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LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
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Posted by MIN MENDIS (Creator)

Hi Everyone, 

Apologize for the late update, and keeping you in dark.

Just to put everyone at ease, the great news is that we have about 8,000 units ready! Woo hoo. Bad news is we need another 2-3 weeks to finish the rest of the units, we have about another 8,000 dice to go. 

There are no issues to report. We have been very impressed with our manufacturer especially regarding the quality of units. But they are just a little slower than we would like.

CNC dice!
CNC dice!


Circuit boards with components
Circuit boards with components


We are very proud of the feature sets programmed in Luma Dice. By tapping the Luma Dice continuously for 10 seconds, it will switch color modes. Luma Dice will be in power saving mode when you first receive it, which means it will only light up for 1 second when you roll it or shake it. Watch this video to see the features and modes in action!

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with


  • Power Saving (for shipping)
  • RGB - Every side a different colors (as in our Kickstarter campaign)
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Pulsing Animation
  • Rainbow Animation




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    1. Missing avatar

      clint beaver on

      Just got mine! 4 dice are great, but two are dead upon arrival. No lights.

    2. Nicholas Wulf on

      Mine finally arrived! Love them! A little light of the feel, but they roll well, and the wow factor is awesome! Very happy with the product!

    3. Missing avatar

      John Bouchard on

      Depending on how well the d6 I've ordered comes out, I'll definitely look into the d20.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kirk Schafsteller on

      Can you please publish another update and please include when you think we can expect units to be delivered to us
      Thank you

    5. Margaret Hollins

      Update please!!

    6. David Kennedy on

      Hi Min,

      I'm getting ready to move soon, do you think these will arrive before october?

    7. Kevin Wang on

      Could we please get an update on this project? Your website appears to be blank now and it's raising some serious concerns:

    8. Missing avatar

      Adrian Pears on

      Update would be nice tho every update as to when product will be done has been followed up weeks later a new finish date so Im not holding my breath.

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Stanbsbery on

      So patiently waiting. It's been 4 weeks since the last update. Almost 5 weeks. A shipping update would go a long way.

    10. Tristan Nie on

      I'm trying to be patient waiting for delivery but any chance of an update? I'm hoping for delivery before Christmas (plenty of time) but Sooner the better, keep up the good work and please let us know what's happening

    11. Kurt Ko on

      Hey can you please letting me know where my dices are?????? Honestly I regret backing ur project.

    12. Cathy Will on

      HI Min !?!
      I send you a mail, your FaceBook page is dead and we don't have any informations about the shipping.
      Could you please answer, thanks !

    13. Ian Parmenter on

      June 1: 12,000 boxes. 0 product.

      July 3: 8,000 units. Assuming a 'unit' is one die, that's 33% of the way done. Needs 2-3 weeks to finish the other 66%. Meaning production began the last week or two of June.

      August 3: Units should have been done a week ago. Assuming they need to box and get things ready to ship, I'd expect an update by the end of the week saying "They start shipping on Monday".

      If we don't hear anything by next Wednesday, then I'd start to worry. Until then, everyone chill out a bit.

    14. Forar on

      Hell, we're past the 4 week mark.

      An update is a pretty reasonable thing to ask about. Hopefully they're on the cusp of completion and simply want to wait to actually be done to reach out again, but I think when "2-3 weeks" becomes "4+", unless they're going to finish in the next couple of hours they should do us the courtesy of addressing what is going on.

    15. Missing avatar

      John Huber on

      ...another update would be most welecome

    16. Jennifer Forever on

      These look amazing and in super excited to try them out! Do we face any additional updates on the project? It's been 3 weeks since this update!

    17. Missing avatar

      M4rq_RR on

      =D Anxiously waiting to tap those dice and see them in person. Tap tap tap tap tap tap!

    18. Cody Nicholas Raymond Herrell on

      So when will I get mine finally...

    19. Azureblaze on

      Update on shipping would be nice! Thx!

    20. Missing avatar

      Howard Giese on

      Shipping date isgetting closer.
      *anxiously waiting for them to be shipped*

      NBD if it's delayed again.
      *internally rages and thinks about smashing coffee table*

    21. Loig

      Hi Min,
      any news on shipping?

    22. Tim & Julia Greenwaldt on

      @Kurt, you aren't buying a product. You are basically giving people free money to hopefully use said money to invest into their creation hoping it becomes a reality. In exchange for giving them money the reward you with said product. Generally things here rarely go on time and delays are expected.

    23. Kurt Ko on

      This is not fair. I gave u funds up front for such a long time...where are my dices?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ex Inferis on

      Hello, Does anybody know anything ? It's been 2 weeks since the last update any idea if they are shipping soon ?

