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LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
LUMA DICE, Metal LED Powered Light Dice. The coolest dice for all your tabletop & board game adventures!
4,444 backers pledged AU$ 257,872 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. MIN MENDIS Creator 1 day ago

      Hi Padraic, we have not spent money on other projects. This is our first and only project.

    2. MIN MENDIS Creator 1 day ago

      Hi Samuel, I have sent you a message

    3. Padraic 2 days ago

      So basically, those of us who haven't received our full order, but have received a partial order are SOL? No communication, nothing in over a year. Wow... But you still spent money on other Kickstarters! How much of that was money from us?

    4. Missing avatar

      Samuel Briskin 2 days ago

      Still haven't gotten a survey and never got any dice. Need to know what's up.

    5. Missing avatar

      Samuel Briskin 2 days ago

      Still haven't gotten a survey and never got any dice. Need to know what's up.

    6. MIN MENDIS Creator 4 days ago

      Hi Dave, yes as per the updates we have had ongoing issues with our supplier manufacturing gold dice. They have also failed to complete the numbers of other colors ordered. While many kickstarters fail to deliver we wanted to make sure we could deliver dice to all our backers. The extra dice are a way of apologizing in a meaningful way rather than simply saying sorry.
      Hi Cindy, no we cannot. At this stage it is clear that our manufacturer is stringing us along and we are unable to receive the full delivery of the dice we paid them to make.
      Hi Benjamin, as per our recent updates we can no longer believe that our manufacturing partner will meet their obligations. After spending a lot of time, energy and money and receiving only empty promises we do not believe we will receive the full order of all colors of dice.
      Hi Deth, the worst possible outcome is that backers are left empty handed. Luma Dice is our first project and our first time manufacturing overseas in China and things did not go as planned. Despite this we are making sure all backers receive their dice.
      Hi Dani, I have sent you a message.

    7. Padraic 4 days ago

      I've never gotten my gold dice. Still waiting for the black replacement dice. This whole project is a bullshit wash.

    8. Kuragari 6 days ago

      I got dice, but they were defective. I was promised a replacement set but all I got was promises and ignored emails.

    9. Dani 6 days ago

      I ordered 6 dice, have received 2, yet my pledge is marked as "complete". No contact from BackerKit or Min for over a year. Not happy =/

    10. Deth Invictus 6 days ago

      Why have we distributor level pledges been screwed over so badly? This is the worst possible outcome.

      Such evil people.

    11. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Tan 6 days ago

      I am currently in a similar boat to @Cindy. Having backed for a Distributor Pack, with none of the Gold dice, the colour options directly impacted my pledge level.
      Half of the dice I requested were to be split with friends, and given the delays and lack of communication on this project I've since had to refund them their portions.
      I remain somewhat disappointed that the creator opted to have a give-away before all orders were complete (when some colours I had actually backed for were apparently still available), thereby reducing the available options for situations such as this.
      As a result, I too would like to hear what the status of potential production actually is rather than just the current stock.

    12. Cindy Layne
      6 days ago

      I don't want duplicates of the 5 colors offered. Why didn't you give this information and better color choices when more options were available? It is difficult for me to understand that your largest backers are the ones getting the worst choices and service on this project. Silver, black, space gray......the only "color" seems to be midnight blue. I am really upset about all of this! Can't you get more of the actual colors produced? I'd like a response before I complete the survey. Thank you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      @Cindy, I know the feeling some of my dice were to be gifts.... for 2016!

      So I ordered ten dice. I'm getting them over two years late. I'm not getting the colours I asked for. My only compensation is two other dice. If the only problem was with the gold dice why wasn't this mentioned to us at the time and you could have offered us a different colour then. At least we would have got most of the colours we wanted.

    14. MIN MENDIS Creator on

      Hi Dave, it has been a very difficult process but we want to make sure we give as much back to our backers as possible.
      Hi Cindy, as this is our first and only project we are unable to provide refunds at this stage. We are doing everything we can to make sure all backers receive dice for backing us.

    15. Cindy Layne

      I ordered certain colors for specific reasons. If those colors had not been offered, my pledge would have been smaller. Substitutions are NOT acceptable. Not at all. I want a refund for the deception.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      The problem is that after you be so quiet for so long and not replying to emails, messages or comments it does cause doubt. For those of us waiting on our dice still we feel even worse by not only have we not received our dice, but we're not even getting any of the colours we asked for. Two extra dice as compensation for everyone doesn't seem fair. Some people could be waiting on one pair of dice and others could be waiting on a hundred. Surely those waiting on more should be compensated more?

    17. MIN MENDIS Creator on

      Hi Yann, we will send out the survey this week and you will be able to change your address then
      Hi Will, great to hear you are enjoying the dice and they are popular wherever you take them
      Hi Steven, it has been very difficult to give backers accurate information when our manufacturing partner has been so dishonest. Wherever possible we have tried to pass on reliable information. The full shipment of dice were never received and we have been doing everything we can to get the factory to meet their obligations. Despite these problems we are committed to making sure all backers receive their dice.
      Hi Douglas, I have sent you a message

    18. Douglas Bell on

      Like wil jordan, I am always mobbed when I bring them out. I've told a few people about the website, and to my dismay, a terminally ill friend ordered some for Christmas last year for her family. I have my dice, love my dice, but to keep taking orders for dice with no concept of fulfilment time seems deceitful at best, and fraudulent at worst. Even if there was a statement on the order site that let purchasers know there would be extended delays would be something.

