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    1. Tim & Julia Greenwaldt on

      @Min, I know you are having the programming set so we can change the colors of the LEDs. Will there be instructions included on how to use all of the programming features? And a delay at this point is fine with me since you are definitely making the hardware much more durable!

    2. Zpajro on

      @Min, the wait is fine by me.
      But I´m moving and need to change my delivery address, how do i do this?
      I have already sent you a email but you haven't answered it...

    3. Lauren Kramer

      Thanks for the update!

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Leggett on

      Disappointed we are facing yet ANOTHER delay. Original projection of late March delivery meant it was supposed to be a birthday gift for my son from his brother, so now we have two boys constantly being disappointed by Luma Dice. Latest setback means we are looking at delivery at the beginning of a family vacation (i.e., when we will be away), unless of course the next update is to tell us again why the product will not be shipping...

    5. Alvin Helms

      A delay that results in a better finished product is a good thing.

      It is naive and unrealistic to expect Kickstarter projects to always send out their pledge rewards by the estimated delivery date — indeed, that's why they use the word *estimated* in the first place — and it is absolutely foolish to *plan* for such rewards to arrive by a particular date.

      If YOU chose to ignore the word "estimated" and pretend that the delivery date was carved in stone, and YOU made promises based on that unwarranted assumption, then YOU are responsible for any resulting disappointment — not Min Mendis, *YOU*.

    6. Zpajro on

      I agree with Alvin mostly, but doubled delivery time is more than that you can estimate.
      I don't mined but other people clearly do...

    7. Oliver Riedel on

      @Chris: Never ever plan a kickstarter reward as a gift...

    8. Missing avatar

      Adrian Pears on

      A delay that results in a better finished product is a good thing, I dont mined the wait, tho exited for delivery, I would prefer they last for years to come, thanks for the update!.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Leggett on

      Evidently @AlvinHelms missed the part about being respectful in comments posted, though, to be fair, it could be that I missed the part where he was nominated to be the KickStarter arbiter of when supporters are permitted to be disappointed. However, lesson learned. I will be sure going forward to expect that I cannot trust what people say on KickStarter.. Sad state of affairs, but indeed it is consistent with my experience with the few other projects I have supported (though this one seems to have the longest delay).

    10. Tim & Julia Greenwaldt on

      @Chris, I had a few projects that had zero faults (SlimFold Wallet, SlimFold SoftShell, Tactful Pen) but most inevitably get delayed due to unforseen production issues (like my currect Hexcup and BuddyLight projects). It sucks because friends are waiting for their pledges from me as well but nothing I can do about it. At least here there is more than enough transparency about the delays with pictures as to the upgrades they are making along the way.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Kurt Ko on

      Hopefully we will get them in summer....

    13. Missing avatar

      Uncontested on

      Clearly have no "Video Game" backers in this project with so many complaints about delays.. Most games promise something like a 6 month turn around yet don't deliver for years.. lol..

      Things like the much hyped Silic shirts got delayed for over a year and ended up being pretty lame vs what they demo'd to you.

      I had an art project that took over a year and a half for them to finish.. Then there are the people who don't even start working on a project and create multiple more kickstarters to take your money without delivering..

      So yeah this is nothing guys.. lol.

    14. Missing avatar

      John Huber on

      Can we get aNother update?

    15. Missing avatar

      Kawika Boyce on

      How about an update????
      Something is better than nothing, information keeps YOUR backers from feeling frustrated.

    16. MIN MENDIS Creator on

      Hi everyone, sorry for keeping you in the dark.

      I will be posting an update very soon.

      Just to put everyone at ease, the great news is that we have about 8,000 units ready! Woo hoo. Bad news is we need another 2-3 weeks to finish the rest of the units, about another 8,000 dice to go.

      There are no issues to report. We have been very impressed with our manufacturer especially regarding the quality of units. But they are just a little slower than we would like.

      In the next update we will have a video showing the programming features!