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28mm miniatures. This is a new crowdfunding for the game Kensei. We will develop a complete undead samurai army.
300 backers pledged €46,729 to help bring this project to life.

Starting to Send

Posted by Zenitminiatures (Creator)

Hi guys!

We are already ready to start sending your minis, one month earlier than expected.

They are now prepared more than 80% of the packets. We are working hard for the remaining come out soon. Packages will be shipped by DHL Global Mail and they will be sent to the addresses that you have indicated in pledge manager.

Important: If a package comes back for incorrect address or not picked up, the second shipment will not be covered by the company.

Thank you for your trust and support to our brand!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Kirill on

      Still waiting in Russia. And I also didnt get an E-Mail with Tracking Number.

    2. Cili Atus on

      Hmm... Still nothing (Germany).
      I also didnt get an E-Mail with Tracking Number yet. Maybe there are some delays with the terrain pieces.
      Any informations about that?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      Received this morning one large and fairly heavy package. Took all afternoon to check all is present and correct. Did eventually get a tracking number just after the parcel appeared. Think I may be locked in my hobby room till summer 2017 with this little lot. :) One happy customer.

    4. Reece Avis

      @Tim same position as you mate, I've heard nothing since this update went out, no tracking number, no heads up at all that my stuff is on the way. We're a month on from this update and other people were receiving their stuff weeks ago.

      A little concerned with the lack of communication.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      Midlands UK. Still nothing. Zenit say they despatched Wednesday 21st and will provide a tracking number but so far nothing. Did any of you guys get any heads up in the form of a tracking number by the way? No one has mentioned doing so. Was told the delay was in getting the resin sets.

    6. Missing avatar


      Just got mine today (Sydney, Australia) they look amazing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cranky Dog on

      Hurray! Just received mine in eastern Canada.

      The parts on the oni are confusing. The arm, fist and weapon/chain don't seem to align at all into something coherent. I'll assume the chain got bent out of shape. Should be easy enough to fix.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @Reece In the UK here as well and in the same boat. Got a feeling the more you ordered the further down the despatch list you may be. :/

    9. Reece Avis

      Anyone in UK got theirs yet?
      Still don't have tracking number either...

    10. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @Greg Thanks for the response. I had a bad feeling this would be the way it happens since Zenit have said almost nothing since posting lower down that they would communicate tracking info. Contacted them a few times but they seem not to want to talk via the web. Better cross my fingers and hope things work out.. :S

    11. Missing avatar

      Greg Morse on

      @Tim No, mine just showed up USPS; however, it required a signature, so looks like Zenit isn't just blindly shipping.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      Did any of you guys get a tracking number or any kind of heads up your stuff was on the way?

    13. Eric Brooks on

      received mine yesterday in the Hoth-like North Dakota, USA. tones of goodies!

    14. arkhos on

      I received my pledge yesterday (France), whoa! that's a lot of stuff !
      Thanks Zenit !

    15. Gareth Davies on

      Mine arrived today!

    16. Missing avatar

      Magnus Fjaestad

      Nothing for me either so far (Sweden)

    17. Cili Atus on

      Hmmm... Didn't get a mail with tracking number yet.
      Are there some pledges/ miniatures (the scenery maybe) which are not finished yet?
      Just curious

    18. Missing avatar

      Charlie St Clair

      Yes please send tracking numbers. I haven't received anything yet - number or package.

    19. Diego Jauregui Schwarz on

      Please send tracking numbers

    20. Missing avatar

      chris zanella on

      Please send us tracking numbers, that would be very helpful.

      DHL is not a common carrier here.

      Month early?? Love you guys and your game

    21. Missing avatar

      Brian Van De Walker on

      Mine Are already here. Thanks guys.

    22. Zenitminiatures 8-time creator on

      Hi Guys!! yes we send you a mail whit the tracked number.

    23. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      You're shipping 1 month earlier then planned?
      That's not how kickstarters are supposed to work:-)

    24. Adrian Sherstobitoff

      This made my day.

      ...any word on if you'll ever make the Gashadokuro? Watching Kubo And The Two Strings reminded me of it.

    25. mordos.engel on

      my experience with DHL has been horrible so far. they don't send notifications that parcels are waiting at customs with fees to be paid then they send it back after 24 hours. worse service I ever got was with them and they always blame the companies using their service instead of making up for their incompetence. Be very wary and check that tracking number to make sure your parcel is not misdelivered to a wrong country or sent back.

      That being said, is it possible to send the tracking number to backers to make sure no problems arise?

    26. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      Thanks for the update guys. Looks like you have been really busy and more! Can I ask if DHL global is tracked or sends email notification of intent to deliver? It will help with parcel receipt.