my shipping address on the survey link and sent numerous emails to the creator and have yet to hear back from them. If you have any luck please let me know.

    5. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      I'm 95% confident this is going to be fulfilled just fine.
      20,000 dice is a crazy amount, plus this is some pretty intricate technology. If you've never managed a large project like this it can be overwhelming and easily take much longer than initially anticipated.
      Patience is a virtue, hang in there, the dice will be worth the wait.

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Still seems like people aren't getting replies and another "update" has been thrown out to appease the backers. I don't know if anyone else is slightly curious why the apology didn't seem sincere given the level of escalation in the comments. It's suspicious, yet again.The latest update gives work estimates for tasks, but odd given all the discussion, no explicit completion date was given nor explicit shipping date.

      The last update given stated 800 units ready "Just to put everyone at ease, the great news is that we have about 8,000 units ready! Woo hoo.". This latest update contradicts that, this latest update indicates that none are done yet. That does not add up.

      Backers are not out of the woods yet, don't count your eggs till they hatch. The updates are appearing to be more smoke and mirrors since they aren't lining up. You all know the old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I really want this project to go through, but this last update was just contradicting to the previous, which adds to the suspicion.

    8. Tim on

      @Amanda, click on the original survey link you received awhile back and it should allow you to update your address.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Amanda Kirby on

      I keep emailing the creator about an issue with my shipping address and have yet to receive a response. I had to move after making my dice selection and need to change my shipping address. Is there a better means of contacting them?

    11. Missing avatar

      dolores harder on

      Awesome News thanks for the upDate guys!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Denton finley on

      I understand that this is an upstart company, that the project raised more startup capital than expected which has taken the product to a new level, and that delays are to be expected; however, as a few others have mentioned, I would like to see regular biweekly progress emails that let us know whether or not you're able to stay on schedule.

    13. Peter McKinney on

      good god I'm excited! Can't wait for the d20 version too!

    14. Julien Chicher on

      Thanks for the update. Please keep the news coming, being kept in the dark is more worrying than growing delays.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Gehling on

      Didn't hurt to kepp as informed, did it? ;) Thanks for the update, I'm really looking forward to roll that babies *g*

    16. Missing avatar

      Wil Jordan on

      Thanks for updating us Min. Bummer they couldn't have been ready for GenCon, but I suppose that's as disappointing for you as it is for us.

      One request - since you laid out that timeline, maybe send out another update in 2 weeks to let us know if you're still on schedule? We all genuinely don't mind delays, it's part of the business, but keeping us consistently updated (even if it's "bad" news) will keep everyone's mind at ease.

    17. Chris on

      Personally, I'm grateful for the extra attention to quality. I can't wait to get them AND know that they're gonna be superb.

    18. Katherine Gualtieri on

      Thank you Jurij, very interesting!

    19. Missing avatar

      evan branco on

      Thanks guys, you're the best! I knew you'd come back! :3

    20. Katherine Gualtieri on

      What does CNC'ing mean?

    21. Nicholas Salvatore Grillo on

      Thanks for keeping us in the know!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Surin on

      Thanks for the update & letting us know what is happening. Can't wait to get them.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Mizuno on

      Thanks for the update. Always good to be kept in the loop regardless of if it's good news or bad news. Looking forward to getting these!

    24. Wayne Hannah on

      Awesome news was getting a little worried

    25. James La Bella on

      Great work. Looking forward to them :)