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The story of a struggling filmmaker on a quixotic quest to make a feature-length film. Episode 1 is completed. Help us do the next two.

The Joy of Filmmaking is an absurdist comedy with a deeply rooted love for the cinema. I play a version of myself, a new father who works as a director of Bob Ross-ish educational art videos who is pursuing his filmmaking passion. This passion turns destructive as he attempts to self-fund a low-budget feature length film and meets increasingly frustrating obstacles. 

Check out Episode 1:

Much like the story told in The Joy of Filmmaking, I produced the first episode on a shoestring budget out of my own pocket. I had a lot of help from some really talented friends who were willing to volunteer as cast or crew (or both) in the project. I want to keep this project going because I strongly believe in what we’ve accomplished and what is yet to come.

The scripts for episodes 2 and 3 are written and ready to go.  In episode 2, subtitled "Carnival of Souls", my character faces a risk to his job when he is antagonized by an eccentric artist's model.  Jack and Juliette look to find a 2 bedroom apartment in the out-of-control tech-boom-inflated SF rental market. Jack and A.K. clash while scouting a location.

In Episode 3, "The French Connection", Jack and A.K.'s animosity crescendos as they set up for the first shot of the film.  Meanwhile, Jack's oft-inebriated lead actor extorts money from him in the last moments leading up to the shoot...  Jack and Juliette move into a new apartment.  Juliette befriends a group of mothers at the playground and gets unwittingly involved in a personal conflict.

I can’t wait to get started shooting these episodes, but the deeper I get into this story, the more ambitious the productions become. That’s why I need your help to get the ball rolling. 

The money I’m raising will get these next two episodes shot and finished. Anything that we raise above that will go toward future episodes (there will be 7 total).  

I hope you contribute and I thank you profusely if you do.



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