    25. Tim & Julia Greenwaldt on

      @Steve, they probably just took a picture of the non colored ones. You'll still get your color from the survey.

      @Ahmed, they mentioned in the comments section they are finishing production for all of them before shipping.

    26. Ahmed Mainul Bari

      @Creator - have sent you a private message. Would appreciate a reply. Are you shipping the first 8,000 or will you wait a couple weeks for the other 8,000 to be finished before you start shipping??

    27. Peter McKinney on

      man im so excited for these to arrive

    28. Steve Hinckley on

      they all look really good, but they also all look the same color. Are we only getting one color die now?

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Brown on

      Looks Awesome! Out of curiosity, I see the Dice and the boards, are you putting them together yourself?

    30. Andy Bushman on

      Soooo looking forward to getting this dice and showing it off to everyone.

    31. Old Wookiee on

      Yap, pulsing animation that's going to be my favorite setting.
      Cant wait when I'll get my dice ;)

    32. MIN MENDIS Creator on

      @Michael Richard - we have a card in every dice box that says "Please go to to turn on your dice". We will have clear and simple instructions at that link before we ship.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jason Mizuno on

      Awesome! Can't wait to get these in hand, and to back the d20 project!

    34. Matt Shively on

      d20 for the win!!!!

    35. Matt Shively on

      Awesome. Can't wait.

    36. Forar on

      That video (and the over the top music) was fantastic. The dice look spectacular, and I'm glad to see them coming along by the thousands.

      Hopefully August will be our magical month for them to start hitting the mail.

    37. Missing avatar

      JT Greeno on

      Thanks for the update, looks GREAT! No worries about teh delays -- I'd rather have a GREAT product late than a poor product on time...


    38. Michael Richard

      Will the packaging indicate how to reprogram them (10 second tapping) for those of us in the retailer teir? Or we have to inform staff/customers?

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Wilson on

      That's pretty exciting right there.

      I'm thrilled.

      A D20? That sounds awesome. I don't even game anymore. I just want :)

    40. MIN MENDIS Creator on

      @Ben - yes we are working on the D20! But want to have the manufacturing side locked down before we get our campaign up and running.

      @Stuart - Yes 100% your right, we will make sure to post an update much sooner.

      @Everyone - I feel my last comment made Luma Dice sound more confusing than it is!

      It's very simple really

      1. When you get your Luma Dice tap it for 10 seconds continuously to exit power saving and enter normal mode.
      2. Tap for 10 seconds continuously to change color modes.

      That's it! Nothing else you need to do ;)



    41. MIN MENDIS Creator on

      @Matthew - Hi Matthew, when you are not using the dice it will autocratically turn off the led's and no power is being used. Note this is NOT power saving mode, it just goes to sleep. Once you roll it again it will be in the mode you last used i.e. all red mode.

      Power saving mode is only for shipping, once you exit power saving mode you won't be able to access it again (even if you take out the batteries).

      But along as you don't keep Luma Dice loose in your bag i.e. letting it move around too much it should't turn on much or at all. Also placing it back in the packaging for transport prevents it from turning on.

      We even tested walking around with Luma Dice in our pocket and it didn't turn on. Of course you probably can't run or jump around but walking is fine. So overall we felt transport shouldn't be a problem.

      I hope that makes sense, I might have made it sound more complicated then it is lol.

      @PunkTiger - As above - but yes you won't be able to cycle back into Power Saving mode.

    42. Kuragari on

      I'm glad to see an update. I hope after a successful launch the 20 sider campaign will happen.
      I'd like to see other D&D related dice but I'm sure a 4 sider would be difficult.

    43. Matthew Kisseberth on

      How do you get it back to power save mode when you aren't using them? Do they just go into it automatically after not being rolled or tapped on for a certain amount of time?

    44. Gregg McFarland on

      Thanks for the update and the wealth of info!! Oh!! These are going to be so eye catching!

    45. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Thank you!

      You have been communicating with us quite a lot, but when there's nothing for weeks you start to get worried. Thanks for taking the time to tell us what's going on.

    46. Nimrod Back

      Looks amazing!

    47. PunkTiger on

      When going through the modes, will it cycle back into Power Saving mode after the Rainbow Animation, or will it skip that and go back to red?

    48. Stuart Buck on

      I work in manufacturing, I understand that delays happen, often (especially on a new product you've never made before). The dice are looking great and I can't wait to get mine! Just keep people posted, even if its to say everything is ok, then the venom will die down :).

    49. Nur Iskandar Bin Nuruddin on

      YES! Finally, looking awesome indeed. I don't mind waiting a bit more now =D.

    50. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      Looking awesome, can't wait for these!