    19. Missing avatar

      Steven Rees on

      1 year ago I received the following message, to date I have received nothing. We'll see if the latest update to fulfill backers pledges materialises.

      "Luma Dice Completed
      We are happy to report our manufacturer has completed the outstanding orders of Luma Dice!
      Apologies to the 10% of backer who have not received their dice yet. We are just waiting on shipment from our manufacturer then we will begin processing and shipping outstanding orders.
      Thanks to all our backers for your patience.
      Gold Dice
      The electroplating process to make the gold dice is more expensive and time consuming. We have not received the full amount of gold dice from our manufacturer, more are coming. If you ordered gold dice there is the option to change colors if you don't want to wait longer."

    20. Missing avatar

      Wil Jordan on


      I took my dice (I'm one of the lucky ones) to GenCon this weekend, and literally every table I had them out for, people were freaking out how cool they were. I wish I could have recommended seeking a set out of their own, but with all the issues this kickstarter and fulfillment have had, and the poor communication, I couldn't in good faith do that, and said as much.

      There's a huge market for the market Min, these dice excite people in person the same way they excited us all when we backed. You could make a really solid business from these, and the product at his core is pretty good. But you need to get your production and communication improved. I'd love to be able to tell people next year "Yeah, they're Luma Dice, and they're great! They had some issues getting off the ground, but they've got it figured out now and are pumping out a great product, they're at booth 1648." It's up to you if that can happen or not, but know there's a lot of people who would buy these if you got you act together.

    21. Yann Radreaux on

      Hi Min,

      Yeah, as you said in this update there are still some backers waiting... I hope to receive the last survey because i moved since the funding period, and i hope for you that in your next projects you'll not get so many troubles.

      Sincerely, Yann

    22. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      What makes it funny is the hope they gave in the last update: -

      " It has always been our intention to manufacture and deliver Luma Dice to all our backers. Thanks to all our backers for your patience. "

      :D :D
      :'( :'( :'( :'(

    23. Phillip Walker on

      Same here, numorus times contacting them and Kickstarter direct, no reply of Luma dice and only a short note from Kickstarter, to say they don't like it when projects go silent, but that's about it, I'm waiting on the gold and purple dice and it has now been nearly 3 years since the project started.

    24. Missing avatar

      Eggtron v2.4 on

      yeah, im waiting on my brass dice

      looks like we've been had, boys

    25. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      I ordered ten dice and I've not received any of them. I think they've shafted us over.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jim Groffen

      I just noticed the MIN MENDIS project creator last login was Nov 10 2017 ... so I think they have no intention of fulfilling outstanding rewards at this point.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jim Groffen

      No dice here, I waited for gold dice as they said it would be 6 weeks away - i think that was over a year ago. I tried contact again three times over the past few months without response.

    28. 3direction on

      Where the fcuk is my dices????

    29. Missing avatar

      Steve Roddick on

      Hi, when will we be receiving our dice ???

    30. Karen M. Henton on

      I an also waiting for the reward of Luma Dice I requested with my backer support. I understand those people who asked for the gold color as I did have to wait longer since the team was dissatisfied with the type of color the manufacturer initially produced. No problem, but please update us! Let us know what’s happening.

    31. René Vetter on

      Still waiting for my 20 dices...

    32. Cindy Layne

      I have not received one single pair of dice. Are you going to send them? I'm really upset about your taking my funds and not delivering anything.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Backer #3,760 here. Still not dice. I ordered 10 and haven't received any updates or anything.

    34. Missing avatar

      Elmo Chin

      Where are my dice ?

    35. 3direction on

      They are selling it on their website and others... just not going to fulfill the kickstarter as we have nowhere to complain... Say bye bye to your money

    36. 3direction on

      Omg.. where is my dice after 2 years???????

    37. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      Perhaps everyone who hasn't got their dice yet should also contact Kickstarter on this.

    38. Missing avatar

      M4rq_RR on

      Still no dice for me..

    39. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      I've contacted Kickstarter over this and asked them at least to stop the creators from creating any more projects and for them to remove the "Order Now" button from this project page.

      Has anyone received any dice recently?

    40. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      Still no dice here. I wonder how many of us are still waiting on dice...

    41. Missing avatar

      Dale Onisk on

      Still waiting for my dice.........

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben Farmer on

      Seriously, why are these up for sale, but I haven't heard anything about my dice? Seriously?

    43. Missing avatar

      Elmo Chin

      Not yet received anything

    44. Deth Invictus on

      I am still waiting on both my Kickstarter order (quite large) and my pre-order from the Luma Dice site.

      This is becoming more and more of a scam and rip off!

    45. René Vetter on

      still waiting...

    46. Missing avatar

      Dave Conlan on

      I'm still waiting on my dice. I've heard nothing in ages. :(

    47. Missing avatar

      Vincent Poitras on

      Same here, no dice and no communication anymore.

    48. William Huang on

      I’ve moved since the address confirmation 4 months ago. How can I change to the current address? When will I get my dice?

    49. William Huang on

      I see them selling Luma Dice on Touch of Modern website. Why are we not getting our shipment?

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