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28mm miniatures. This is a new crowdfunding for the game Kensei. We will develop a complete undead samurai army.
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Draco Ideas new proyect. ‘Compete today, breathe tomorrow’

Posted by Zenitminiatures (Creator)

‘Compete today, breathe tomorrow’. In Sector 6, the newcomers have to run-through the intricate labyrinth of galleries in Sector 6 of the prison. It’s here where the distribution of oxygen takes place and they’ll have to be the fastest in collecting the most if they want to survive until tomorrow. Only the cleverest players will be able to manipulate the mechanical labyrinth to their benefit to collect all the possible oxygen.

And you? Will you breathe tomorrow?

This is a game of our friends of Draco Ideas that we want to share with you to help them in this new adventure.



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