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28mm miniatures. This is a new crowdfunding for the game Kensei. We will develop a complete undead samurai army.
300 backers pledged €46,729 to help bring this project to life.

Yokai Quest starts tomorrow!

Posted by Zenitminiatures (Creator)

Our new kickstarter starts tomorrow at 21:00 UTC +1 . 15:00 EST.

There will be only one pledge of 100 euros that includes the Basic Box + Free Oni Expansion + All stretch goals unlocked (70miniatures at the beginning). Early birds pledge will be open 24h and it will have a discount from the official pledge.

All the campaign Stretch Goals are free! As our total pledge is increased, the stretch goal unlocked will be added as a reward to all Hero backers.

Yōkai Quest is a collaborative game for 1 or more players, set in a fantasy world Japan-inspired with a chibi look. The players control brave heroes who face the evil plans of ninjas of the Red Claw and terrifying yōkai. An action game inspired by the mechanics of beat'em up and RPG.

In Yōkai Quest, a game is played in stages, each one represented by a board.

The chosen scenario to play will specify which board must be set each stage, where are the spawn points of the yōkai, and the entry point of the heroes and what they must accomplish in order to advance to the next stage.

At the final stage, the final boss awaits. Heroes must defeat these powerful enemies to win the scenario.

The Basic Box will include a variety of single-play scenarios, and a complete campaign with its own history and development.

Players can choose between different heroes: the brave samurai, the stoic monk, the fiery gunslinger, the righteous priest, and many more! Each hero has a unique set of traits: movement, health, defence, melee power, reach and ranged power. All these traits are listed in the hero's card.

All the miniatures will be made in high quality plastic and will be preasembled. We hope to see you in this new campaign. As always, thanks for your support!

Join us in this new adventure.



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