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28mm miniatures. This is a new crowdfunding for the game Kensei. We will develop a complete undead samurai army.
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Namban vs Wako new Kensei armies now on kickstarter

Posted by Zenitminiatures (Creator)

Zenit's Kensei new kickstarter campaign has started! Become the commander of the conquerors Namban or the fierce pirate Wako. Also take this opportunity to improve your current army.

Join us and share, let us reach the maximum people and help us to make Kensei reach new objectives!


"War strikes the Hymukai's seas!

The Namban come from the old continent, and invincible army formed by soldiers from other world, disciplined and loyal. After the long and bloody war for the control of the old continent, a new empire called "The Three Crowns Kingdom" has raised from the union of the three more important kingdoms from the west world. A great fleet approaches Hymukai commanded by the Great Captain Fernández de Aguilar. They are conquerors, adventurers, warriors and under their war cry "for Santiago and for the King!" wants to unify all the lands under the light of their almighty god.

On the other hand, the coasts of the Hymukai's island are under the biggest terror. Three big ships with hundred of pirates each are devastating them relentlessly. Each ship is commanded by one of the Umi No Akuma, deputies of Turgot, the evil pirate great leader who vows for war from its huge floating fortress. He does not aim for treasures or goods, his objective is force to every inhabitant from Hymukai to submit under his domain.

Chaos and anarchy represents the world under the Wako govern!"


¡La nueva campaña de kickstarter de Kensei ha comenzado! Conviértete en un comandante de los conquistadores Namban o de los fieros piratas Wako. También puedes aprovechar esta oportunidad para incrementar tu ejército.

Únete a nosotros y comparte, déjanos llegar al máximo de gente posible y ¡ayúdanos a alcanzar los nuevos objetivos de Kensei!


"¡El mar de Hymukai está en guerra!


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